Kaena Point Firecracker 10 Mile Race is Saturday, July 2nd.

One last reminder to start your 4th of July weekend off with the Kaena Point, Firecracker 10 mile race. The race starts at 7:00 a.m. Saturday July 2nd.


We are planning a post-race potluck celebration so bring your family, a dish to share, and your beach chair.


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Directions to Kaena Point Fircracker Race on July 2, 2005

Several people have asked for directions to the upcoming 2005 H.U.R.T. Trail Series race on July 2nd. This is the Kaena Point, Firecracker 10 mile race.

So, here is a link with directions from the Honolulu International Airport--a central point of reference. Click here for the directions.

Since the end of the road does not really have an address, these directions get you close. Drive to the pavement runs out, you will see us at that point.

See you on race day!

Kaena Point, Firecracker 10 Mile

The next race in the 2005 H.U.R.T. Trail series is the Kaena Point, Firecracker 10 mile race on July 2nd. Race start time is 7:00 a.m. Plan on arriving about 30 minutes early to register and pay the $10 entry fee.

Just know this is a hot, dry race so plan on carrying some water with you. We will have limited aid--possibly water only, at the turn-around on the Waianae side.

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2005 H.U.R.T. Trail Series, Mango Madness Results

This past Saturday, June 4th, Race Directors, Pete and Judy put on a really fun race.

How I remember it--five miles uphill and five miles downhill.

I think a good time was had by all--click here for the results for both men and women.

While some of us were having fun at Mango Madness, several H.U.R.T. runners were over on the Big Island, competing in the Honu Trialthlon. Honu is a qualifier for the Kona Ironman and congratualtions to all of the competitors.

Nick Kaiser, Gil Lommis, and Wendy Minor got into Ironman as a result of their performance in this race. Steve Dewald was already in via lottery so we've got four people to follow come October. Click here for the full Honu results.

If I recall, this past year, the Ironman was the same day as the Hogsback 12-Hour Race. Some people will do anything to avoid 12 hours of fun on Hogsback!

Other H.U.R.T. friends participating at Honu were Kelly Hupp, Mike Bennett, Cliff Rigsby, Carol Jaxon, and probably lot's of others I am forgetting. Great job to all of you!!!

Finally, don't forget the next trail series race, July 2, the Firecracker 10-mile race at Kaena Point.

H.U.R.T. Trail Series: Mango Madness is Just 1 Week Away: June 4, 2005

Just a reminder that the third trail race of the year, Mango Madness, is next Saturday, June 4. Race start is at 7:00 a.m. Please arrive by 6:30 a.m. to check-in and register. Race entry fee is $10.

I was out on part of the course late Wednesday and the trails are in great condition (in other words--Dry) right now even after last week's rain.

Here is the contact information if you need it:

Mango Madness 10+ mile  The start (and finish) of the race is at the corner of Makiki Heights Drive and Makiki Street (near the triangle park or pumping station area).

For more information contact Pete Martinez at 538-7080 or [email protected]

or Judy Carluccio at 772-1757 or [email protected]

See you at the race!

A Few More Pictures from Run with a View

Nick Kaiser submitted a few more pictures from this past weekend's run. These photo's show some of the H.U.R.T. "character's" at their finest!

Click on the photo's to enlarge them.


Here's race director's Cheryl and Don, eating all the aid station food.

Ed_don In this photo (notice their expressions and body language), Ed and Don are telling stories---again!!!!!

Rex_1 Rex Vlcek, "he's a very good runner!"

Why is he smiling so much?

2005 H.U.R.T. Trail Series: Run with a View Results

This past Saturday's "Run with a View" was a great race. The complete results are available by clicking here.

Hopefully later this week we will have a complete write-up and photo's posted to the blog.

Thanks to the directors, Don and Cheryl and their volunteers, for putting on a great race. Thanks to all the runners who came out and participated.

See you at the next trail series race on June 4th, Mango Madness!

More info on Mango Madness and other 2005 H.U.R.T. Trail Series races can be found under Upcoming Races on the blog.

Directions and Info to Race 2 in the 2005 H.U.R.T. Trail Series

The second race in the 2005 H.U.R.T. Trail Series is the Run with a View, scheduled for Saturday, May 14th, 2005. The race starts at 7:00 a.m.

A map to the start/finish of the race can be seen by clicking this link. This map shows the park which is on the corner of Kaahele and Naalii street.

Directions to the race (from Honolulu) are as follows:

Take H-1 Ewa bound and get off the freeway at the Waimalu exit, getting into the left lane and looping to the left. There's a stop light as you intersect with Moanalua Rd. Take a left onto Moanalua Rd., heading back in the Diamondhead direction. You will go maybe 1/2 mile or so to a stop light at Kaahele St., which is approximately 1/4 mi. Diamondhead of Kaahumanu Rd. It's the street that starts up the hill beside the golf driving range (to Royal Summit sub-division). Go up the hill 1.3 miles (from Moanalua Rd.) to the stop sign at Naalii St. We will meet on the left at the Kaahehe Neighborhood Park (on the Ewa/Mauka corner of Kaahele and Naalii Sts.). Park on the street. The race will start and finish there, but will primarily be on trails.
Bring a minimum of one 20 oz. water bottle !! There will be some water on the course, but don't count on it getting you the entire way.
Please be there by 6:30 am for check-in. The Race starts at 7:00 am. Nominal $10 entry fee.
Nice Patagonia running shirts for a measly $15, while they last.

2005 HURT Trail Series: Top of Tantalus by Rex Vlcek

The 2005 HURT Trail Series got off to a great start on Saturday, April 16, with the Top of Tantalus 7 mile run. The lookout at Pu`u `Ualaka`a State Park set the stage for the 53 eager participants as the sweeping, panoramic view featured a sunrise over Diamond Head crater, a blue Pacific Ocean with gentle rolling surf along the South Shore framed the city of Honolulu and the radiant white granite of the Punchbowl National Memorial Cemetery. This could possibly be one of the most uniquely beautiful starts of any race in the world.

A relatively dry, well groomed trail coupled with a Bluebird morning set the tone of the race with local favorite Kevin Murphy dashing from the start to be the first runner over the sun drenched, dew covered lawn of the park, across the parking lot and then, ducking his head, he vanished through a hole in the thick woods that appeared to be custom made for Bilbo Baggins. The rest of the pack snaked their way behind him until all seemed to be sucked, one by one, right into the verdant foliage of the forest.

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Photo's from 2005 (04/16) Top of Tantalus H.U.R.T. Trail Series Run

Thanks to Rex and Kat, the photo's from the Top of Tantalus Race on 04/16/05 have been posted to the blog. Please click here or on the link on the left-hand side of the blog under Photo Albums. The thumbnails can be enlarged by clicking on them if they don't open up large on their own.

Results will be posted soon.

Detailed information on the next H.U.R.T. Trail Series race, A Run with View on May 14 will be available soon.

Sat. Training/Top of Tantalus Race

Aloha Athletes !

The first HURT Trail Series Race of 2005 is finally here...this Saturday (4-16-05) at 7:00 am ! Please be at Puu Ualakaa Park by 6:30 am to sign-in for this 7 mile, fun, trail race. There's a nominal $10 entry fee which includes awards and post-race pupus. Very nice Patagonia shirts will be available for a limited time for $15, so get yours early. Contact Rex @ 497-7415 or Bob @ 838-1399 for additional info.

There will be a fun run with Triathlete Willie Stewart...AND a party for Alex Papadopalous after the race. Be there !!