Mango Madness Course Preview: Saturday, May 23

Join Sean Okusko and Jacque Tellei for preview #2 of Mango Madness. No one except the race directors will know the actual course, so this run will be an approximate course. But rest assured, everyone will be experiencing the same painful route. :-)  Please join us this Saturday, May 23rd at 6AM starting at the Hawaii Nature Center bathrooms. Run will be anywhere from 2 - 3 hours.

Only 4 days left to order your official Mango Madness T-Shirt! Please click the link below. Enter OAHU at checkout for free shipping. Shirt orders must be placed by Friday, May 22 and picked up at the race on June 6th.


Mango Madness Course Preview: Sunday, May 17

Mango Madness is fastly approaching! We will be doing 3 previews in the next few weekends throughout the area where the race takes place. As you know, no one except the course marshalls will know the actual course! Please join us this Sunday, May 17th at 6AM starting at the Hawaii Nature Center bathrooms. For those that know the trails, we will be doing a modified Trek loop (approximately 10 miles). After we return to the start, some of us will head out for another Trek loop! Remember to bring plenty of water and some food. Run will be anywhere from 2 - 3 hours.

As for the official Mango Madness T-Shirts, please click the link below. Enter OAHU at checkout for free shipping. Shirt orders must be placed by Friday, May 22 and picked up at the race on June 6th.


Happy Training! See you this Sunday!


Running the Night Jan 3rd 2014

Leaving from Paradise Park around 5pm for a night crawl.  Likely last long run, so slow and steady (and safe).  Plan for a loop plus repeat.  Parking below the bus stop on Manoa Rd.  Lights, food, umbrella (jk) and good attitude.  Come for a few miles, a few hours or less.  If you need to start earlier or later, feel free and we'll connect on the trails.  Aloha - Paul S.

Mango Madness Training Run: Saturday 5/18, 7:00AM, Water Tank Park

I'm back, and I'm bad,  or maybe ripe...well,  pickling ready at least.....and rolling hot for sure!

Mango marv

Marv here.   Cheryl has asked me to come out and lead the Saturday training run along the 'Official' Mango Madness Trail. (Just like old times....)  It's part of the Hurt Trails, and we start from the Pumping Station at the bottom of Makiki Heights Drive.  

We will start at a reasonable hour, 7:00 AM, as I can not fall off the tree until the sun is up and warming.  It's a 10 miler or so.  After we finish runners can do another round of the Mango loop, or a reverse trek which is a bit of a variation.

These are the REAL trails. You can train where you like, but when push comes to shove, or trip more likely.  The Triple Treck and the 100 are here.  Come on out and start to get your lines down.  The trails are a bit different given the weather and there is no time like now to reawaken the thrill and anticipation of long hard hours of rolling hot along these magnificent trails.   

Aloha,   Marv.



Fri 10-12 HURT Night Loop 5PM

Got permission late last night for a night loop tonight.  Leaving PP bus stop by 5pm and going for a nice jog into the night.  Nothing too crazy with a resupply using the NC fountains.  Any takers trying to get away from Peacock Flats just show up and bring some good jokes and stories.  20 miles around 6 hours.  - Paul S.

Ala Moana to Kailua Run - Friday 1630

Running home to Kailua after work tonight - Friday.  Departing from the Ala Mona Shopping Center Macy's end around 4:30pm at the corner of Atkinson and Ala Moana in front of the YMCA on Atkinson.  Fun run testing my new pack.  About 15 miles on road until Pali Tunnels then trail and back to road.  Easy pace with conversation.  Call me to coordinate at 808-497-3911.  Aloha - Paul

Friday Night Maunawili Trail Run - May 11th

Last minute post, but I'd like any company willing to run by local time (be flexible that is). I'm starting around 7pm ish after all kids, wife and things are done. Leaving from the Maunawili Falls Trail gate, and just running for a while. Can't promise the exact start or end time so call or text if interested - family rules apply. 808-497-3911

Aloha Jan, the Honolulu Marathon, and the Evil that Lurks Beyond: Week End Training

Saturday morning there will be a fun run to say Aloha to Jan M out Hawaii Kai way.  Please check Julie's earlier post for details.  

This is also Honolulu Marathon week so....for many the weekend is going to be a street workout on Sunday. I don't do sprints, but I'm signed up for the Marathon,  so I'm thinking of going out in the evening and making it a double as I need the me if you are up for such an absurdity.   Otherwise best of luck to all you fast people on the Big Sprint.  

If you are going out to face the Evil that Lurks Beyond then please post your trail run start times and departure points.  I've been busy this past week so I don't know what the state of the Stashes is.  I will try and check them before Saturday.  

Hope to see you this weekend at Jan's run or somewhere along the Marathon route.  I'll be looking for you as I head out the Hard Hot Highway toward Hawaii Kai, and as you guys return!

Aloha,  Mikem



December 2nd- 4th-- Week-end Training Runs

Last week we had a lot of posted comments on when and where people were going out!  Let's continue that this week as well. Lots of people need the encouragement and opportunity.  Nothing more harsh than going out on yer own in the rain and dark.  Fun, but harsh, no?    

Also please post your week day training as well.  Who know you may get some unexpected and enjoyable company.  

I believe there is a runner coming in from the west who wants to run a loop on Friday.  Please check the left margin for that posted comment if you can or want to do an after noon loop on Friday. Always nice to show a bit of Aloha.  

Saturday morning at 6:30 from the water tanks will be the standard training run.  Cheryl will clarify this if it does not quite suit the Wahine Ali'i Kukini . (I just do the posts)  

Lots of time left....more than a month till the HURT.  Relax, no sweat, it won't come back to haunt you until late THAT Saturday night when you ARE all alone in the wind and the rain in the dark, and that crazy quy is running along side you 10 feet off the trail clacking all that bamboo, and you start making up lame excuses to stop and go its unfair to your family for you to be out in the cold rainy night, or you need to wash the car tomorrow, or you've suddenly decided that trail running shortens your life, or discovered that raspberry goo gives you hives, or tell me what it will be because it will likely be something.   

Run, run while you can because you will have to keep running while you can't if you don't train.  

Good Luck and Aloha!