Trail Maintenance Opportunity: Sunday 8-18-13 9:00 a.m.
Manoa Cliff Project Restoration 8.17.13 - Trail Work Summary

Saturday Training: August 17 - Tantalus Training Run

Aloha Athletes!

This weekend we'll be doing the course preview for the sold out Tantalus Triple Trek 30 miler, the first official ultra distance of the trail series and my personal favorite. Sue, Heather, and Fish always put on a fantastic race and hopefully they are doing their rain dancing to make sure we have lots of mud to make things extra challenging. Race day is Saturday, Aug 31, 2013.

We'll be meeting at the Nature Center (near the bathrooms/picnic table) starting at 6am and going roughly 10 miles. Those that want to stay for longer mileage can do as many loops as their legs can handle.

Remember to leave your valuables at home, vehicle break ins are always possible at trail heads. Many choose to park down by the pumping station in the neighborhood, or feel free to park directly at the trailhead. If you have any questions please post them here.

Also, I hope everyone will volunteer for the Sunday trail work event posted by Bob. I did a workday with the Monoa Cliff group last year as part of my company volunteer program (read about it here) and they are a great bunch. I learned so much about the trails and got to answer all their questions about HURT.

See you Saturday!



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Cynthia Quinn

Anyone not doing TT up for some Peacocks Saturday morning? *Rosie, will help with trail maintenance and Aid Station for TT for sure! Cyndi

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