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May 05, 2014


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FYI since we'll all be up the Space Station will be visible for 4 minutes at 5:27 AM Saturday AM going SW to NE. Hope the clouds clear.

John Salmonson

Sorry Warren, since we're computerized, we cannot exchange names, your friend would have to run as you.
Get Better


Speaking of HURT, I hurt my knee this weekend at the kbay sprint tri, so can't do the run with a view on saturday. i am registered for the whole series...can i let someone take my spot and if so how?


Mostly flattish single track for 1 mile. (Some nasty sections in here.)
2-1/2 miles of climbing. Some easy bits (~3/4 miles) on overgrown jeep road but then steep climbs on fern covered single track for the last section.
2 miles downhill to the aid station.
At the aid station just turn around and go back.

The first part of the course has some serious bottlenecks. If you want to run the race for time you will need to get out ahead of the pack right from the get go.

Nate Burgoyne

Oh how I wish I could have made a preview run. Would anyone have mercy of a busy Dad, and share basically how the course goes? (ie. climb for 5 miles, descend for 5) Mahalo.


I deliberately volunteered not to run to keep a spot open...DONT WASTE IT!!

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