Saturday September 7th: Peacock Training

2013 Tantalus Triple Trek Results

Aloha Athletes,

We were treated to a great day on the trails; they were wet, muddy, slippery--in spots, and we even had a passing shower or two just to keep the humidty up. All in all, perfect weather!

RD's Sue, Heather and Fish did an awesome job of organizing and setting up the race and manning the aid stations. Cheryl and her crew kept us hydrated mid course. At the finish, there was the usual spread of great food to add in with the fun conversation. Mahalo to all the volunteers. 

We welcomed back Michael, Rosie and Wily from their successful 100 mile run in the N.W. Only Wily was crazy enough to go out and run today. Of course, the even more crazy part, he and several others (Randy) and I am not all sure who else, were headed to the airport so they can run the Kauai Marathon tomorrow. I feel like such a slacker!!! Others who did today's race are jumping on their bikes tomorrow for Dick Evans and quite a few are doing the Waikiki Roughwater on Monday. 

Back to today's race. Men's winner was Jake Rankinen. Women's winner was Susie Stephen. Congratulations to both. Jake went flying by me down Hogsback as he was finishing the race and I was finishing my second lap like I was a Eucalyptus tree planted in the hillside. I also thought it was pretty cool that he volunteered to go back out and be one of the course sweeps. 

I know there were quite a few first timers out there as well today and congratulations to them and everyone who made today a success. 

2013 Tantalus Triple Trek Results

So, this race brings us to the end of the 2013 HURT Trail Series. This year marked some changes in how register for the Trail Series and I think overall it was successful and most importantly, people had a lot of fun out on the trails. 

For many of us, our training will now switch over to focus on the Peacock race on October 19th and many of us see the Triple Trek as the start of our 2014 HURT 100 training. We will be posting weekly training that reflects the work needed to prepare for these two events. Even if you are not signed up for either of these races, feel free to join in on any of these runs and know that you can always do less mileage. 

Aloha, Bob


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Thanks to HURT for organizing such a great event. I had a blast at my very first Ultra and it would'nt have been that way without the great organizers, wonderful volunteers, and awesome runners. Mahalo!

Nate Burgoyne

Another awesome race! Wow. Thanks to the friends I made, and especially those who called me back on course when I took a wrong turn, those cheering at the aid stations and on the trail, the organizers that put everything together, and for the guy at Costco who made the pizza that hit the spot when all was done.


Thank you HURT organizers and volunteers for a great race!! The ice-cold water and the snacks were lifesavers! :D


Thanks for organizing such a great race yesterday, I was able to snap some photos of some of the runners & staff yesterday - sorry I wasn't able to catch everyone. Feel free to download any you like from the album.
Look forward to joining in next time too :)


Thanks HURT team - another awesome race, volunteers, feed & drink stations - the water melon was a life saver :)


Thanks to HURT for a great run out yesterday, especially for arranging the great weather :) I had really enjoyed the run over a great course and connecting with some of the Hawaii branch of the world trail running family.

Mahalo to the organizers, volunteers and runners


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