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Robert & Sharon's Photos from the 2014 HURT100

Well, this year was particularly challenging for me personally.  Between my Crohn’s related health challenges and some unexpected and rather frustrating photography equipment technical challenges this certainly wasn’t my finest performance.  Thankfully there were several other dedicated photographers out there working hard to capture the memories for as many of the runners, pacers, crew & volunteers alike.  I plan to come back next year much healthier and better prepared but then again who doesn’t?

Enough babble, on with the show.  Here’s about 600 of my best images from this year.  Happy viewing!

Health & Happiness,

Robert P Smith

You can click on any photo for a larger view and manually scroll through the photos.

If you prefer to view it as a slideshow just use the following link:


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Just added another 269 photos taken by my Honey, Sharon A Smith. The 2014 HURT100 album now has over 1,100 photos. So, if you just want to check out the new ones you’ll need to log in to Flikr, which can be done with a Yahoo account, and then click on the tag, "2014 HURT100 by SAS" and you should just see the 269 photos just added. Unfortunately the tag system apparently only works if you’re logged in.

Many, but certainly not all the photos are tagged with runner’s names. If you’re logged in and click on a name tag you’ll be able to see all the photos we’ve ever taken and tagged with that name including previous year’s events. Logging in to Flikr also allows you to comment on photos and mark favorites so you can view just the images you want quickly.

Yet to come, banquet and maybe some pre-race briefing photos. Enjoy!


Sorry, should have thoroughly tested the functionality before posting my comments… Just found out that for the tags to be under vs to the right of the picture and for the functionality I described of viewing just the recent 255 photos or a specific runner’s photos by their name tag you have to be logged in. Fortunately Yahoo bought out Flikr some time ago so for all those that already have a Yahoo account you should be able to log in with it. Sorry for the confusion and hassle. Flikr does a better job of protecting photos from piracy that Facebook which is one reason why I choose to use Flikr. That and not everyone has a Facebook account so I can post a link on the HURT blog to the photos on Flikr and everyone can view them. Logging in also allows you to comment and to mark photos as favorites for easy viewing at a later time.

Still have banquet photos and my wife’s photos to screen through, process and post so there may be more coming. No promises as to how soon though as I should be balancing this with studying for an IT certification and job hunting… :/


Just added another 255 photos. For better or worse they are mixed in chronologically with the first batch. I added tags that should allow you to separate the two though. When viewing an individual photo look below the photo and on the right hand side you’ll see a section labeled “Tags”. If you click on the “2014 HURT100 2nd Pick” Tag then you should see just the recently added 255 photos though they won’t be in chronological order.

Similarly, some of the photos are tagged with the runner’s names. If you find a photo with a runner’s name tagged and you click on the tag for their name you should see all the photos that are tagged with that name. Since I have shot the HURT100 for the past 4 years you will see all their photos from current and previous years that are tagged with their name. I make no promises or guarantees that my tagging is 100% accurate or complete. If you find any mistakes please don’t hesitate to let me know by messaging me the link to the particular photo(s) please.


As is yours Justin, as is yours. :)


Justin Lottig

Great job Robert (and your wife) and great images! The athletes will be incredibly happy to see these. Your continued dedication to this group is very impressive.

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