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September 04, 2013


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I'm unfortunately not going to make it. I've been up all night sick and am in not good shape to run. I was hoping to feel better in time, but need to stay home and rest. I hope everyone has a fun adventure and can get in some good miles for me! Hope to be back next weekend!


wendi: both kelly and my routes are roughly btwn 15-16 miles

Bob Mc.

Wendi, you can always choose to do less by retracing your steps back to where you started. If this is your first time up to Peacock, make sure you have a way of carrying a minimum of 60oz of water. Each of the proposed routes above are 12 miles+ of hot and hilly running.


Wendi, if you're interested in the exact distances the runner's booklet linked below has the lengths of the legs of the course.


Wendi Lau

Can you put the approximate mileage each trail leader is likely to go? Thank you

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