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This past Po'aono (Saturday), HURT members gathered to erect a bench at the top of Nuuanu Trail in memory of fellow runner, Kent Bien.

After all work was complete, we joined hands, formed a circle, and shared memories of Kent.  It was only fitting that our tribute was blessed with cool mountain rain.

My heartfelt thanks to Rod and Adam - your message to dad Kent was a beautiful tribute!  Thank you Aaron and Katie for your efforts to make this happen.  Mahalo to Mae for the beautiful hand-made leis!

Mahalo nui loa to all of you who could make the trek - it was wonderful to come together and reminisce about Kent!

Click here to photo's from the day!

A hui hou kakou!
Mike Garcia

ps... sorry for the raindrops on some of the photos!

Saturday Training 4-29-06

Aloha Athletes !

You might know that when I have to miss a Saturday Training run that it will be one of the best...EVER ! A BIG mahalo goes to Gordon Lau for setting up this fun Kaahele/Waimano run, for clearing trail, for putting out the huge stash for all to enjoy and for almost killing himself trying to look after two groups of runners who were going at very different paces. Gordon, you are the BEST ! Mike Muench wrote a masterpiece report of the training run, that I hope will be posted for you to enjoy.

Saturday Training 4-29-06 "A Trip Around Tantalus"

Meeting time: 5:50 am

Starting time: 6:00 am

Meeting place: Hawaii Nature Center lower parking lot

Training: Since we will have a very small group, due to many of the regulars taking the day off preparing for next Saturday's Miwok 100k, we will do a variety of trails all over Tantalus. We will time the run to where we will be at the top of concrete road at 8:30 am to where all that want to help on the Kent Bien bench project can help from there. If you can't help, you can go back from there. If you plan to help, please bring your HURT shirt (sounds like a photo to me).

Distance: approx. 10 miles

Bring: Plenty of water


Gordon Lau leads a Great Saturday Training Session

Gordon maps out an adventure….one way or the other.

Gordon Lau got the highest praises from all for his planning and implementation of last Saturday’s training run. It was an adventure through new and uncharted (for most of the HURT crowd) areas around Ka’ahele and Waimano.

It would be hard to elaborate the full extent of the run as right from the start the large group numbering perhaps 15 divided up into the very fast, the fast and the ‘not so fast’.

We had a lot of newcommers to Saturday training and some returns.  It was great to see so many people out there!

As those of you know the early stage of Ka’ahele is up the dirt access road, and never particularly enjoyable, but Gordon found a trail off to the left and not far up the road we were moving through overhanging iron wood on a nicely twisting track. When we broke out of the trail we found ourselves far up the road with the unpleasant deeply rutted areas of high embankments far behind us.

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HELP! Cincinnati Marathon Needs Hawaiian for Flying Pig

Please Help!!  Do you know anyone who might be interested in a free entry for the Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon on Sunday, May 7th this year?  I am a volunteer for the marathon.  We have entrants from every state but yours.  We will give a free entry to anyone willing to do the full--it is worth $80.
Who can I contact/network with in your state to try to find somebody willing to party in Cincinnati in a few weekends?  (Free housing at my cool townhouse available).  I might even provide airport pick-up/drop-off.
Please let me know today! Runners World ranks it as one of the top 10 most fun marathons--its has a cool medal and famous goodie bag.
Please pass this on to your friends/network.  Thank you!
-John Cressey, 513-703-1854

Saturday Training 4-22-06

Aloha Athletes !

We have a special treat planned for this Saturday. Gordon Lau has graciously volunteered to lead us on a new run, starting at the trailhead at the top of Kaahele and taking us on (for me) some new trails over to the Waimano trailhead, and back. This route is called the Kaahele/Waimano Loop.

Saturday Training 4-22-06  "Kaahele/Waimano Loop"

Meeting time: 5:50 am

Starting time: 6:00 am

Meeting place: The mauka end of Kaahele Drive. *Please be quiet as this is a residential neighborhood.

Training: One (or more) out-and-back from the Kaahele trailhead, over to the Waimano trailhead.

Distance: 14-15 miles per loop

Duration: 4-5 hours per loop

Stash: In addition to clearing trail and leading us, Gordon will also be stashing water and Gatorade at the Waimano trailhead. What a guy ! Thanks Gordon !

