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Peacock Challenge 55 Update


Thank you for your patience as the Peacock Challenge has gone through the challenges of permitting the race and changing the registration process. We have arrived. The State of Hawaii is very satisfied with the in depth documentation provided to them to allow us to hold the event. The documents are signed, sealed and delivered.

We are currently in the process of reviewing each runners history and accepting those into the event that meet the race requirements. For your piece of mind we have enabled the viewing of the entrant list at Ultrasignup. If you do not see your name on the list, we are either reviewing your race history, or you have not accepted the invite to the event.

In any case this is a monumental day for us all. We will deliver a fantastic running experience. Thank you for your patience throughout the process. Now, go out and train.


Race Director


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This would be an amazing run to partake in! I want to visit Hawaii so bad!!!



No, many thanks to yourself, and Larry for starting this event, and to Rob for keeping the event moving forward. Freddy has done a spectacular job, and is working hard to keep up the fine tradition you have all worked so hard to create.

Gordon Lau Jr

Mahalo Freddy and Huffer for continuing the legend of the Peacock Ultramarathon!

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