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Ka'ahele's Run with a View Training!

Saturday:  Top of Ka'ahele Drive.   Meet at 6:45AM.   Please be quiet as we are in a residental neighborhood until we hit the trail.

Run with a View is the next of the HURT Trail Runs.  It is held at Ka'ahele which is at the top of the New Town section.    It is truly a run with a view, and offers some of the best views of Pearl Harbor around.  It is also on the edges of the battles that were fought by the Hawaiians across the Ewa Plain to Aiea.

This is a great running trail and offers a lot of varied running conditions.  It starts up a long hard dirt road and then shifts onto a great single track trail that finally leads down into a steep valley.   Then it's up the other side and up the ridge toward the top of the loop.  The trail reverts to a hard dirt track and then back to a single track.  Near the top one can look far back into the Koo'lau hills that lay at the center of the island.  Koa, Ohia, ferns.. it is easy to lose oneself in the pristine wilderness and see back through the centuries of Oahu's history.

Nice place up there, great run for the fast.  And the down hill is long one, with steep sections and long sloping wide trails.     

One caution.  It is a bit overgrown up there right now.  Wear some clothes that can take the stag horn fern.   Long pants for the sensitive and trail breakers.  

We will be up there next week cutting and you are invited to that too.  

Aloha,  Mikem


Round We Go with Rex Starts April 19th at 12:00 p.m.

Round We Go

  HPIM2918I am constantly humbled by the kindness and generosity of the Hawaii sports community. It is truly a collection of people from all walks of life, all shapes and sizes, old and young who gather daily to take part in the gift of life by exercising the body that was given to them. We live in a unique environment that allows us access 365 days of the year with breathtaking backdrops while providing a stage for world-class events as well. Numerous as these communities of people are, so too are the ephemeral acts of humanity, compassion and charity that generally go without much notoriety or fanfare. These sorts of acts are a common thread among every group that I have been fortunate enough to get involved with. It is exactly because of these communities that I have been coming out to play year after year with the same enthusiasm for living and the environment that I have had since my first steps outdoors. I love experiencing the out of doors and I can say that when I am with those who have the same experiences, there is no need for explanations. 

 It seems only fitting when I had to make a decision to choose a form of expression to complete my study for the Bachelorette of Fine Art degree in Studio Art at the University of Hawaii at Manoa that I chose a participatory, experiential form outside the traditional studio.  For the sake of engaging the academic, we’ll call it “live art” or a “durational performance.” For the rest of us, it’s just going for a walk: a walk around the Island that is. I choose to walk because walking for pleasure or politic is a special way of attaching ourselves to the landscape. It coagulates time and makes a place dense with prickly details (Sacha Kagan). I am inviting the public to circumnavigate the island with me as pedestrians, starting from the University of Hawaii at Manoa Art Gallery at 12:00 pm on April 19, 2013 and eventually returning on April 21st at our point of departure. Eminently aware of the challenges of durational performance, this journey strives to create an aesthetic, gestural presence, within the context of the people who gather for the experience. This presence will inevitably disappear, but not before the residue of the experience has woven itself into the fabric of this place through the practice of telling stories and the conviviality of a community that continually inspires me. You can follow along via Facebook or Twitter if you can’t participate. Here is a link to the route:


Rex Vlcek

Saturday Training: April 13, 2013 Peacock Flats

Aloha Athletes! 

Saturday training will once again be at.......wait for it.... Peacock Flats.  I know, it's shocking and unexpected.  Stay calm and carry on!  The long, hot hills make for some great training, particularly for those folks with mainland races in the near future.

There will be two options for start time and place: 4 a.m. at the bottom of long road, or 6 a.m. at the Dillingham airfield parking lot.  There are many possible variations for run length and duration possible.  The weather is getting warmer and the days are getting longer.  As always, bring plenty of fluids, snacks and sunscreen.

Happy running!
Marian Kealia_cover

2013 Vi's Top of Tantalus Memorial 7-Mile Run Results and Photos

Aloha Athletes,

Well it sounds like todays race was really fun and it seems the new Ultra Signup registration and timing was a success. Thank you to all that came out and ran.

2013 Vi's Top of Tantalus Results.

Rob Lahoe was out on the course and has provided a link to photos he took here.

Thank you to Kat and Judy for being the Race Directors. I am sure many others helped as well--so thank you to everyone that volunteered. 

The next race in the HURT Trail Series is the Run with a View on May 11th. Race registration is again on Ultra Signup and you can do that here.

Aloha, Bob