Maunawili Out & Back Results, Photos, and Volunteer Appreciation

I hereby declare: Sunday, August 7, 2016 is “Hug a Volunteer Day”. In case you are looking for someone very worthy of a hug, please refer to the following list of people that gave their morning to guide you, pull you up from the cliff you just went over, replenish your fluids, feed you, smile at you, and tell you what a great run you are having or tell you that you look awesome – whether you actually do or not. If you cannot physically hug the people listed below, please let them know how much you appreciate the work they did to make your Saturday Run with the Pigs a fantastic experience.

Arvel Shults
Benita Shults
Benito Quintana
Clem Aleka-Gorai
Freddy Halmes
Glenn Oshiro
Jacki Doppelmeyer
Jacque Tellei
Jaren Oshiro
Jay Moore
Jeff Fong
John and PJ Salmonson
Judy Carluccio
Rob Carluccio
Kalani Pascual
Kana Yamamoto
Kelley Hupp
Kevin Myers
Liza, Matt, and Zoe Rippy
Matt Bovetz
Melanie Decker Koehl
Michael Cole
Michael Hee
Sue Lohr
Teresa Henderson

Please forgive me if I omitted anyone that helped. Please know that Neal and I are very grateful for each and every one of you!

The results have been posted, and click on the image below to view Kalani's photos on Facebook. 

Left to right: Jason Hynd - 1st Place Male, Sam Reed - 2nd Place Male, Malory Peterson - 1st Place Female

Neal and Marian Yasuda

Maunawili Out & Back Instructions

Maunawili to Waimanalo and Back

a.k.a. - Run With the Pigs

Saturday, August 6, 2016

The run will start at 6:00 from the Koolau Golf Course.  Plan to arrive by 5:15 to get your bib numbers and check in.  All runners (including both members of a relay team) must check in at the Koolau Golf Course.

Parking is limited to the last parking lot as you enter the golf course area.  A parking attendant will guide you.  Only park in the designated area.  We are limited to 50 stalls - carpooling is encouraged.  

There are portable luas (bathrooms) at the start/finish.  Please be respectful and DO NOT enter the Koolau facility!!!  Bring your own water to wash up after the run, if needed.  There will be no use of the golf course water or bathrooms!

The course will be marked – PINK is the correct route; BLUE is bad. The start area and turn-around area will be marked.  For the 8.5 miles in between the ends, simply follow the trail and make no turns at intersections.  See the description below:       


From the Koolau Golf Course, follow the abandoned road towards the Pali Highway. There is a "Y" intersection about ½ mile after the start – bear right at the "Y".  You will follow the road, which turns into single-track trail, then go under the Pali Highway, climb a ladder, and turn left onto the trail that will connect to the Maunawii Demonstration Trail.  Go down about 8 stairs and turn right at the intersection with the Maunawili Demonstration Trail.  Stay on the trail for 10 miles to the Waikupanaha St. trailhead in Waimanalo where you will receive aid.  Return by retracing your steps.

Each runner MUST carry adequate water for the entire 11-mile stretch of hot and humid trail.  You will not be able to start if you do not have a way to carry fluids.  We recommend 60+ ounces of fluids.  If you require calories during those 11 miles, it is your responsibility to have those with you.  The turn-around aid station needs to track all runners that pass through.  Make sure your bib number has been recorded.

This is a low-key and fun event with few rules.  However, there are some behaviors that are absolutely disallowed and will get you disqualified:

  • Littering on the trail is not tolerated.
  • Conducting yourself in an aggressive or unsafe manner toward other runners, hikers, bikers, or equestrians is not tolerated.
  • Short-cutting the trail is not tolerated.
  • Race organizers MUST be notified if you are leaving the course at any point.
  • Whining, pouting, and being grouchy are not allowed.  Have fun!

Instructions from the Start to the Waimanalo turn-around

Mahalo to the Trail Working Group Extraordinare

Let's all give a collective, loud thank you to the hard-working crew that made the Maunawili Trail smooth and fast for your running pleasure.   IMG_2207

Kukui nuts have been earned by:

Keith Campbell
Micheal Cole
Jacki Doppelmeyer
Charles Griffin
Jacqueline Harbin
Jonathan Harbin
Michael Hee
Rod Huddleston
Scot Kuwaye
Gordon Lau
Stefy Matsumura
Kevin Myers
Glen Oshiro
Jessica Scaffidi
Thomas Scaffidi
Arvel Shults
Jacqueline Skaf
Tom Steidler
John Svenstrup
Kana Yamamoto
Neal Yasuda

You are all rockstars!

Big Mahalo to Nick and Zack from Na Ala Hele!!!  


Maunawili Trail Work Day - Saturday, July 30, 2016

Trail workInterested in helping to make the Maunawili Trail safer and faster?  Want to give back your kokua to the trail system that we all love and enjoy regularly?  

We have an opportunity to work with Na Ala Hele on Saturday, July 30 to work on the Pali end of the Maunawili trail.  If you would like to volunteer, email Marian (mnyasuda AT hawaii DOT rr DOT com)

Here are the details:

Meet at the Koolau Golf Course at 8:00 a.m. and will will pile into a couple of trucks.  We will meet Nick and some others at the hairpin turn to begin hiking/clearing/repairing.  We should return back to the Golf Course no later than 2:00 p.m.


