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2014 Tantalus Triple Trek Results--UPDATED

Aloha Athletes,

The 2014 Tantalus Triple Trek was held today. Here is a shot of Rosie and Cheryl all ready for runners at their aid station. I stole all of these photos off Cheryl's FB page!Cheryl & Rosie

A combination of things kept me from the race today--disappointing to say the least.

2014 Tantatus Triple Trek Results

From what I can see by these results, the women runners had an outstanding day. Women took overall slots 3, 4, and 8 as well as 5 of the top 15 finishers. Nice work women!

John tells me that Race Directors Sue, Fish, and Heather all did an amazing job.


Mike & GirlsMike Muench was over from the Big Isle.

I have seen other photos on Facebook. This photo of Keith at the bottom is Keithclassic. Getting the last of water melon juices. It was a hot day out there I am sure. 

I am sure there are some great stories from today's run. I know there are a lot of people to thank for today's race and none of this would be possible without John, PJ and the race volunteers. 

For many this race marks the end of the 2014 Trail Series. For others, it marks the beginning of HURT 100 training. Before HURT, many runners will be heading up to Peacock to train for the Peacock races in October. 

Get out there and run!

Aloha, Bob

Tantalus Triple Trek: Minor Trail Damage Warning - Race to Continue As Planned!

Aloha TTT runners!
It has been brought to the attention of the race staff that a portion of the course near the top of center trail has suffered some damage near the bridge. The trail is passable but runners will need to take extra care when passing. Full details will be provided at the mandatory morning race briefing prior to the start and there will also be someone posted at the aforementioned part of the course to warn runners on the first loop.
Thank you and see everyone bright and early tomorrow morning!

Tantalus Triple Trek, Saturday, August 30th @ 5:30 a.m at the Nature Center

Aloha Kakou,

8-27-2014 12-01-16 PM
Who will be the lucky winner this year?

Welcome to our 23rd annual running of the Tantalus Triple Trek!

We are officially in to the ULTRA distance portion of the H.U.R.T. trail series so I hope you are all as excited as I am! Combined with the surprise of the hurricanes resulting in a date change for our Run with the Pigs, this promises to be a month of serious mileage for those completing both of the races. In typical H.U.R.T. style, the more miles the better.

TTT is an approximately 30 mile course with each runner completing three 10 mile loops, with a return tothe Nature Center aid station each loop.  A link to the course map is provided below for those not familiar with the course.

A friendly reminder that the race is officially sold out and there will be NO same day sign-ups. If you would like to volunteer, please email the race directors and they can assign you placement somewhere along the course.

We will have the usual race munchies which will cater to most tastes with iced water & gatorate at both aid stations.  Usually race participants bring their own concoctions/electrolytes/special needs & you are highly encouraged to do so. Water and bathrooms are also available at the start/finish.

Race Directors will be there early to open the main gate at 4:30 am, and set-up by the Nature Center bathrooms.  Although already signed up you still need to check in with John and PJ to get your number inked on your leg.  There is no parking above the second gate, so please park on Makiki Heights Road below the Nature Center entrance.  We would appreciate it if our HURT runners didn’t fill-up the lower parking lot, so please kokua and try to park out on the road or even down the hill near the water tank and walk up.  Only race officials and volunteers can park up at the top. Please make sure to leave plenty of time to arrive and check in prior to the race start.

Regarding safety, remember that this is a high theft area, as this is a popular hiking area. Numerous break-ins have been reported in the lower parking lot. Suggested parking is on Makiki Heights Drive or down by the Pumping Station at the junction of Makiki Street and Makiki Heights Drive.

It will be dark on the trail for the first half hour-  make sure you bring a small flashlight (or eat a lot of carrots between now and race day to help you see in the dark!)

Aid Stations & Cutoffs

Aid stations will be at the Start/Finish & Tantalus Road crossing @ the 7 mile point. The Tantalus aid station will only stay open until 1:30 pm (8 hours into the race), so plan accordingly.  Please carry enough fluids, especially for the later & hotter part of the afternoon.

Cutoff to leave the Start/Finish station for the third loop is 11:30 am, race time limit is 9 hours.  If you decide to drop, please inform a race director (Fish/Sue/Heather), so we won’t spend our evening out looking for you in the woods after the race.

Regarding course markings, we'll announce the color of the ribbons race morning during our quick briefing. As always, BLUE is BAD! If you see blue, don't go in that direction. Bad sections & hazards will be clearly marked with blue ribbons.

Additional Info:

Happy trails,


2014 Maunawili Run with the Pigs Results

Aloha Athletes,

Marian and Neal pulled off another fantastic race as you all know rescheduled due to a hurricane. Though the new date caused a smaller turnout, it was still a great race. The trail was in awesome condition and the post race grinds devine! 

Photos and more will be coming. Just wanted to get the results posted up quick for now.

Thanks again Neal, Marian, and all of the other volunteers. Next weekend: Tantalus Triple Trek!! 

