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Saturday November 2nd: Waimano Trail

Aloha Athletes,

This Saturday we'll be doing something new! Come join us on the Waimano Trail starting at 6am. Trail The course was previewed last weekend and the trail is very run-able. Be sure to bring water, snacks and a hand held light for the tunnels at the end. From the parking across the Pearl City Cultural Center.. go up.. you can't miss the trail head and we'll meet there. See full details and directions below. It's looking to be a large group and lots of fun, so don't miss it!


  • When: Nov 2nd @ 6am
  • Distance:  7.2 mi.
  • Terrain:  Varied. Wet gulches to native forest
  • Trail Info:  Waimano Trail begins at a chain link fence next to the parking area. You will quickly come to a fork where lower Waimano Trail splits from upper Waimano Trail. They form a loop. Lower Waimano Trail continues on an old jeep road to the floor of the valley and then follows the stream for a distance up the valley. The trail will then climb back uphill to join the upper Waimano Trail. The upper trail goes continues from the split along the road for 0.5 mile. It then turns left and follows a ditch and tunnels to an intake in the east branch of Waimano Valley. It then climbs over a ridge and continues along a stream to an old abandoned dam. The trail then goes slightly to the right, makes several switchbacks and then continues gradually up to the Ko`olau summit. This trail offers a wide variety of native and non-native vegetation and spectacular views of Waimano Valley. From the summit, the ends at a view of the windward side of O`ahu. 
  • Directions: From H-1, exit at the Pearl City/Waimalu exit. Turn right on Moanalua Road at the end of the ramp. As Moanalua Road ends, turn right on Waimano Home Road. Continue on Waimano Home road until you reach a guard shack with a parking area on the left. Park here - the trails begin at the end of the chain link fence.
  • MapGet directions!
  • Facebook event page: Check it for up to the minute details.

Thanks for taking us Wily! See ya'll at 6:00am.


Saturday October 26th: Trek Loop

Aloha Athletes!

For those of you who are itching to begin H.U.R.T. 100 training (only 86 days to go!) and don't need a week of recovery after Peacock, Cheryl will be leading a trek loop run around Tantalus.

If you aren't familiar with the location, you can find it on the map here: http://tinyurl.com/2dmhlfk  Plan to be at the Hawaii Nature Center at 6:00 am.

Regarding safety: This is a high theft area, as this is a popular hiking area. Numerous break-ins reported in lower parking lot. Suggested parking is on Makiki Heights Drive or down by the Pumping Station at the junction of Makiki Street and Makiki Heights Drive.

Lastly, don' t forget to sign up for a slot to help lead the HURT runs. We'll need a few leaders to take people around the H.U.R.T. course up until race day in January. Read the post if you missed it or sign up below!


See ya at 6:00 am.


Call for Saturday Run Leaders

Aloha Athletes,

This is a call for volunteers to lead the H.U.R.T. Saturday runs. This is your chance to be a lead and take the group to that trail you’ve always wanted to run (or hike). Any distance and any pace are absolutely fine. We typically see the largest turnout when we are branching out to other trails and many, including myself, are itching to explore new terrain.

Leader Perks:

  • Choose your trail, any trail! Tired of Peacock and Tantalus? Let’s do something new!  Once your route has been determined, it will be posted on the blog for you during the week prior to your Saturday.
  • Meet new people - we have amazing people that show up, from newbies to the grizzled vets, each and every week. Leading the run gives you a chance to connect and make loads of new friends.
  • Anyone can do it – whether it’s your first time running with H.U.R.T. or your 100th.
  • Do it your way – make it fun. Want to implement some ground rules? 10 pushups each mile? Last person down the mountain buys the first round of drinks? Everyone has to stop and do repeats up the steepest part of the course? Have fun with it and make up your own rules.

The mission…if you choose to accept it, means that if you sign up for a slot, it’s yours. Partner up with someone just in case. If not, you'll need to find your own replacement if you aren’t able to make it. 2014 Trail Series Race Director's are highly encouraged to sign up for the week or two prior to their races to do the course preview runs!

The goal is to get enough folks to sign up so that each leader is only responsible for one run every 2-3 months. Your participation will enable us to continue offering our weekly Saturday training runs.

Disclaimer:  Without your help, weekly runs may not be continuing on a regular basis…so if you love them and want them to continue, please sign up for a slot or click the icon below.



2013 Peacock 50KM/100KM Ultramarathons This Weekend

This weekend will mark the 6th running of the Peacock Ultramarathons!  I'm amazed when I think back to the first Peacock 54 (or was it 56?).  We had a total of 17 finishers who slid and sloshed through mid-shin deep mud for up to 17+ hours.  I still have dents and scratches on my truck from when I tried to get up to the 3-way to set up an aid station, but slid off the road and had to get towed out.  If you want to read a couple of nostalgic reports from the HURT blog, check out what Mike and Devon had to say right after that race.  Then check out the results from 2008.  Pretty amazing stuff!

