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Saturday Training 8-05-06

Aloha Athletes !

Congratulations to everyone that participated in the Volcano Marathon and the various other distances. Of special note is the performance by 9 year old Jacob Dewald in the 10 mile race, winning the 1-13 age group in record time. What a super kid !

Back to the marathon. HURT had it's share of age group award winners. Among these were the following great runners:

Harald Ebeling 1st 40-49

Josef Gyurke 2nd 40-49

Nick Kaiser 1st 50-59

Kat Tagaca 3rd 30-39

Marian Yasuda 1st 40-49

Patricia Carroll 1st 50-59

Great job and congratulations to all !

With the HURT Trail Series race "Maunawili Out and Back" less than 2 weeks away, we will be doing a race preview taper run this Saturday.

Saturday Training 8-05-06 "Maunawili Out and Back"

Meeting time 5:50 am

Starting time: 6:00 am

Meeting place: Pali Lookout

Training: Pali lookout to Maunawili Trail, over to Waimanalo and return.

Distance: 22 miles

Duration: 4 1/2 to 5 1/2 hours (ave.)

Stash: We will have water and Gatorade stashed at Waimanalo.

Bring: Trail food, gels, bars and electrolytes (plan for it to be hot and humid)

See ya there !  Don


2007 HURT 100 Application and Other Information

I received the 2007 HURT 100 application and other files from Jeff Huff and have updated the links on the right hand column of this site under HURT 100 Race Links.

This year, the application form is a pdf document with data fields that can be filled out on your computer so we have a nice legible form. Click here for the application. Please note it requires a copy of Adobe Acrobat reader which almost everyone has. However, click here if you need to download Acrobat.

The only file not yet available is the Rules and Procedures. This will be available for download soon as it is still being reviewed for any changes that may need to be made for 2007.

I've heard from HURT runners who have returned from races on the mainland, that there is already talk among mainland runners about who might be coming out to race in 2007. After the performance last year of Karl Meltzer and Beverly Anderson-Abbs, the HURT 100 continues to grow in interest and popularity.

Get your application in early (limited to 100 runners) and commit to training for this tough race!

Saturday Training 7-29-06

Aloha Athletes !

If you are among the many fortunate athletes that will be heading to the Big Island for this Saturday's Volcano Marathon, good luck and have a great race ! I for one am totally bummed that I had to cancel my plans due to an injury. For the few others of us less fortunate, we can console each other while doing a fun run (or walk, in my case) of our own.

Saturday Training 7-29-06  "Kaahele Fun Run"

Since it's been a while since we've visited the trails above Kaahele, the "Run With a View" course should be a welcome change-of-pace.

Meeting time: 6:50 am

Starting time: 7:00 am

Meeting place: The mauka end of Kaahele St.   Drive to the top of the hill to where Kaahele St. ends and park there. Please be quiet, as this is a residential neighborhood.

Training: One or more clockwise loops on the trail portion of the Run With a View course.

Distance: 7+ miles per loop

Duration: 1 1/2 to 2 hours per loop (ave.)

Bring: Plenty of water, sports drink and electrolytes, as it should get hot as the morning progresses.

See ya there !  Don

Hurricane Daniel -> Volcano

It looks like we may have company at Volcano. Hurricane
Daniel seems to be heading our way and is on target for arrival


For updates on strike probability go to the following and enter zip=96720


Badwater 135--Updated

The Badwater 135 started this morning. Unfortunately the web site seems to be overloaded and I have not been able to get any updates. Here's the link: https://www.badwater.com/2006web/index.html

From this you should be able to get to the live update area. I don't think anyone from Hawaii is running the race or even crewing this year, however several past HURT participants were listed as starters. 2005 winner Scott Jurek is returning and hoping to break 24 hours. Hopefully the site will work later today. The main site is https://www.badwater.com/

So if you think it is HOT lately where you live, think about how HOT it is for these runners in Death Valley!!

A report on the Vermont 100.