2014 Maunawili Results.

Aloha, Bob

Run With the Pigs, Part Deux! August 23rd, 7am

Neither hurricanes, earthquakes nor locusts can stop this re-do of the Run With the Pigs!  We are on for August 23rd; same time, same place. 6a00d83451d2fd69e201a511dfd4a4970c-800wi

7:00 a.m. Nuuanu-Pali Lookout (unless you opted for the 6 a.m. start)

If a 22-mile run does not fit into your plans for the 23rd, there is another option:

  • Run With the Piglets instead.  We will offer a turn-around point near mid-way, making the course about 11-miles total.  There will be no aid mid-way if you choose this option and Piglets will not be eligible for Pig awards.  All registrants changing to the Run with the Piglets must communicate that to Marian no later than Thursday, August 21 by 5:00 p.m.

No refunds will be given.  Period.

Thank you all for understanding the difficult situation and for knowing that we are doing our best to make lemonade from the lemons.  Neal and I are grateful that you want to come out to play, whether as a pig or a piglet!  Bring on the mud!  Oink!


Sunday August 17th: Triple Trek Preview at 6:30am

Aloha Athletes,

Jeff will be leading the preview run for Tantalus Triple Trek on SUNDAY August 17th. Meet at 6:30am near the Nature Center Bathrooms. This is likely to be our only preview prior to race day so if you have any questions or want to see th course, come on out. Race day is August 30th at 5:30 am.

Bring enough water and nutrition to combat the crazy humidity and heat we've been having.

Another option is to join the Soul Runners on Saturday if you can't make Sunday. They will be starting at 5:30 am and doing 2 full loops in the Triple Trek direction. Whatever you do, get out there and enjoy those trails!


Weather/Storm Update 8-8-14 Maunawili Out and Back - August 9, 2014

UPDATE 8/6/14:

It is with a heavy heart and a very full refrigerator that I need to announce the cancellation of Run with the Pigs.  The State has informed us that the level of danger with Iselle is too high and they will not permit the Maunawili Out and Back.  We are looking at alternatives and will be trying to develop options.  We realize how very disappointed you all are, as are we.  

Please be patient; we hope to provide a solution that may help to take the edge off of the sting.  Most importantly, keep yourselves and your families safe. 

So very sorry,

Neal, Marian, and the HURT ohana


First of all, congratulations to all that were chosen for a coveted spot in the January 2015 HURT 100!  Enjoy the training and preparation for an epic experience!  Good luck to those lucky wait-listers!  The lottery drawing party at the Huff's home was awesome - thank you so much to the wonderful hosts, Jeff and Vanessa!

Pig-face plant

Maunawili to Waimanalo and Back

aka - Run With the Pigs

Saturday, August 9, 2014***

The run will start at 7:00 from the Nuuanu Pali Lookout.  All runners, including both relay team members, need to be at the lookout between 6 and 6:30 to get your bib numbers and check in.  Parking at the lookout is limited and we cannot use the parking lot for runner’s vehicles. Carpool if possible. You may ONLY park on the roadway leading to the lookout.  The parking tsar will direct you at the main gate when approaching from Honolulu-side.  Please cooperate and do not park your car in the lot.  This requirement is one of the terms with which we must abide in order to utilize the State park.

The run utilizes a handicapped start.  “More experienced” (aka older) folks start first; women start before men.  Your bib number will determine your start time.  Groups should take off every three minutes until all runners are on their way.

The course will be marked – ORANGE is the correct route; BLUE is bad. The start area and turn-around areas will be marked.  For the 8.5 miles in between the ends, simply follow the trail and make no turns at intersections.  See the description below:        

From the Pali Highway Lookout, follow the abandoned Pali roadbed on the right down towards Kailua. About 1/4 mile down where the hairpin turn is cut off by the Highway, continue on between the rock wall and the chain-link fence. Turn right at the intersection with the Maunawili Trail.  Stay on the trail for 11 miles to Waikupanaha Road trailhead in Waimanalo where you will receive aid.  Return by retracing your steps.


Each runner MUST carry adequate water for the entire 11-mile stretch of hot and humid trail.  We recommend 60+ ounces of fluids.  If you require calories during those 11 miles, it is your responsibility to have those with you.  The turn-around aid station needs to track all runners that pass through.  Make sure your bib number has been recorded. This is a low-key and fun event with few rules.  However there are some behaviors that are absolutely disallowed and will get you disqualified:

  • Littering on the trail is not tolerated
  • Conducting yourself in an aggressive or unsafe manner toward other runners, hikers, bikers, or equestrians is not tolerated.
  • Short-cutting the trail is not tolerated.
  • Leaving the course without notifying a race director is not tolerated.
  • Whining, pouting, and being grouchy are not tolerated.  Have fun!

NOTE: There is an early-start option for 6:00 am. Those choosing the early start will be ineligible for awards.

Get your inner pig on and enjoy a great run!

 ***Please check this blog prior to race day for up-to-date race information regarding the expected storms heading our way.