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Saturday November 30th: No official training

Aloha Athletes,

Happy (almost) Thanksgiving to everyone! I hope everyone has exciting plans to eat lots of turkey and spend time with good friends and family. T

I haven't come across any folks who are running on Saturday at 6, so I'm going to leave it open this weekend. If you'd like some company or want to meet at Tantalus, or anywhere, please post here. Great news, the Moleka portion of the trail that was damaged has been fixed since Nov 21st so you can resume your trek loops. Big thanks to Na Ala Hele for their uber fast response.

Special thanks to Marian for leading last weeks hike, it looked like a great time.



Saturday November 23rd, Mount Olympus

Aloha Athletes,

H.U.R.T. runners are in for a special treat this week, Marian and Neal are going to be leading a hike/run on Mount Olympus (Pu’u Awaawaloa) at the top of St. Louis Heights.  Details are below:

  • Time:  6:30am
  • Where to meet:  Park in lot at the Waahila State Recreational Area.  Don't leave any valuables in the cars.
  •     Trailhead map: http://mapq.st/I1k0O4
  • Distance:   Hike is shy of 6 miles – probably 3+ hours.  Some parts are runnable and the views are superb if the weather is clear.
  • Bring: water, sunscreen, snacks, camera (optional)

There is also a great write-up of it over at Unreal Hawaii to whet your appetites. This hike has some great climbs for those of you training for the 100 or simply a great way to take a day to recover.

Thanks Marian!


Saturday November 16th: Tantalus (what's left of it...)

Aloha Athletes!

Same routine this week, we'll meet at 6am at the Nature Center by the picnic table. Choose your distance and go as far as you like. I know I'll be doing lots of repeats down Nuuanu and up the steepest hills I can find.

With the heavy rains and wind from this past weekend, there seems to be a fair amount of damage to various parts of the trail. Mark posted about another trail collapse on the Moleka trail about 1/2 mile below the tantalus drive crossover (before the bamboo forest climb). As of Sunday it was about 10m across with quite a bit of land and vegetation loss below and NOT passable. It was a fairly sheer drop.

Moleka damage - Thanks Jacque for the photo!

Jeff also mentioned that there is some 'light' erosion/rockfall going down to Nu'uanu after five minute hill as well as a few trees.

The good news is that Na Ala Hele should be out there fixing the Moleka damage this week so the obstruction shouldn't last too long.

If you were looking forward to doing trek loops for training you might need to take the following steps for an alternative route:   take a left at the road crossing & run along the road for a mile or so until you see the next trail head on the right and proceed down it. This is the trail we see as we intersect & go down as we come off the Moleka stairs to go to the 4-way intersection (top of hogsback)

As I mentioned last week, if you aren't familiar with the trails, bring a buddy or a map and come join in the fun. Most importantly, watch your footing and be safe out there!

See you Saturday,


Thursday Reverse Triple Trek Starting at 5:30pm
If you want some night running, I'm planning on at least one reverse trek. With company, maybe more. Just show up at the Nature Center trail with lights and fuel. Please park on lower Makiki Heights for better safety and walk up. If you are there, I'll see you.
Paul Sibley

Saturday November 9th: Tantalus!

Aloha Athletes,

Look familiar?
Well it's that time of year again...HURT 100 training season is now fully underway and we're starting to get quite a bit more serious in to our training.

Most Saturday runs from here through January will start from the Nature Center. If you aren't familiar with the trails, please make sure to bring a buddy who does or have a map prior to coming out.

This week, let's meet at 6am at the Nature Center. Choose your distance and go as far as you like. Most folks have been doing repeats of trek loops due to part of the HURT loop course being closed. I suggest altering the loop a bit and throwing in as many repeats up concrete and 5 minute hills as you can!

Here's the map of the trek loop course for those who aren't familiar, from the Tantalus Triple Trek Race.

See you Saturday!