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Western States 2006

What a race!  This was my first time at Western States and my first long run since cancer.  So both milestones in one venue.  I saw so many HURT runners and friends in Squaw Valley, and they were all so interested in my recovery.  That was so cool.  I headed to WS to pace my best friend Erik on his second 100 miler.  His first saw some issues around mile 75, so he trained smarter for this race.

The temperature was already climbing and planned to be over 110 in the valleys.  We went over his game plan carefully, pace at every aid station and where I would pick him up. Of course every plan needs to be flexible, and I worked on options.  I felt strong so I was ready to be his handler with his wife all day from 3am to whenever, and then pace from whenever to the finish.  Our original plan was to pick him up at Rucky Chucky Far, mile 78, and bring him in.

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Kaena Point Firecracker 10 mile Race, Saturday July 1

Just a final reminder that Saturday, July 1 is the Kaena Point Firecracker 10 mile race.Fliagfirework

Remember to allow enough time to drive--and register 30 minutes prior to 7:00 a.m. race start. Click here for map. Drive to the end of the paved road.

Bring a water bottle or hydration pack--it will be hot!

Celebrate the start of the 4th of July weekend by joining us for a potluck after the race. Bring a dish to share and your beach chair. Click here for 2005 finish times. Click here for 2005 photo's. Click photo to enlarge.

More info is available here. See you at the race!

Primal Quest Adventure Race

The Primal Quest Adventure Race is back after a one-year hiatus. The race is taking place in and around the canyonlands of Utah. Just like the WS 100, (there is even a reference to this on the PQ site, click here) temperatures are hot and this is expected to take a heavy toll on the 89, 4-person coed teams participating. The usual suspects, I mean participants, are right up there in the front. Ultra runner Dave Mackey is on Team Spyder and they are currently in second place. Click here for the leaderboard. Look around the site as there is all kinds of information here.

Western States 100 is Saturday, Link for Live Results

The Western States 100 Mile Endurance Race starts tomorrow morning. In an article from the Redding Searchlight, it talks about the top women's runners, including some past HURT participants. Click here to read it.

Temperatures are supposed to be brutally hot in the canyons this year, possibly over a 100-degrees.

You can follow the race through real time updates at www.ws100.com/webcast/home.html

I don't think we have any Hawaii runners this year (lots of HURT friends though) however, Paul Sibley is up there pacing a friend. Good luck to all the runners!! Stay cool and run smart!!

The Official Uncensored Olo Mana Report

Winningupdated Click on photo for instant inspiration.  More photos to follow on the blog.

Written by Bob Murphy, subjected to rigorours review by Jeff Huff and Matt Stevens

I went diving with my son, Kevin on Saturday and I was pretty nervous (scared) when we did a 107 foot dive.  I told Jeff that’s the most frightened I’ve been in a couple of years. Well, the Sunday run beat that hands down.  Matt changed the run order – thank goodness – and we started on the Windward side.  It was a beautiful day (a little humid) and we were in good spirits running to the trail head.  My previous experience with Olomana with Don Fallis was basically a walk-up, but we turned around before the top due to rain. 

Matt was leading the way, taking pictures and telling stories.  Jeff and I were trying to breathe and not die.  The way up the first peak was kind of dicey towards the top.  There were fix ropes to help you climb over the big rocks.  I have relatively strong legs, but the upper body strength of a small boy.  I was hanging on for dear life and cursing the lack of push-ups in my life.  The drops were unreal – straight down. Luckily, heights don’t bother me, but falling really does.  At the top of the first peak, we were pretty excited – an incredible view looking down the Windward side. 

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Saturday Training 6-24-06

Aloha Athletes !

I'd like to thank Cheryl and the rest of the Saturday Training gang for scheduling last Saturday's "Lanipo" run as a favor to me (it's one of my very favorites). As it turned out, I had to extend my mainland business trip and was still unable to make the run. Bummer ! We are scheduling one of our "newer" favorites for this Saturday...the Kuliouou Ridge Trail...with trail conditions dry and fast. Also, please make plans for next Saturday's "Kaena Point Firecracker 10 Miler" on July 1, hosted by Bob and Barbie McAllaster.  It will be a BLAST !!

Saturday Training 6-24-06 "Kuliouou Ridge Trail"

Meeting time: 5:50 am

Starting time: 6:00 am

Meeting place: The trailhead at the mauka end of Kalaau Pl. (just off Kuliouou Rd.)  Directions: Go mauka on Kuliouou Rd. and take a right on Kalaau Pl. Follow the road to the end and look for parking on the street. Please be quiet, as this is a residential neiborhood.

Training: One or more out-and-back to the top of the Kuliouou Ridge Trail.

Distance: 5 miles round trip

Duration: 1 1/2 hours (ave).

Bring: Plenty of water, Gatorade, etc., and electrolytes, as we have entered the hot, humid summer months.

Looking forward to be back out on the trail with all of you.


July 1 Kaena Point Firecracker Reminder and HURT Trail Shirts

Uncle_sam Barbi and I rode Kaena Point this past Saturday on our mountain bikes. The course is in excellent shape. There is just one area of the washout that requires crossing on a 4" x 4" plank. You have a nice big rock to hold on to and it is pretty easy--we did it carrying our bikes.

More info is available on the race by clicking here.Firecracker

Additionally, we have HURT Trail Series shirts available for $20. These are Patagonia silk weight capilene and are great training shirts and fun to wear around. These will be available at the race.

Hurt_shirt2 Hurt_shirt5 Click on photo to enlarge it.

Volcano Marathon Potluck

Aloha Athletes !

As has been tradition for the past few years, Marian and Neal Yasuda are again hosting their wonderful potluck following the Volcano Marathon, and you are all invited. All you need to do is to show up and bring a dish for the potluck. Trust me, this is a very fun event ! The potluck starts "around" 6:00 pm on Saturday, July 28, 2006. A map to the property follows. Hope to see you at the Deck house around 6:00 pm. Click here for map!



Keiki Triathlon--Jakob Dewald!!

We were at a surprise birthday party tonight for Darin Mingo and met Richard Varley. Richard is very much involved with Keiki triathlon in the islands and it just so happened that Jakob Dewald was a featured athlete in an article in the Star Bulletin today. Click here to read the article.

Jakob Click to enlarge the photo. Just look at Jakob's focus and determination. Talking with Richard tonight about Keiki triathlon, his enthusiasm is contagious. He had my daughter very interested in them. Richard is also the author of A Runners Guide to Oahu.

New Shoe News

The big news this past week was the announement of Timberland and GoLite forming a partnership to produce trail shoes. Though not available until 2007, this should prove interesting as GoLite has been getting more involved in trail running and adventure racing. Read more about it here.