October 13th: Aiea Loop Trail Work Day
Friday October 11th Peacock Training Run

Saturday October 12th: Celebration of the Life of George @ Sunset Beach

Aloha Athletes,

Last week we mentioned that in lieu of an official run, many of us will be attending the Celebration of the Life of George Ramos Jr. For those who will be paddling out, if you are able to please bring a lei or flowers to scatter at the same time we scatter the ashes. Lei are nice because you can wear the lei as you paddle out, and then break the string and scatter the flowers (to keep the fish from getting caught up in the string).

Afterwards, there will be tents and chairs set up at Sunset Beach Park (directly across from Sunset Beach). Food will be provided and there will be an open mic and other special touches to honor George as we say goodbye.

Hundreds of people are expected so please allow time to get up there on a hectic North Shore Saturday! Special thanks to Goerge's best friend Steve for putting this amazing event together.

When: Saturday, October 12th

Where:  Sunset Beach (North Shore) - you'll see the crowd.

Time: 10am - 2pm

What to bring:  Lei or flowers to scatter if you are joining the paddle out.


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Julie Ng

I remember George at Triple Trek. We kept passing each other throughout the race. I would slowly catch up to him on the uphills. And he would go bombing past me on the downhills - laughing.

Another time, during Peacock, I was coming up Long Road in the heat of the day when I came across George. He was leaning against the side of the hill, in a tiny sliver of shade. He was clearly struggling - but still kept going. He went on to finish the 100k.

That's what I remember about George. Laughing and smiling during the good times. And having a spirit that never gave up.

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