Saturday November 16th: Tantalus (what's left of it...)
Saturday November 30th: No official training

Saturday November 23rd, Mount Olympus

Aloha Athletes,

H.U.R.T. runners are in for a special treat this week, Marian and Neal are going to be leading a hike/run on Mount Olympus (Pu’u Awaawaloa) at the top of St. Louis Heights.  Details are below:

  • Time:  6:30am
  • Where to meet:  Park in lot at the Waahila State Recreational Area.  Don't leave any valuables in the cars.
  •     Trailhead map:
  • Distance:   Hike is shy of 6 miles – probably 3+ hours.  Some parts are runnable and the views are superb if the weather is clear.
  • Bring: water, sunscreen, snacks, camera (optional)

There is also a great write-up of it over at Unreal Hawaii to whet your appetites. This hike has some great climbs for those of you training for the 100 or simply a great way to take a day to recover.

Thanks Marian!



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Man, I really need to get out of Florida. lol.. That sounds Epic!


Thanks for that information Gus! I will be up there at 6:30 waiting. We will start as soon as we are able to get in!

Augusto Decastro

Just a heads up... the park gates don't open until 7am. From my experience the guy who opens the gate is sometimes late.

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