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Na Ala Hele Trail Advisory Council Info


Congratulations again to those who ran and crewed RTS!  Mahalo to BIG John and Bram for putting the race together - great job!

The NAHTC met on Tuesday, March 21st at the Makiki Baseyard.  Here are some pertinent points for us:

1.  The feral pig population is increasing dramatically.  To bring the situation under control, allowing pig hunting for one full year is being considered.  The Manoa neighborhood board will meet at Manoa Rec. Center on 12 April to discuss this issue - this meeting is open to the general public.  Currently, pig hunting is allowed in selected areas only on Tuesdays/Thursdays during selected periods.

If the new policy is adopted, we will see hunters and their dogs on weekends as we train and race.  Signs will be posted.  Please be prepared - be especially careful if you bring your dogs along for a run.

2.  The MOU (memorandum of agreement) has been signed for Poamohu trail.  Access will be by permit only.  We have seen a map and photos of the area - it's very nice and very runnable!

     a.  Aaron Lowe is requesting HURT runners' assistance to string fence wire along the new access road.

     b.  Work dates will be every weekend in May, 2006 - there is a day to fit everyone's schedule.

     c.  Please contact Aaron if you can help.  His email: [email protected]


Mike Garcia

Saturday Training :CHANGE !"

Aloha Athletes !

In the interest of safety and getting a good workout, we are changing the Saturday Training run. We will still be meeting at Pali Lookout and starting at 6:00 am, but will be running down Old Pali Highway to Hoomaluhia Garden (instead of over to Waimanalo). We are all sick of running roads, but we will be able to run in the grass along side the road, thru the Garden.

Sorry for the change, Don

Peacock Flats on hold

Aloha Athletes !

Gordon went to get the parking permits for the Peacock Flats training run, scheduled for April 8 and was told that due to the extensive rains, permits were not being issued at this time. It seems that the City and County feels the area is overly dangerous at this time and any rescue efforts would be very difficult, if they were necessary.

Gordon will be keeping in contact with the permit department, and we will reschedule the training run at the earliest available date.

Aloha, Don

Saturday Training 4-01-06

Aloha Athletes !

Congratulations to all that participated in last Saturday's Run to the Sun. We were fortunate to have great weather (in between 2 storms that hit Maui). A big Mahalo to all the volunteers, especially the co-race directors, HURT's Big John Salmonson and Valley Isle Road Runner's Bram Denhaan. Great job, guys ! As always, it was a BLAST !!

Saturday Training 4-01-06 "Maunawili Out and Back"

Meeting time: 5:50 am

Starting time: 6:00 am

Meeting place: Pali Lookout

Training: Pali Lookout, down to Maunawili Trail, over to Waimanalo and return.

Distance: 22 miles

Duration: 5-6 hours (ave)

See ya there !  Don

Peacock Flats April 8

Aloha Athletes !

On Saturday April 8, we are planning a special training run at Peacock Flats. Gordon Lau has been gracious to volunteer to coordinate everything, including parking permits, and to lead us around the area. If you plan to go, and especially if you plan to drive up to the top, please let Gordon know, asap, as he needs to submit your license #, this week. Please e-mail Gordon at: [email protected]


More Run to Sun Pic's and the Weather

Here's a couple more photo's--Nick Kaiser and Sally Skimin. Rtts_nick (Click on the photo to see it larger.) Rtts_sallyNote the background in both photo's. Only running up Haleakala can runners experience these breathtaking views. Awesome!!

Sounds like we had a really lucky window of good weather for the race this past Saturday as it turned bad.

Read on to see how it was reported in the Honolulu Advertiser:

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Run to Sun--Quick Pic's

Here's a few of fun photo's from this past weekend's Run to the Sun. The first is Matt, Mike and Don before the start: P1010012 (Click on each photo to see it larger) The second is Cheryl and Leon at the start: (Leon hadn't had coffee yet!) P1010014 The next photo is team "No Ken's Allowed!" The next picture is Patricia who ran a great race (Note the Sun on the West Maui Mountains in the background).  P1010015_1 P1010019_1 Finally, there is a photo of "No Ken's Allowed" at the summit, proud of their accomplishment. P1010029

I am looking forward to hearing more stories from the race and if you have more photo's, let's talk so we can get them posted.

Thanks to all the volunteers and race organizers!!

Aloha, Bob

Run to the Sun weather

Aloha Athletes !

Break out the fleece ! Hopefully we will not be needing it, but considering that the weather on Haleakala summit at 1pm yesterday afternoon was 40F with a wind chill of 32F, be prepared for anything. The overall weather report looks good, but don't be surprised if we get a little rain. Aloha, Don.

Makiki Watershed Awareness Initiative (WAI) Workday This Saturday

Aloha HURT Runners!

For all of you headed over for Run to the Sun, have a Great Race!

Am posting the Makiki Wai work schedule for 2006.  This is a great opportunity for runners and family to "give back" to Na Ala Hele and the trail system we run on.

See you on Maui!


March Showers Bring April Flowers?


Volunteers Needed!

Makiki Watershed Awareness Initiative (WAI) Needs You!

Saturday, March 25, 2006
9a.m. - 2p.m. (EVERY FORTH SATURDAY!)

The Oahu Na Ala Hele Trails and Access program and the Hawaii Nature Center are asking volunteers to come and help on a project called the Makiki Watershed Awareness Initiative or commonly know as Makiki WAI  ("Wai" Hawaiian for water).  The objective of the project is to restore a segment of the Makiki sub-watershed* or ahupua`a* to a "more" native Hawaiian forest.  Then use this restored segment as an educational tool for the public to learn more about their watershed and the history of Makiki valley.   How is this done?  Our first step was to: 1) Improve a portion of Makiki valley sub-watershed  by clearing a 2 acre section of the forest and replanting it with native Hawaiian plants.  2) Implement trail improvements including the installation of two major redwood bridges. 3) Established interactive watershed educational displays and signs. 4) Graveled wet portions of the trail. 5) Remove encroaching weeds from native plants. (See media links below). Now we do small to large projects in order to maintain what we started. 

We need people like you to keep this project alive.  Can?

See ya there
Mahalo & Aloha The Oahu Na Ala Hele Staff.


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