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July 16, 2014


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So sorry to have missed you, Marian! You said Waimanalo is safer so I parked there. You must be pretty fast to do the entire thing in 6 hours! Sara and I only went up to about 8.5 miles then turned around to go back with Michael, Cindy, and Matthew. And we took all of 6 hours. Well, I did. They were nice and waited. The terrain is a lot like Waimano Trail, except much, much further! Thanks, guys!!!

wendi lau

thanks, Marian!


Hi Wendi,
I am not sure who will be showing up this weekend at either end. Cheryl and I both will be doing a run/power walk mix and would not be considered fast at all. I know that many of the runners that were out last week will be on Tantalus this weekend.

For me, the full 22 miles takes 5.5 to 6 hours. However, I will not be doing the full distance. I will likely start at the lookout, go in halfway, then return to the lookout.

I believe that Cheryl will be doing the whole 22 miles from Waimanalo. The Waimanalo end is a safer spot for parking, but as I said, there have been incidents at both ends.

As far as food goes, some will rely on liquid calories only, some rely on gels or bars, some on real foods. You should probably count on consuming 1-200 calories per hour (depending upon your size, pace, and other factors).

I hope that helps somewhat.

wendi lau

I have not run this race before so I am unsure about handling the entire distance. I can do one loop of Tantalus. Don't know how that compares. Can someone give examples of what food you are bringing? How many bananas or bars, etc. Also, in case I can only go one way, can I catch ride with someone back? I'd like to try whole thing, but just in case...

Estimated time to do one, and both ways? I've done Run With a View course in under 3 hours. How does that compare?

Is one end of the trail more car-safe than the other? Is one group faster than the other?


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