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Joanna Wright

Good to hear--thanks!


The road connecting Mokule'ia Forest Reserve Access Road and the Kealia trail is fairly clear. There are a few bulldozers clearing trees or something, but as long as you have a HCV, you should be good.

Joanna Wright

Thanks for clarifying! Yes, I actually meant the tracking station road. Does that one currently look passable by vehicles? I thought I overheard some hikers talking about it, which made me nervous.

Connie Durant

It sounds like you're thinking about driving up? The gate to Long Rd. (Mokule'ia Forest Reserve Access Road) is kept locked and access is only allowed for official use. Usually when people camp up at Peacock Flats, they are parking at the bottom and backpacking up, or if they are driving in, they are accessing the campground from the Waianae side, through the tracking station road, but that requires advance notice and a permit. Hope this helps!

Joanna Wright

Cool, thanks! I mainly want to make sure my car can make it--I have a CR-V.

Nate Burgoyne

Long Road is long and hot. Peacock Flats campground is pretty fun! I live not too far down the road Long Road. If you need anything, let me know.

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