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July 30, 2013


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Enjoyed the run today (because I did it as a relay :)
Came back to the Pali and grabbed some wraps (to go). Ate them for snack at home after my shower....ONOLICIOUS!!!! can I get the recipes (I had the eggplant & sweet potato ones, but would love it if can provide all recipes...wish I had grabbed one of each!!

wayne stiles

Folks, since I couldn't run tomorrow due to Military obligation, I decided to strike out on my own today and do it. They opened the gate at 420 and I was running by 430. I really shouldn't say running, I guess I ran down the hill, but once on the trail I had to slow down or eat dirt. I ran into a few pigs that made their presence known, and got real close to one that was eating on the trail before he finally heard me and scampered away...amazing how they can dive down those extreme hills without tumbling. I ran with my assault pak with gear, food and 100 ounces of water in the camelbak. There was a lot of mud from about mile 4 on, and there are several trees down, nothing dangerous, but obstacles none the less. I was happy when i got past mile marker 6 and I could do more outright running...of course I knew that I would have to come back to the hills shortly. My legs felt fine and I was able to push myself up that last hill to the lookout point. My time wasn't impressive, 7hr3min, but I am happy, I think I am gaining a love/hate relationship with switchbacks, good luck to everyone tomorrow and look out for those pigs!!!!!!

Nate Burgoyne

Thanks a million for the insight, Marian!

Crystal Fuentes

To Marion Yasuda, My name is Crystal Fuentes. I would like to start the race at 6:00am tomorrow (August 3,2013). Thank you.


Nate, the leg from the Pali lookout to Waimanalo is considered the downhill leg. If you are able to look at this page: http://www.mapmyfitness.com/us/maunawili-hi/05-10-2010-route-16924945, you will see the elevation profile from the start to the turnaround. It is basically rolling hills in both directions.

Nate Burgoyne

Yay! Can't wait. First time on this trail and bummed I couldn't make a training day for a preview of the trail. How's the elevation change? Is it primarily uphill in either direction? Mahalo.

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