Vi's Adventure Trek and Run Photos

Vis_run_group Photographer Glenn Poulain (Ocean Arts Hawaii) was out this past Saturday and took photos at Vi's Adventure Trek and Run.

From all reports, the event was very successful. It looks like everyone had a great time.

Click here to see Glenn's photos.Remember to click the first image and it will get larger to view as a slideshow.

You can see some of his amazing shots of turtles and other images here. Thanks Glenn!

The Proof is in the Picture (s)!!!

Don commented he was confused about the results of the Swamp Romp. I heard it direct from the source, the race director. Our boys got "chicked!"

From what I heard it was a tougher course this year.

Click here to see the pictures. Sorry guys, I couldn't get my usual photos this year. Thanks to Lisa D. for these! Click the photos to see them larger.

Swamp Romp results confuse me???

Aloha Guys and Gals. !

Maybe I was misinformed, but I was told by a very reliable source that at Swamp Romp last Saturday, the HURT women's team beat the HURT men's team. If that wasn't bad enough, the HURT women's team had 2 masters team members (60 and over). Please tell me this isn't so.  Don

Windward Half Marathon Photos

Barbi and I took the dogs for a walk this morning and got to watch much of the Windward Half Marathon. It was a warm morning. Lots of familiar faces. I tried to take a few photos however I have a new camera so some are a bit blurry and others I missed altogether. Some notes. We saw Jozef out there, also Keith Moon, and Gary Marr. Of course the FleetFeet Sports people were there, Susan, George, and Julie. Julie was second woman overall!! David Carlsson was out and surprisingly back towards the back. I told Barbi he must be injured. Then we saw him again, he told us why. He had run the Hana Relays on Saturday--Solo. He ran 52 miles the day before and today was a just a back to back training run. Wow!

Ben Cavazos' wife Bev and her brother were out running as well. Bev told us Ben is planning a version of the HURT 100 in Kuwait. Bob Murphy had two of his HURT 100 pacers at the race, Jim and Gail.

The men's winner was fast--1:22 I think was the finishing time--Dave Eager. The women's winner was Rachel Ross. I don't have her times or others. Check with FleetFeet. I am sure they will have all the times.


Click here to see the photos.

2007 Run to the Sun/All About the People

Aloha !

At Run to the Sun, everyone has their own story and every story is different. In fact, our particular stories often differ drastically from year to year. The "people" stood out in my mind more this year than ever. It started with the race directors. Maybe I just knew more than ever before about the monumental amount of work that John, PJ and Bram put in to make this race happen. Maybe it also was because I never realized, until this year, that there are 137 (or so) volunteers, unselfishly giving their time and effort for all of us. These volunteers really help make the race FUN !

Like I said , everyone has their story, and if you like, you can hear mine. Mine is all about friends...the HURT family of buddies, and the comraderie we share, all the time...but especially at Run to the Sun. For example, Gordon Lau had stated emphatically, that he would not be returning to R2S this year. So, Ernest Tay and I made it our personal project to get Gordon to change his mind. I won't say that Gordon is hard-headed, but he's certainly not a push-over. Fortunately, Ernest was especially persistent. The thing that we had going for us was that Ernest and I REALLY wanted Gordon to go. We had been like a team last year and it wasn't going to be the same without him. Suffice it to say...Gordon gave in...and even admitted after the race, that he had a good time. Speaking of having a good time, I had the pleasure of running a while with Cat Moore, who's really a kick to be around, and I was extremely lucky to have newcomer Linda Takane with me, making the last few miles a real pleasure. It was reported that my good running buddy Cheryl Loomis was spotted dancing and doing hula. Cheryl always has a good time !

Heather and I were very lucky to get to sit on the airplane next to one of our heroes, Paul Sibley, both over and back. Paul, as most of you know, is a recent cancer surviver and ultra-athlete, competing in multiple sports. He is an inspiration to all of us who know him. Being able to hear his touching stories before and after the race was worth the trip by itself.

A race like this one is always about courage and mental toughness.Four examples that I witnessed first-hand were Ernest Tay, Judith Inazu, Wendy Minor and David Carlsson. I'm sure there are MANY others that deserve mention, (and I apologize) but personally seeing the courage these tough athletes showed, just to finish, really touched me.

It was a beautiful day to be spent on the mountain, surrounded by wonderful friends and new acquaintances. Aloha ! Don

Top of Tantalus race

Aloha Athletes !

The HURT Trail Series Top of Tantalus 7 mile race was a blast, with 56 runners competing under perfect conditions. A big MAHALO goes out to Co-Race Directors Rex Vlcek and Bob Murphy for a great job of putting-on this fun race !Nice job guys !

Big John will be posting the results asap.

The next HURT Trail Series race, Run With a View, will be held on May 13, so mark your calendars. Details and directions will be posted on the blog soon.


Ultrarunning article

Aloha Athletes !

The April issue of Ultrarunning magazine has a great article on the HURT 100, held last January. Included in this issue are outstanding articles written by Co-R.D.'s John and P.J. Salmonson. Of special interest to me, and hopefully to many of you, is the article written by P.J., which gave well-deserved recognition to two of our finest and toughest local women ultrarunners, Marian Yasuda and Cheryl Loomis. There are also some great photos of both Marian and Cheryl, as well as a few other key runners.

Don't miss will make you proud !


Marathon Photos

Kat has posted some pictures that Rex took at two recent marathons. You can see photos from the Honolulu Marathon and also the Marine Corp Marathon. The Marine Corp Marathon was in the Washington DC area. Thanks Rex and Kat!!

2005 Triple Trek Results and Photos

The results from this past Saturday's Triple Trek have been posted. Click here to view both the men's and women's results. Results have also been posted on the right side of the site under Race Results.

I was able to get a few photo's from the start of the race and during Lap 1. They are viewable by clicking here and listed under Photo Albums on the right side of the blog.

It was a great race! Thanks to all the racers who participated and thanks to the volunteers for supporting this race.

We also want to thank Runner's HI, Running Room, and Fleet Feet for their support of the race.

Aloha, Bob

Volcano/Saturday Training 8-6-05

Aloha Athletes !

HURT runners kicked butt at Volcano Marathon ! It was almost embarrasing, as it seemed like almost everyone was a HURT runner, or HURTpal, that was called up to receive an award. Congratulations to all !!
Here's an example of some of the age group winners:

First place:
Marian Yasuda
Patricia Carroll
Christina Clinton
Amy Cowan
Harald Ebeling
Nick Kaiser
Don Fallis

Second place:
Carol Jaxon
Steph Jenkins
Ben Cavazos
Blaine Rogers

Third place:
Cheryl Loomis
Ed Bugarin
Bill Osheroff
Mark Lively

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Belated Tinman Congratulations!

Congratulations goes out to the following H.U.R.T. runners (apologies to anyone I missed) who took to the water and their bikes this past weekend (in addition to their normal running) and participated in the Tinman triathlon.

Kat Tagaca  2:46.087 (17th in her age group)

Ed Bugarin  2:28.334 (18th in his age group)

Nick Kaiser  2:07.345  (2nd in his age group)

Great job! I think this is only Nick's second triathlon and he is heading to Kona this October after qualifying at Honu earlier this summer. Wow!

Get out there and train!