Over the past 6 years we've gone through a lot.  We've shed tears of joy and accomplishment, tears of frustration from being this close to the finish, then getting pulled from the race due to a tsunami; and tears of sorrow after losing friends like Are, Matt, and very recently, George. 

You may be asking yourself why I'm so filled with nostalgia?  Well, this weekend starts a new chapter in the Peacock story.  It's one that never would have happened without the HURT Ohana.  I'm so thankful for everyone who got this race off the ground.  Gordon, Don, Cheryl, and Larry (and many others) spent more hours than I can imagine getting us to this point.  Of course, none of this would have happened without John and PJ, who spent their time and money getting permits, providing for the aid stations, timing the races, and ensuring everything went smoothly while we figured out what this race needed to be.

So as we take this next step in the Peacock story, I want to say thank you to all the HURT ohana for supporting this race.  I'm very proud to have played a small part thus far. 

As the Race Director, I hope I can fulfill everyones' expectations. As a Stamina Race, I hope Peacock will meet the exceedingly high standards we've grown used to while running H.U.R.T. races.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank you!  A thousand times, Thank You!

I'll see you this weekend at Peaock!   --Rob

Friday October 11th Peacock Training Run

Aloha Peacock Runners,

I am planning to do my last training run via the Makai loop from Kealia (approximately 14.50 miles). This will be my only second attempt at this loop, but I think I can manage and complete the loop successfully.
Anyone out there who'd like to join me on Friday October 11th at 5:30am at Dillingham and start climbing at 6:00am?
Please text or email me. I hope at least one athlete will be able to join me.

Thank you,
[email protected]

Saturday October 12th: Celebration of the Life of George @ Sunset Beach

Aloha Athletes,

Last week we mentioned that in lieu of an official run, many of us will be attending the Celebration of the Life of George Ramos Jr. For those who will be paddling out, if you are able to please bring a lei or flowers to scatter at the same time we scatter the ashes. Lei are nice because you can wear the lei as you paddle out, and then break the string and scatter the flowers (to keep the fish from getting caught up in the string).

Afterwards, there will be tents and chairs set up at Sunset Beach Park (directly across from Sunset Beach). Food will be provided and there will be an open mic and other special touches to honor George as we say goodbye.

Hundreds of people are expected so please allow time to get up there on a hectic North Shore Saturday! Special thanks to Goerge's best friend Steve for putting this amazing event together.

When: Saturday, October 12th

Where:  Sunset Beach (North Shore) - you'll see the crowd.

Time: 10am - 2pm

What to bring:  Lei or flowers to scatter if you are joining the paddle out.

October 13th: Aiea Loop Trail Work Day

Aloha Athletes,

Jeff and Cheryl have been hard at work coordinating a trail work day on the Aiea Loop Trail (with DLNR's permission of course). Join H.U.R.T. and spend a morning giving back to the trails that give us so much in return. Please rsvp to Jeff if you would like to attend at:  jwkfong at hawaii dot rr dot com by no later than October 12th.


When: October 13th

Time: 6:45 am - 11 am

Where:  Meet 6:45 / 7am at the upper trail head of Aiea Loop Trail

Mission:  We will be doing some removal/trimming of non-native vegetation that has overgrown onto the well used trail system. Although work will concentrate on the upper section of the loop, a few able-bodied people may be asked to lug some gear down to get areas further down the trail. We should be finished by 11/11:30am so we can also picnic at the park after, so please bring something to share if you attend.

What to bring:

  • Water
  • Gloves
  • Vegetation cutting equipment (shears, hand tools, machetes)
  • Old clothes - you WILL get wet and dirty.
  • Potluck dish to share

Extra special thanks to all who are participating in advance!

Saturday October 5th: Peacock, Final Training Run of the Season!

Aloha Athletes,

Well, it's almost here...Peacock 100k is just over 2 weeks away. Before we hang up our shoes, kick back and relax in to our tapers with a pumpkin ale content in the knowledge that we've gotten in all the necessary miles and are ready to go, we've got one last training run to attend to. We'll be meeting at 6 am at the Dillingham Airfield. From what I've heard, there should be people heading out for all kinds of various distances including a few doing the full 30! I'll be planning to lead a shorter Makai loop with a trip up Are's (15-16 miles) for anyone who would like to join. Hopefully those of you in the race have been out training and are familiar with the trails by this point.

Also, next Saturday, October 12th, in lieu of an official run, many of us will be attending the Celebration of the Life of George Ramos Jr. We'll be meeting at Sunset Beach at 10 am and paddling out to sea to say our goodbyes. Hundreds of people are expected so get there early to say Aloha to a remarkable man and member of our H.U.R.T. ohana.


Happy Trails,