HURT Trail Series: Photos, Lost & Found

Photos from the Top of Tantalus race this past weekend can be seen by scrolling down the left side of this site or by clicking here. Clicking on each photo will make it larger. Thanks to Rex and Kat for these!

Also did you lose a pair of shoes on Saturday? A pair of shoes were found in the parking lot, Montrail size 12. Call Steve @ 479-6081 to claim them. He has even cleaned the mud from the shoes, so it might cost you a six-pack to get them back.

Results will be posted soon.

Top of Tantalus race

Aloha Athletes !

The HURT Trail Series Top of Tantalus 7 mile race was a blast, with 56 runners competing under perfect conditions. A big MAHALO goes out to Co-Race Directors Rex Vlcek and Bob Murphy for a great job of putting-on this fun race !Nice job guys !

Big John will be posting the results asap.

The next HURT Trail Series race, Run With a View, will be held on May 13, so mark your calendars. Details and directions will be posted on the blog soon.


Ultrarunning article

Aloha Athletes !

The April issue of Ultrarunning magazine has a great article on the HURT 100, held last January. Included in this issue are outstanding articles written by Co-R.D.'s John and P.J. Salmonson. Of special interest to me, and hopefully to many of you, is the article written by P.J., which gave well-deserved recognition to two of our finest and toughest local women ultrarunners, Marian Yasuda and Cheryl Loomis. There are also some great photos of both Marian and Cheryl, as well as a few other key runners.

Don't miss it...it will make you proud !


Sat. Trail Race Road Access Update

Trail Runners,

The road is closed on the short way to Puu Ualakaa Park. This is due to the recent mudslides during the heavy rains.

Please go the other way (the long way) to get to the park.  It's 7.5 miles vs. 2.5 miles.  Turn at the pumping station and go left up and around Tantalus.

Looking forward to seeing you guys.  I was marking the trail this morning and it was in great shape!
Bob Murphy

HURT Trail Series Race

Aloha Athletes !

The first 2006 HURT Trail Series race is tomorrow ! The Top of Tantalus 7 mile race is the first race of this years 7 race series and will start this Saturday at 7 am at Puu Ualakaa Park. Just show up with your $10 entry fee at around 6:30 am and we'll get you signed-up. We have a limited supply of our great new Patagonia shirts available for $20 each, while supplies last.  See ya there !!

Invitation to Bike/Hike Haleakala

Aloha gang,

I decided today to return to Maui on July 1st to get the Haleakala Bike/Hike monkey off my back, and I'm looking for company to share in the suffering...I mean fun!

You can check out my post from last May entitled Haleakala Mis-Adventure (click here to read it) for all the gory details of last years aborted attempt. This year I (hopefully we) am going to be smarter.

Briefly, here's the deal:
Day 1: Ride to Hana, camp at Keanae YMCA or at Seven Sacred Pools.
Day 2: Finish ride to Kaupo, strap bikes on backpack and ascend to Paliku, 8000ft.
Day 3: Hike 10 miles out of crater to summit with bikes on back, descend to Hosmer Grove at ranger station. Camp.
Day 4: Descend the mountain and gorge myself on Krispy Creme dougnuts for the remainder of the day till the 8:00PM flight.

I know airfare until Friday is $39 each way, and you got to tack on another $25 each way to transport the bike. Other than that, expenses are negligible. I got the 5:00AM flight out on July 1, returning last flight out July 4. (Sat-Tues)

Would love to have some company...this truly will be a pretty epic trip, and descending Haleakala at 50mph with doughnuts at the end is a pretty amazing way to cap it all off. Respond here, email me ([email protected]) or call me 398-2830.


Matt Stevens

Aid Station Report for Saturday Training

This past Saturday I volunteered to be the aid station at the Pali Lookout for the group running from Kailua to the Nature Center and back--a long 40+ mile day. (Having done this run last August, I know how long the day is!) I was told to expect the group around 2:00 p.m. so I thought I would get there a bit early just in case there were any gazelle's with the group who might be ahead of schedule.

The Pali Lookout was typical for a strong tradewind day--in other words chilly and very windy. Along to help were Barbi and Sara, as we planned to run with the group--in for an hour or so and then return to the lookout. Due to Barbi having a bit too much fun at her party Friday night, she was really in no shape to run and this was confirmed as soon as we reached the Lookout. You can ask her if you want the details.

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