2014 Tantalus Triple Trek Results--UPDATED
Saturday September 6th @6am: P...P...P...Peacock! - Updated

Corrected Race Results - Tantalus Triple Trek

Aloha Athletes, 10593189_10204759750463049_8646589651759861966_n

Just wanted to post a quick correction to the results from yesterday, they can be seen here. There was a minor mixup in the top 3 male finishers. Congrats to all of the top finishers on their victories and a special congrats to all the ladies who dominated this race. Way to go ladies!

Most importantly, a very heartfelt thank you to the most hardworking lady around, Cheryl Loomis. This was her final race with us as leader of the trail series (and pretty much everything else H.U.R.T. related) before she is off to new adventures in Oregon. Sniff sniff, words can't express enough appreciation for everything you do Cheryl! We love you!!



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thanks Steve....I will miss my HURT family. But now you all have a new place to come play!

steve villiger

Thanks, Cheryl, for all of that you've done for all of us over the years!! We will all miss you very much. Good luck in Oregon!!
--Steve V.

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