Vi's Top of Tantalus Results and Photos

Kat And Judy 2016
Kat and Judy, Photo Credit: Johnny Landeza

Great job by all the runners' this past Saturday! It was nice to see so many smiles at the finish. Congratulations to Ryan Karwiel, who also won Aiea Loop Express, and Shawna Ping for winning their respective categories. Click here for the results.

Kalani was out in the field again taking wonderful trail photos. View his album through his Facebook Profile.

Mahalo to all our wonderful volunteers who makes our RD job easy: Benita, Arvel, Michael Cole, Rosie, Steve Villiger, Clem, Elisa, Jacki, Jacque, DeAnna, Pricilla Clark, and Mike Hee. Also to the trail marking team of Freddy Halmes, Heather, and Scot Kuwaye. And, of course, to John and PJ who make everything possible for our HURT Ohana.

Next up is Kealia Quad Crusher on May 7. There are a few more slots open, so give your quads something to remember and REGISTER!

Judy and Kat, RDs 
Vi's Top of Tantalus

Welcome Kealia Quad Crusher!

Yes! As some of you may have already heard, Run With A View has been reborn as the Kealia Quad Crusher. In its true HURT spirit, here is the description:

"Kealia Quad Crusher is a 9.2 mile trail run located at Kealia Trail above Dillingham Airfield. The race will be a two lap out & back course. It will start at the Kealia Trailhead, climb 2.3 miles to the top of Kealia Trail where it intersects with Ku'aokala Access Road. Runners will turn around at this intersection and head back down Kealia Trail, retracing the route they just climbed. Returning to the Start-Finish line, they will turn around and run the same route up and down the course. There is cut off time of 2 1/2 hours in order to do the second loop."

 Please join us on May 7, 2016, for this inaugural event. Click here to register!

Photo by Robert P. Smith

Honolulu Marathon & Miwok 100k Selectees

Photo by Arvel Shults

Good luck to everyone running the 43rd Honolulu Marathon tomorrow (December 13, 2015). Whether you are doing it to accomplish a personal goal, to support a friend, or to dedicate your journey to your loved ones, the HURT Ohana is with you all the way.

Also, a few HURT peeps received their Christmas wish early as they were selected to run the Miwok 100k on May 7, 2016. Congratulations Jacki Doppelmayer, Rod Huddleston, and Scott Kuwaye!

TTT Course Preview/Training Run This Saturday 8/15

SATURDAY, AUGUST 15, 2015 6:30AM


Aloha Athletes,

Many congratulations to all that ran last weekend’s Maunawili Out&Back 22-miler (aka the Run with the Pigs). As usual Marian and Neal Yasuda have outdone themselves in putting on another great event that’s kept us coming back year after year! It’s now time to keep those legs going for the final race of the H.U.R.T. trail series, the Tantalus Triple Trek (3T)!

This Saturday, JulieT will be leading the first preview/training run to go one full loop of the course. Remember there are will be only two weeks until race weekend. Please meet at the picnic and restroom area at the Maunalaha trail head (by the Hawaii Nature Center) at 6:30a.m. Bring a minimum of 32 oz of water as well as any nutrition (gels, energy bars, magic potions) you require, and most of all have fun. If you have not yet been on the Tantalus trails please make it a point to remain with Julie and the group, or be with someone who knows the course. Below is a map of the course. For those unfamiliar with the trails, please feel free to print a copy for reference along the training run. For the most part the race itself will consist of three loops of the course.

Everyone is welcome to join us for this training run – you don’t have to be registered for the Triple Trek race, and all levels of trail runners are encouraged to come! You don't have to run the full distance (or you can go longer), come and do as little or as much as you like.

Hope to see you on the trails!


Julie, Fish, and Jeff (da 3T RDs)




Mango Madness Course Preview: Saturday, May 30 AND Sunday May 31!

Join Sean Okusko on Saturday OR Melanie Koehl on Sunday for previews #3 and #4 of Mango Madness. No one except the race directors will know the actual course, so this run will be an approximate course. But rest assured, everyone will be experiencing the same painful route. :-) Please join us either day, both 6AM starting at the Hawaii Nature Center bathrooms. Run will be anywhere from 2 - 3 hours. We'll be grabbing some extra miles after the preview is over, so come along if you're up for it! Otherwise, see you at the race on June 6. It starts at the corner of Makiki Street and Makiki Heights Drive. There is a triangular-shaped park and a pumping station. Aloha, Melanie

Mango Madness Course Preview: Saturday, May 23

Join Sean Okusko and Jacque Tellei for preview #2 of Mango Madness. No one except the race directors will know the actual course, so this run will be an approximate course. But rest assured, everyone will be experiencing the same painful route. :-)  Please join us this Saturday, May 23rd at 6AM starting at the Hawaii Nature Center bathrooms. Run will be anywhere from 2 - 3 hours.

Only 4 days left to order your official Mango Madness T-Shirt! Please click the link below. Enter OAHU at checkout for free shipping. Shirt orders must be placed by Friday, May 22 and picked up at the race on June 6th.


