Mango Madness Race - This Saturday 6/8
2013 Mango Madness Photos

2013 Mango Madness Results

Aloha Athletes,

I am sure today's race was pure "Madness" in the best of all ways! Unfortunately, a Saturday morning appointment kept me from the run. However, I did get out for a bit of early MTB madness before duty called.

In any case, I will let others write up and hopefully send in some links to photos, however, I wanted to get the results posted. What is not shown in these results; Who ended up with multiple trips up Concrete Road??? Only those with sore calves will know!

2013 Mango Madness Results

The next race in the HURT Trail Series is the Kaena Point Firecracker 10 miler July 6th at 7:00 a.m. Signup is again through




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Anybody know of a link to the photos that were taken?


I hope nobody at the aid station at the bottom of Concrete Road was offended when I yelled "You suck!" when I had to go up the 2nd time. I sometimes get that phrase and "Why thank you, very much! How kind and thoughtful of you all to allow me to enjoy that beautiful view again." mixed up from time-to-time.

And to add insult to injury, Makai told me he ran all the way to the top. I'm putting lead insoles in his shoes next time.

Thanks again to H.U.R.T. for putting on an awesome event. Definitely a graduate-level course in fun and suffering!

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