-closed toe foot wear (boots, running shoes); no slippers
- long pants, shirt, long sleeved shirt 
- backpack, camel back, water bottles (enough water to last four hours) water will be at the trail head
- snacks and lunch
- rain gear if necessary

Na Ala Hele will provide Personal Protection Equipment: gloves, eye protection, ear protection, bug spray, sunscreen. If you want to bring your own gear, that's fine. Other items provided will be handsaws, chainsaws, and possibly grubbing tools.  For those of you that enjoy wielding your machete (you know who I am talking about), bring it on!







Firecracker Results and Mahalo's to all!!!



Here is the link to the results:  Download Results2016

Benita and I would like to thank all of the runners that participated today and hope that each of you had a Great Experience!!! This is never an easy run and today was no different!! You all did an incredible job and should be very proud of your accomplishments!!!

We also want to thank John and PJ for all the hard work they do and the trust they bestow upon us to conduct this Great event!! Mahalo!!!! 

Our volunteers are the most incredible part of all of these events!!! Many many thanks to you all, we would NEVER be able to have success at these events if it was not for the dedicated efforts from our outstanding volunteer force!!! You all have our deepest gratitude and endless thanks for your selfless contributions to these events!!!! 


Arvel and Benita 



Peacock Challenge 55 (PC 55) Is Open for Registration

Photo by Kalani Pascual

The much anticipated Peacock Challenge 55 Mile Run is now open for registration! For those of you who have already registered we apologize for not having the race information up on time. We urge you click here to read more about qualifications, race description, course map, cutoffs, etc. before signing up for this race.


Final Firecrack 10 Mile info for Runners and Volunteers


  • Race start is 7am 2 July here: MAP
  • Parking will be in a small area to the left as you get to the race, and along both sides of the road 
  • Check in prior to 6:45am for your number to ensure you are able to start on time
  • All runners must carry at least 20 oz. of water at the start
  • Be prepared for a nice comfortable run out and a warm, sunny, and into the wind return trip
  • Be respective of the non-running park visitors, do not harass any of the wild life
  • Holiday festive attire is encouraged 
  • Please bring a dish to share (if you can) 


  • Please show up at 6am to help with setup and get your duty location assignments 
  • Be prepared to be on course or at aid station 2-3 hours 
  • Have a hat/umbrella, sunscreen, hydration, some snacks, and what ever else you think you may need
  • Festive attire is also encouraged and you too Must Have Fun At All Times :)


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Benita or I.



Arvel and Benita

Maunawili Out-n-Back (Run with the Pigs) ANNOUNCEMENT

ANNOUNCEMENT: 2016 Maunawili Out and Back (aka - Run with the Pigs) August 6, 2016 at 6:00 a.m.  
Due to a rockslide on the Old Pali Road, immediately after the lookout, the Maunawili Out and Back will not start and finish at the Pali lookout. Finding an alternate location for the start and finish that will accommodate our whole gang and give good access to the Maunawili trail has been quite challenging. We found the best solution possible, however there are some important changes to the event and all participants need to read the following information and ask questions if you have concerns.
Start/Finish Location: Koolau Golf Course and First Presbyterian Church 45-550 Kionaole Rd, Kaneohe, HI 96744
Race Start: ALL participants will start promptly at 6:00 a.m. Gates open at 5:00 a.m.
Route: We will post a map on the blog containing route changes – there will be course marshalls on race morning to assist. The turnaround/handoff for relays is the same location;
41-1020 Waikupanaha Street, Waimanalo, HI
Finish festivities: This will be toned down as we need to minimize our impact on Koolau Golf Course and First Presbyterian Church and vacate the area by 2:30 p.m.
Facilities: We will have a portable lua on-site. We are not allowed to use the Koolau Golf Course and First Presbyterian Church facilities – please stay in our designated parking area. Plan to take care of restroom needs prior to arriving or wait in line for the portable lua.
Parking: Carpooling is encouraged if you will be parking in the parking lot at the start/finish. Please follow the directions of volunteers regarding parking. There is no legal parking on Kionaole Road leading to the Koolau Golf Course and First Presbyterian Church. If you park illegally, it is at your own risk.
Important: The Koolau Golf Course and First Presbyterian Church has been generous by allowing us to stage in their area, and we must abide by all of their requirements as well as be respectful of them and their patrons. We need to be good allies and show them that we are considerate and responsible.
Course Preview Run:  There will be a course preview run on Monday, July 4 at 6:00 a.m. beginning in the Koolau Golf Course parking lot. If you plan to go only one direction, arrange for your own transportation from the Waimanalo trailhead.
We are hopeful to have a trail maintenance work day scheduled before August 6. Look for an announcement on the HURT blog (
Your Kokua is welcome: This arrangement with the Golf Course creates a significant expense that was unexpected. All donations to help cover this unexpected expense are welcome. We will pass a hat throughout the morning, should you desire to help.
Thanks so much for your understanding and cooperation. Please feel free to call Marian (221-5171) or John (351-1453) with any concerns.

Firecracker Preview Run 25 June 2016

Aloha Runners!!




If you would like a taste of the Kaena Point Firecracker 10 mile run, then please join us for a course preview run this coming Saturday, 25 June at 7 AM.

Where: MAP

When: 25 June 2016, 7 AM

Bring: Water, hat/visor, sunscreen, fuel/food for running, trail shoes and running attire, smiles and maybe a camera for the beautiful scenery!!

Everyone is welcome to join us, this is the same start time as the race and will cover most (if not all) of the course for 2 July's race day. 

If you have any questions please email Benita or I.



Arvel and Benita