Saturday September 21st: Peacock (with special guests)
Congratulations Johnny & Mieko!!


George w paddle board

George Ramos

1952 - 2013


            As some of you may have heard over the coconut wireless, we’ve lost another member of our HURT Ohana.  It is with a heavy heart that I tell you that our dear friend, George Ramos. lost his battle with cancer on September 13. 


            He was an inspiration to so many people. He was loved by all who knew him. The world was a better place because of George. He will never be forgotten. He will be missed by many.


            George was the toughest man I have ever known.


            There will be a Memorial Celebration of the Life of George on Saturday, October 12th, at Sunset Beach.  9:00 AM.  We will paddle out and scatter his ashes.  I will post more details as the date gets closer.


            Please post your favorite George story in the comments below.

George peacock race
George 1


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John Robb

Lunchtime at Villiger construction is when the stories are told.

One time George told us,"My shoulders are a bit sore"...
"What happened?"...
"Just paddling yesterday"...
"Where did you go?"...
"Molokai to Oahu"...
"God damn, why did you even come to work today?"...
"There's work to be done."
Respect is earned. The bar is set high.

In 61 years George managed to out run, out bike, out surf, and way out paddle most of us. Without ever even trying to beat anyone. Or win anything he was just having fun.

He out lived us.
Slow death offers little comfort.
He never complained. In his last message he told me "No regrets, I've lived a good life."
The bar is raised higher.
Now we've been out died.
George Ramos was my friend.

John Robb

Steve Villiger

From Captain Mark Dudek, US Army:

Twice my age and could kick my ass on the trail any day of the week. My condolences, great human being.

Justin Langlais

George Ramos,

Where do I begin. I knew George from paddling with him for a number of years in the summers on the North Shore. George was like no one I knew. Just an amazing person on land and in the water continually blew me away. How many people do you know that would paddle the Molokai race with one bottle of water and 2 power gels, every year! But that was George. George was and will forever be a huge inspiration.

Aloha my friend

Justin Langlais

Paul S

Through Steve, I was lucky to spend some hospital and email time with George. While the hospital may seem a place that you wouldn't want to enjoy, George had a smile about him as we talked about all things and about his journey at hand. While the trails and mud provided a common background, I was fortunate to listen to a man sharing his spirit with me in a common place that we never asked to be at, but both knew the challenge that was placed at our feet. I could only share my story and experience with George and that was a very small offer to give. He gave me so much more including so many random non-medical questions that kept the conversations flowing. I know he is in a better place although I would welcome another day of seeing him smile. I was the lucky one to have even one moment with such a great person. Aloha

Doug Baker

I remember when Steve Villiger first introduced us at the Maunawilli Out & Back 22 miler. Steve said "this is my friend George and he's not a runner but he's going to run the full 22 mile course". And to my surprise, George ran all of it! (I was intimidated at the distance the first time I ran it, and I was a runner.)

One year when George was running the HURT 100, he had a bad fall on the first loop and seriously injured his arm. But rather than dropping out when he should have, he continued running and completed a second loop despite being injured. I'm sure that must have been so painful.

Just like everyone says, he sure was a tough, never complained, and was always so cheerful. He was a great guy!

Sean P

Several years ago, I ran the HURT 100 and George volunteered to pace for a loop. He ended up doing two full loops--with zero training.

George's last "big" race was the Peacock 100K. He finished the race even though he said he felt "out of sorts" the whole time. It was right after that when he was diagnosed with cancer. So yeh, he ran Peacock with stage 4 cancer.

Many other stories--and in all the years I knew George, I never heard him complain or gripe about anything. George was the toughest person I knew. He will be missed.


I was lucky to get to know George through my friendship with Steve. I remember George coming out and running a HURT loop with us during our inaugural Turkey Trot 40m in the middle of the night, his good-natured ripping on me - my favorite was when I did the Paddle for George and he told me after that he thought for SURE I was going to get towed in...and I didn't! I loved how as he was going in to chemo he was simultaneously plotting his return to training for Peacock saying 'I think I might be able to run this year.' I loved how he always wrote back to the emails I sent him and how he kept up his good spirits till the end. Aloha George, we'll miss you.

Steve Villiger

PS, I forgot to mention in the post above that George had told me many times recently that he was overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support from all of his friends in the HURT Ohana.

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