Saturday November 30th: No official training
Saturday December 14th, Ka'ahele to Waimano

Saturday December 7th: Tantalus (& H.U.R.L. does Haleakala!)

Aloha Athletes,
We're in for a special treat this weekend, we have a member of our H.U.R.T. ohana, Jake Hinz, in town who will be with us hitting the trails and leading the run!

Meet at the Nature Center at 6:30 (Yes 6:30!). The plan is to go for anywhere up to 24 miles with an out and back to Jag, returning by Manoa Cliffs with a tacked on reverse trek. If you want to cut it shorter, you can always just join in for a trek loop or portion of the course. Great bonus miles for those doing the marathon on Sunday.

On another note, last weekend Shawna, Kelly, Susie and myself went to Maui to do some extra training on new terrain in the crater of Haleakala. Check out Maui2Susie's blog post for more info (Thanks Susie!) We can't wait to hit up more neighbor islands and share more stories with ya'll.

See you Saturday!



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Bravo ladies on your Haleakala hike!


Mahalos, Johnny! Hope to see you around the 'aina! 630 Sat for anyone that wants to join! Reasonable, no headlamp hour!


Aloha Jake!!! Nice to hear that you are here visiting!!! Rosie...Looks and sounds like it was a very fun Maui adventure!!! Aloha

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