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September 16, 2013


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Can anyone post what route the 12-15 mile group will be taking? I'm planing to head up there to scout the course for some good shooting locations other than the ones I've shot from in the past couple years and knowing what route the group is taking will increase the chances I'll have targets to test on. :)

Steven Yoo

Excellent, just got myself off the waiting list for my first 50K! I'm completely unfamiliar with this course and I need to get some miles in!

I'll be going kinda super slow. Will there be runners also aiming to go slow? I don't want to drag anyone behind.

Bob Mc.

Hi Connie, I don't think there is easy access to the trails from the Waianae side. I believe you need a permit to drive up and I don't think they allow runners or hikers to just walk up the road from that side. In regards to access from Kaena Point, I am not aware of easy access up to the trails we run on. Sorry. Aloha, Bob

Connie Durant

Hi - I'm fairly new to the Peacock Flats' trails but have been getting some good time in up there. I will happen to be in the Waianae area this week with some extra time for a run and am wondering if there is access from that side up to the trails (so I can save a driving trip all the way around to Mokule'ia). Is the Tracking Station Access Rd. open to runners or do I need a permit? Or, sometimes when I'm running around Kaena Pt. I see hikers going up trails - is there access to the upper trails from there? Thanks for any advice you can give!

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