Lets get the fundamentals out of the way first; this was my first attempt at 100, and I dropped out at 55 miles. However, aside from not finishing, it was a great event and well worth coming back for. The course is described as hilly, but I would call that an understatement - these are small mountains and you are constantly going up - or even worse on the quads -  down. I don't believe there is any flat land in this part of Vermont !

The trail sections were very soggy & muddy due to extremely wet spring and heavy rain two days before the race. The mud was well churned by the couple of dozen horses that run the same course concurrently with the foot face. By miles 2 we were ankle deep in mud and it was a recurring theme as we ran up and down stream-beds, through ponded rainwater, etc. Weather was probably around 90, but the humidity was very high, making for a very muggy day..mitigated most of the afternoon by overcast, which turned into light rain showers by late afternoon. Aid stations (30 of them) were good and major ones had pretty much anything you could wish for in terms of food, drink, or first aid.

The course is stunningly scenic; beautiful farms & pastures, mountain vistas, countless streams and brooks, covered bridges, shady country lanes. The setting couldn't be more beautiful, and the nearby town of Woodstock Vt, where most folks stayed who weren't camping in the meadow where the race starts/finishes, is quintessential New England. Picture perfect,

Some highlights: The Dunkin Donuts coffee and pastry before the 4 AM start was a really nice and a much appreciated touch. The aid stations were great, especially notable was "Margarita Ville" - and yes, there were real margaritas to be had (and fresh grilled hamburgers). Winner was Dean Karnazes,who came in around 16:23 or so. As I had already gone back to the finish line by then, I saw him come in..looked like he had just finished a jog around Kapiolani Park ..incredible athlete. Second place was a woman runner, didn't catch her name - apparently the only time in memory that a woman finished second.

As for me, I had no problems with hydration or energy, simply ran the downs too fast in the first 30 miles and had completely blown my quads by mile 40, at which point I was struggling to get down the hills and didn't have much left for the flats either. By the time I got to 55, I had been on the course 14 hours (6 PM) and I didn't think trying to walk the last 45 miles thru the night , in the mud, and maybe still not making the 30 hour cut-off was worth the pain.

However, I learned the course and a lot that will help me on the next attempt. 

Bob Dewitz

The Making Of A Legend


Not many people are capable of accomplishing things that legends are made of. Yet, Stud Muffin Murphy (SMM), (Bob to most of us) is on the precipice of accomplishing such a feat. The details:

1.) SMM completed his 500th mile at HURT in 2006 with a 100 mile finish.

2.) SMM recently completed the Hardrock 100 shattering the long held record of Richard Sennelly, (arguably the fastest and most talented ultrarunner to be delivered from the loins of HURT) by nearly 2.5 hours. Can you say animal?

3.) SMM is contemplating Plain 100.

Folks, nobody has ever finished HURT, Hardrock, and Plain in the same calendar year (although Meltzer has a chance). Yet SMM is in a postion to do just that. Those three might just be the toughest 100 milers on the calendar (exception being Barkley).

If it happens he may lose the stud muffin moniker (not sure he will like that) in favor of simply "The Legend".

Bob, you are the man. My offer stands. You know what I mean.





WOW. Words cannot begin to explain the sheer beauty witnessed out on the Tahoe Rim Trail (TRT). Although I failed miserably in my personal quest at bagging my 10th 100 mile finish, I return to the islands fulfilled by the experience. Making the beauty of this course more special was seeing local girl Stephanie finishing her first 100. Talk about chicken skin, these are the moments we seek when doing these events. Steph, thanks for making this run a special and memorable event for me, you ROCK!!!

I will not go into the details of my run, suffice it to say if you want to run on great trails, with panoramics views TRT is for you. If interested I would encourage you to check their site in the next couple months as I think this event will quickly fill for next year (recently given named to be the RRCA 100 mile championship for 2007). While WS is the grand daddy, this event will make Ultrarunners take notice.

You can see some pictures at the following link. Included are our own Patricia and Mike on the Red House Loop (coincidentally where I heard a bear grunting in the woods at night).


Going for a run now.




Running like a gal on a mission, STEPHANIE JENKINS finished her First 100 Mile distance this past

weekend at the inaugral TAHOE RIM TRAIL 100M!!!