Saturday December 7th: Tantalus (& H.U.R.L. does Haleakala!)
Saturday December 21st: North Shore Pupukea Run @ 8am

Saturday December 14th, Ka'ahele to Waimano

Aloha Athletes,
This Saturday, join Cheryl & Rex & Steve D. for a trail run/hike at Ka'ahele. Where is that you ask? Why it's the run with a view course that we do every May for the trail series. The route will be significantly different as we'll be going straight up to the top and then over on the trail to Waimano. It has just been trimmed so perfect timing. Water will be dropped at Waimano but please make sure to bring either two bottles or 70+ oz in your pack.

Meet at the park at 6:00 AM (corner of Naalii and Kaahele). Please be quiet as we are in a residental neighborhood until we hit the trail.

Expect about 5 hours of trail time. Bring plenty of snacks and sunscreen and candy canes.

Driving directions: If you are coming from Honolulu, take H-1 freeway ewa direction to the Waimalu Exit. After taking the Waimalu Exit, immediately get into the left lane and prepare to stop at the traffic light. Take another left at the stop light, getting onto Moanalua Rd. (heading Diamondhead). Go to the 2nd traffic light, Kaahele St., and take a left (mauka). Continue up Kaahele St. for quite a distance up the hill, until you reach the stop sign at Naalii Street. The neighborhood park is on the left and there is plenty of parking on Kaahele St.

See you Saturday,



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Wendi Lau

That was a good run. Thanks, Cheryl, Rex, Steve, Jen, Jeremy, and Juliet!


hi, along those lines, how many miles would the "5 hour" route be?

wendi lau

okay, thanks


Hi Wendi, According to Cheryl the trail isn't really marked very well so you might want to bring a buddy if you decide to turn around or a good GPS.

wendi lau

Would it be okay if only ran an hour and a half and then turned around? Are the trails clearly marked? I haven't run this trail since summer.

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