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Mount Kilimanjaro Stage Run

HI Gang,

Go Trail Magazine just did a great article on the Kilimanjaro Stage Run that I participated in back in October.


Follow the link and then click on the photo and that will take you to the Go Trail Magazine article.  There's also a trailer for a film of the run that will be out soon.  I'm hoping that we can put together a group of HURT runners to do the Kili Stage Run in 2014,

Aloha,  Steve



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Steve Villiger

Oops! Looks like the link I posted wasn't the correct one. Try this one: http://www.nomadicexperience.com/news/ and then click on the magazine picture. It should take you to the Go Trail Magazine article.


I'm in for 2014! :-)

Steve Villiger

Thanks Bob!

Bob Mc.

Thanks for posting this Steve. I fixed the link so it works now. You get big bonus points for wearing a couple of different HURT shirts in the photos I saw.

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