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Saturday Training 3-04-06

Aloha Athletes !

We had a wonderful, rain-free training run at the Hoomaluhia Botanical Garden and up to Pali lookout (3 repeats) last Saturday.

With Run to the Sun only 3 weeks from this Saturday, it's time to do our long training run before beginning to taper. We will return to our Manoa/Tantalus Rd. to top of concrete hill training ground this Saturday for a long day of training. The plan is to have a few pickup trucks waiting at the bottom of concrete hill to carry us back down to the lower Nature Center parking lot, to give us more time for needed uphill training. If for no other reason to come, Cheryl will be making a big batch of her famous pasta salad for all to enjoy. Yummy !!

Saturday Training 3-04-06 "Manoa/Tantalus Rd. up Concrete repeats"

Meeting time: 5:51 am

Starting time: 6:01 am

Meeting place: Hawaii Nature Center lower parking lot

Training: One 9.6 mile Manoa road loop followed by 4 Tantalus Rd. to top of concrete hill repeats.

Duration: 9-10 hours (ave.)

Looking forward to seeing you there !


The Latest on Glucosamine and Chondroitin

The New York Times has an article that refers to a new study put out by the New England Journal of Medicine in regards to Glucosamine and Chondroitin when used for stopping arthritis pain.

I know many of us take these supplements daily and are convinced it does something for us. I've converted the article into a pdf so it will be easier to access. Click here to read it.

I'll probably continue to take it. The type I take has chondroitin sulfate which is different than the chondroitin hydrochloride used in the study. The article mentions that some industry studies have found the sulfate form more effective.

Judy Carliccio takes 1st place Women's Victory

Judy Carluccio who recently moved from Hawaii to New Mexico was the 1st woman finisher and 6th place overall at the WEST TEXAS JACKRABBIT RALLY.

Congratulations Judy! This was a 28.5 mile or 46K run.

Here's a partial quote from what Race Director Mark Dorion wrote on his report to the Ultralist: "Men's winner Skaggs received the prestigious Clifton Cup (named in honor of legendary wild west trail runner Eric Clifton), women's winner Judy Carluccio received the Amalia Cup (named for a fast young cowgirl named Amalia Dorion), and the first over--55 silver Furtaw Cup was won by none other than Frozen Ed Furtaw himself.  We were also honored to have Olympian, former US 6-day record-holder and true gentleman Mike Allen drive down from the hills of Willcox, Arizona to take part."

HURT 100 Participant, Lisa de Speville at the Patagonia Adventure Race

Remember South African, Lisa de Speville? She has been writing about a grueling (read that as sounding really fun to me) adventure race at the southern tip of South America.

The Patagonia Expedition Race covers some of the most remote and unpopulated areas of southern Chile. Click here to read more about this great adventure. 

A Different Take on Endurance Training

I came across this article at Runners Web that got me thinking about the training we do for H.U.R.T. events. I have been kicking around some of these ideas for my own training as well. The author talks about adding speed workouts for endurance events--though not in the context of 100 mile runs, and I was wondering if maybe this would make sense for longer runs?? I know I don't do enough speed workouts now and I would like to do them more frequently.

Please take a look at this article (click here to read it) and post a comment about your thoughts by clicking the Comment link below. I'd like to see some dialogue around this topic. If you have some possible, speed training ideas, would you be willing to share them?

Aloha, Bob

Saturday Training 2-25-06

Aloha Athletes !

We were fortunate to have another beautiful day of Run to the Sun training on Tantalus on Saturday.  By popular demand, we will be returning for the next two Saturdays for our Hoomaluhia Botanical Garden/Pali Lookout training. We would love to have you join us for as many loops as you can !

Saturday Training 2-25-06  "The Garden to Pali Lookout"

Meeting time: 5:55 am

Starting time: 6:05 am

Meeting place: The entrance to Hoomaluhia Botanical Garden in Kaneohe (please park on the street and please be quiet as this is a residential neighborhood).

Training: Multiple repeats through the Garden, up the back road past the golf course and up old Pali Rd. (under Pali Hwy.) to Pali Lookout and return.

Distance: approx. 9+ miles per loop

Duration: approx 2 hours per loop (ave.)

See ya there !


Saturday Training 2-18-06

Aloha Athletes !

After a fun Saturday of repeats at the Garden to Pali Lookout, we will return to our usual Haleakala training ground at Manoa/Tantalus Road for more repeats. It should be another fun day on the roads.

Saturday Training 2-18-06  "Run to the Sun Training #4 Manoa/Tantalus Rd."

Meeting time: 5:52 am

Starting time: 6:02 am

Meeting place: Hawaii Nature Center lower parking lot

Training: One 8.6 mile Manoa road loop, followed by 3 (or more, if you like) Tantalus Road to the top of Concrete Hill repeats.

Duration: approx. 8 hours (average pace)

Bring: the usual, plus a flashlight for the Manoa section, if you feel the need.


Barkley Anyone?

Rumors abound, the date is unknown, finishing rates are ridiculously low, wimps and those with huge ego's need not apply. I've heard stories of grizzled, tough, ultra runners being brought to tears and crying for momma.


Still interested? Please consult with your pastor, insurance agent, and Big John before applying. Click here if you want to apply.

Saturday Training 2-11-06

Aloha Athletes !

Nice, cool weather and a large fun group made last Saturday's Run to the Sun Training very enjoyable. Thanks to Rex and to Ernest for providing some nice treats. This Saturday, as a change of pace, we'll be continuing Run to the Sun Training, but at the beautiful Hoomaluhia Botanical Garden/Top of Pali Lookout training route, with 3 repeats planned for the serious R2S folks.

Saturday Training "Run to the Sun Training #3"  "The Garden+"

Meeting time: 6:05 am

Starting time: 6:15 am

Meeting place: At the entrance to Hoomaluhia Botanical Garden (at the mauka end of Luluku Rd., Kaneohe). Park on the street and please be quiet, as this is a residential neighborhood.

Training: 3 out-and-backs, starting at the entrance to the Garden, thru the Garden, continuing on the back road past the golf course, up and under Pali Hwy., up Old Pali Rd. to Pali Lookout and return.

Distance: approx. 9+ miles per out-and-back.

Duration: 2+ hours per out-and-back.