Mango Madness Course Preview: Sunday, May 17

Mango Madness is fastly approaching! We will be doing 3 previews in the next few weekends throughout the area where the race takes place. As you know, no one except the course marshalls will know the actual course! Please join us this Sunday, May 17th at 6AM starting at the Hawaii Nature Center bathrooms. For those that know the trails, we will be doing a modified Trek loop (approximately 10 miles). After we return to the start, some of us will head out for another Trek loop! Remember to bring plenty of water and some food. Run will be anywhere from 2 - 3 hours.

As for the official Mango Madness T-Shirts, please click the link below. Enter OAHU at checkout for free shipping. Shirt orders must be placed by Friday, May 22 and picked up at the race on June 6th.


Happy Training! See you this Sunday!


Mango Madness Course Preview: Saturday, May 24th

Mango Madness Course Preview is this Saturday, May 24th at 6AM. Meet at the pumping station at the corner of Makiki Street and Makiki Heights Drive. 

Mango Madness is a race that is 10++ miles through some tough, technical, and steep terrain of the Tantalus trail system. Participants will be led on the same route every year, but there will always be an addition, or unexpected detour along the way (hence the 10 "PLUS" miles). Bring your game face and your sense of humor. Prizes go to the top ten males and top ten females, as well as the first male/female to reach the top of infamous Concrete Hill. Great food and company at the end of the race. Hope to see you there!

Aloha! Melanie 

2013 Peacock 50KM/100KM Ultramarathons This Weekend

This weekend will mark the 6th running of the Peacock Ultramarathons!  I'm amazed when I think back to the first Peacock 54 (or was it 56?).  We had a total of 17 finishers who slid and sloshed through mid-shin deep mud for up to 17+ hours.  I still have dents and scratches on my truck from when I tried to get up to the 3-way to set up an aid station, but slid off the road and had to get towed out.  If you want to read a couple of nostalgic reports from the HURT blog, check out what Mike and Devon had to say right after that race.  Then check out the results from 2008.  Pretty amazing stuff!

Over the past 6 years we've gone through a lot.  We've shed tears of joy and accomplishment, tears of frustration from being this close to the finish, then getting pulled from the race due to a tsunami; and tears of sorrow after losing friends like Are, Matt, and very recently, George. 

You may be asking yourself why I'm so filled with nostalgia?  Well, this weekend starts a new chapter in the Peacock story.  It's one that never would have happened without the HURT Ohana.  I'm so thankful for everyone who got this race off the ground.  Gordon, Don, Cheryl, and Larry (and many others) spent more hours than I can imagine getting us to this point.  Of course, none of this would have happened without John and PJ, who spent their time and money getting permits, providing for the aid stations, timing the races, and ensuring everything went smoothly while we figured out what this race needed to be.

So as we take this next step in the Peacock story, I want to say thank you to all the HURT ohana for supporting this race.  I'm very proud to have played a small part thus far. 

As the Race Director, I hope I can fulfill everyones' expectations. As a Stamina Race, I hope Peacock will meet the exceedingly high standards we've grown used to while running H.U.R.T. races.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank you!  A thousand times, Thank You!

I'll see you this weekend at Peaock!   --Rob

Quick Reminder: Get out there and Run! Sign-up Via E-mail for Sat. Run

Aloha Athletes,

Wake up from the food coma yet? Out fighting the crowds all night at Black Friday Shopping?

Remember that if you are planning on running in the St. Louis trail run tomorrow, to send an email by 6PM to For logistical purposes, sign up the morning of the run will be limited.

Aloha, Bob

New Fun Trail Runs: Starting Saturday--11-24-12 and other announcements

Aloha Athletes,

St. Louis HtsInformal Training Series

We felt that we were missing some informal runs during the winter months – so welcome to the Post Holiday Trail Series.

First run is this Saturday (11-24) at St. Louis Hts., all runs are short, and followed by a refreshment table ($10 donation recommended).

Also in common for all runs, is that there will only be a max. of 100 participants!

Therefore, please email us at and we will create the list of names before the run, and signing in that morning will be easier.

Sign up on day of race will be on a space available basis.

A little bit about the run: 3 miles, we will begin by the cabin next to the parking lot, and head Makai and we will explore the area overlooking UH – then back up to finish in the same place. The trail has roots, some rocks, and the mud tends to stick to your shoes and you will look like a hobbit!

A little bit about how to get there: Wa’ahila Ridge State Recreation Area is located at the end of St. Louis Hts., kind of…at the top, the street changes names as you don’t stay on St. Louis to get there the whole time. Right on Peter Street, and left on Ruth Place will get you there. BUT…parking is limited in the park…so it is recommended that you find parking in the neighborhood, and as always, be courteous to those who live (and sleep there). The park does not open before 7:00AM – and that is when we will be there and available for questions and taking down some names and numbers (on your leg).

Run 2 and 3 are the Saturdays after Christmas (Aiea Loop Trail, 4.4 miles) and New Year (Pupukea, around 6 miles). More info as those runs get closer.

Though HURT is promoting these run, they are not HURT sponsored runs. 

Finally, for those of you who participated in the Peacock race a few weeks back, there are now race bags available for pickup at Runner's HI in Aiea. These arrived late and are now ready for pickup for all participants. So, if you raced, stop by Ray's and pick yours up.

For those of you training for HURT, this is a crucial weekemd, get out there and train! For the rest of you, enjoy your time with family and Happy Thanksgiving to all. 

Got training plans for the weekend, post it in the Comments below for others to join in!

Aloha, Bob