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March 20, 2013


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Nate Burgoyne

That was a super fun trail. Glad I stayed on it . . . just barely. Mahalo!


This is great- I am on Oahu for the weekend, and need to get a training trail run in- but was a little anxious about finding a place and running on my own. So I will definitely attend one of these- is the course largely covered, and would the 6:45am run be significantly cooler than the 8am one? I am a wimp in the heat... :) And are the meeting places for both runs obvious? Thanks!!!


This will be my first real trail run training....I've been logging lots of road miles but not so much trails. Im trying to get into more trail running, to race too.mIm planning to do the top of tantalus race but also wanted to do something longer....any recommendation which run I should do this weekend...I'm definitely new to the trails...

Mark Speck

Hi All, as an alternative, we will be doing a 3/4 HURT loop this Sat, 3/23 starting from the Nature Center, so ~15 mi. We will be cutting out the Aihualama Trail going down to Paradise due to landslide closure. We will meet at 8am again and go about the same pace as last week for the newbies. All are welcome!
ThePu'u 'Ualaka'a Park section is a whole lotta fun for those joining Marian!


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