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Video of a 20 Mile Loop From The 2011 HURT 100

Sitting around the house, freaking out because you're tapering? Trying to mentally prepare for the HURT 100 and find yourself closing your eyes trying to remember the course? Don't know what to do on that long 6 hour flight over to Hawaii and want to see what the course looks like?
Well I have the solution for you! Watch or download these videos that take you on the 2011 HURT 100 course!  Videos are ~2GB each.
Part 1 takes you from the start line to the Paradise aid station, then back up near the top of the switchbacks.  Part 2 finishes the switchbacks, then down to the Jackass Ginger aid station, and back to the start/finish. 
The original video ended up being over 30GB, so these have very degraded video quality.  Once I find free online storage that lets me share much larger files I'll upload a higher resolution video, but that might not be do-able for a while yet.
You might want to turn the volume down...the music comes on pretty loud about 20 seconds into the video.
Rob Lahoe
Part 1:
Download/Google drive link:

Part 2:
Download/Google drive link:


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What's a trail running video without a little motion sickness.


*Not responsible for any motion sickness that occurs from watching this video.
Next time I do something like this I'll get one of those gyroscopic chest mounted camera whatchamacallits that let you walk/run without bouncing. Since the camera was on my head, these videos have a lot of rapid turns, bumps, and bounces.

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