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Immediate Changes to HURT Trail Series--Important

Aloha Athletes,

From very small and humble beginnings, our Trail Series has grown up. With unbelievable Race Directors and very supportive runners, we’ve found that we’re fast approaching some self-imposed limits that we want to set so that the races can continue.

Therefore some changes to the Trail Series are being implemented effective immediately. We are going to start using Ultra Signup for the trail series races starting with the upcoming race. Race fees will now be $15.  

We have all had conversations the last year or so on the growing number of runners at the trail series. Registering, timing and impact on the trail system are all concerns. We want to keep having the ability to use the trails and we want this to be easy for all involved, including runners. 

So starting with Vi's Top of Tantalus run on April 6th, registration will take place at and the race fee will be $15. Registration will close on 4/4/13 or two days before the race. For other Trail Series races, registration will close a week before the race. 

You can register for all of the HURT Trail Series races starting now at If you are new to this site, you will find an incredible listing of other races around the country and we use Ultra Signup for the HURT 100 race registration. 

It will still be a fun and “family” experience and yes, we will still write your number on your leg.

Please go to to sign-up for any and all trail series runs effective immediately.

Feel free to call me personally with any concerns. (eight oh eight two 3 five zero 5 sevin 7).

We appreciate your understanding.

John Salmonson


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wow I've been following your blog for a while and I'm a fan, and my friend recently started a running blog too, and he follows you as well, and I'm doing this as a favour so if you could please read it and give me feedback I can give it to him:

Nate Burgoyne

Whew! I haven't washed my leg since the last race and the number is fading fast.

Bob Mc.

Yes, there is mistake on the date right now--as of Sunday evening for the first race. At Ultra Signup Vi's Top of Tantalus is listed as April 16 incorrectly. I have let John and Ultra Signup know and this will be changed to the correct date of April 6th.

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