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April 11, 2013


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A fellow new to ultra running named Mike out of Kaneohe, who'd up at the Gallery on Friday with a very large pack and an extra plastic longs bag, and headed out with Rex and I. (Mike you earned your book! please contact me on my account mmuench01 at Gee Mail.

It was great having him along, and we were surprised to find that Mike had only done four marathons, and never done any thing farther. Mike, unfamiliar with the problems of skin care at beyond marathon lasted for over 50 miles! What a guy! Think about his accomplishment. Those who understand have the greatest respect.

Thank you to everyone who was there for Rex and I over this weekend. It was a great time, with many wonderful acts of kindness. It's why I'm so proud to call myself a HURT runner. Many, Many Mahalo's to all who came out.
I am now on my third washing, my third rewash of clothes, my third search of the house for 'round Oahu survivors.

I am fine, no blisters, no torn muscles, nothing of import went wrong. Thank you very much to the Hurt Crew. Judy, Heather(s), Willi, Jeff, and many more. What a wondeful time I had testing my self beyond all comprehension.

Much Aloha! Mikem.


jackie...give me a call 497-7415.

Jacki D.

I have enlisted a friend; we would like to walk with you at some point. If you need support (water? etc?) at a certain point, we could plan to be there with it and fall in step.


I would like it to be as organic as possible...meaning at any point you would like to join in is up to you. There will be a few points that i will definitely need people if you want to be one of those.

jacki d.

Rex, can we join you at any point on the route or do you prefer certain "merge" points?


I plan to be going the distance with Rex. A signed copy of my (finally published) book 'The Vengeance of Kahekili' to anybody that makes a solid 50 miles with us. Aloha!

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