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Tantalus Triple Trek Runners

The race is this Saturday.

We will be running a slightly different course this year for the 50K. We can no longer start at the bridge by the bathrooms. The Start is right across the street from where we had the picnic in prior years. Once you pass the bathrooms, the course is the same.

The Nature Center is allowing us to use the bathrooms in their new building!
Parking is limited to the lower parking lot near the first gate. You will need to schlep your race things up to the Start. Most runners will bring supplemental drinks and race food to meet their own requirements. We will provide cold drinks, pretzels and cookies.

The race will start PROMPTLY at 5:30 am. Please allow enough time to park, walk to the Start, and register. We will be at the Nature Center at 4:30 am to greet you.

Please be advised that there have been a couple of break-ins in the lower parking lot. We suggest that everyone take precautions- do not leave any valuables in your car.

You must start the third loop by noon, which is the cutoff time. There will be aid stations at the Start, at the Roundtop Road  crossing, and at the bottom of the Concrete Road. Please take your own water bottle/bottles, as we expect hot temperatures.

We are requesting a volunteer to be a gopher at the Start-Finish aid station, not to keep John and me company, but to be available with a car to perform a run up to the aid stations,or make a run for supplies, if necessary.

We would enjoy the runners hanging around after their race to share battle stories, and watch the rest of the runners come in. And, if you want to bring a little potluck to share ( we won't have a big crowd), and maybe a drink of choice, we will have a nice little party.

See you all Saturday!

If anyone has questions, please contact PJ at 235-0577, but not after 7:45 pm.(zzzzzz.......)

Car Break-ins Again at the Nature Center!!

Unfortunately more cars were broken into on Saturday morning at the Hawaii Nature Center. This ruined an otherwise beautiful day out on the trails. These punks need to be stopped! Something needs to be done. The last two times I have run there, these creeps have hit. This time, it was one of our own runners.

What can we do? How many more cars are going to be hit? How many more people are going to come down and find their car was the one targeted and their day ruined? On Saturday, there were lots of people, it was busy with runners, hikers, and a large volunteer group doing maintenance at the Nature Center. This still didn't deter these ballsy hoodlums!

This has been going on ever since the parking was changed at the Nature Center so that we have to park in the lower lot. Obviously the thieves see cars in this lower lot as an easy target.

Who can we call? Who can we write to? Do the police keep numbers on how many cars have been hit in this lower lot? What about the media? This is bad for us locals and tourists alike. Are security guards the answer? How many cars hit have been owned by the members of the church that hike the lower loop? Maybe they can help. (?)

How can we train for the HURT 100 and be worried about whether our cars are safe or not? Besides chaining a large pit bull to the bumpers of our cars, we need some ideas and solutions. Please use the Comments button to submit your ideas or suggestions.

Runners Thoughts on the HURT 100-Mile Endurance Run

There have been a couple of really good write-ups this year by past runners of the HURT 100-Mile Endurance Run posted to the Ultra list. We got permission from the authors to post them on our site because these are so well written that they really read like advertisements or promos for the race. (Click here to read them) Thanks Peter and Jimmy!

Because of this, we have decided to offer a contest that will be open from now until October 1st. The best written (under 200 words) promo or endorsement of the HURT 100 race will receive a free entry into the 2007 race. The winning entry will be chosen by three HURT members. By the way, Peter and Jimmy's entrys will be considered for this contest! The winner will be notified by October 15th.

Winning entries may not be transferred. If the runner can't participate in the 2007 race, the entry can be used at the race in 2008 (However, no extensions beyond 2008). All entries may be posted on the HURT site. E-mail all entries to [email protected]

Saturday Training 8-26-06

Ok, I slept in some this past Saturday and only did about a 90 minute trail run. From what I heard, there was a small group that ran from the Pali Lookout to Waimanalo and back. They reported a great day on the trails and that there is some (New??) fast guy with the intials of MM who is just burning up the trails. Watch out for him! I think I know who they mean, as this past Friday morning early, I was chasing the same (MM) on the Trek course!

For this Saturday, since Triple Trek is fast approaching (September 2, click here for more info), our training will take place on the Triple Trek course. We will be doing multiple loops (each loop is 10 miles) so choose your distance. Volunteeers for the race will be doing their Triple Trek on Saturday.

Meeting Time: 5:50 a.m.

Meeting Place: Nature Center (lower lot)

Starting Time: 6:00 a.m.

Training: Trek Loops (as many, up to three as you want)

Distance: Each loop is 10 miles

Duration: Approximately 2 +/- hours per loop

Stash: Bring your own and store in your car

See ya there, Bob

Triple Trek Volunteers

TTT volunteers' run will be held Saturday morning at 6 am. Everyone is responsible for their own aid. Cheryl and Don and whoever else is participating will be leaving the NC lower parking lot at 6 am.

I haven't heard yet how runners will handle getting their drinks and food up to the course, but stay tuned.

The course has changed due to the construction at the Nature Center. The start-finish line, will be at the picnic tables where we had the trophy presentation in past years, and the new course will go along the new little trail just across the street. Runners need to touch the rock wall at the start-finish after each loop.

Please let PJ know ([email protected]) if you will be doing the volunteer run, and what your finish time is after you complete the course.

2007 HURT 100 Entrants List and Other Updates

I was just thinking that now would be a good time to let people know that now is the time to commit to training for the HURT 100 in January 2007. Today, after receiving the first list of participants, I am even more motivated to write this. This list (click here to view) shows that these 15 people are motivated, committed and serious about completing the HURT 100 in January.

It's five months away and if you have ever considered doing something like this, now is the time to start building those base miles, strengthening those legs, and getting yourself physically and mentally ready for this race. If you live here on Oahu, feel free to join us on our weekly training runs. We will get you in shape for the race and share our knowledge with you. If you live on the mainland, get training and we'll see you in January! Here's a link to the application.

A Perfect Sunday--My Story

Here's my description of a perfect Sunday--yesterday. It started out with an early run. From home to Waimanalo via roads, then Mauanwili Trail to Pali (Hairpin Turn), and home via the road. 18 miles--1/2 road, 1/2 trail. Rainy blessing on the roads at daybreak, misty, quiet, fun trail with not another soul, yummy strawberry guava and strong legs.

The rest of the day--a beautiful, relaxing day, under the trees in Kapiolani Park at the bandstand, listening to the masters at the 24th annual Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar Festival. Hawaiian music at it's best! Great music, family, and food, a great day! Lucky we live Hawaii!!

For those of you not familiar, click here, here, and here (turn up your speakers, for some samples. Some of these guys have won Grammy's in the last couple of years. I know I plan to attend next year's 25th festival!

Aloha, Bob

Sad to Report-More Car Break-ins

Friday morning, a few of us decided to run an early Trek loop starting at the Nature Center. We arrived to find the gate locked (after 6:00 a.m.) so decided to park down by the water pumping station park.

After completing our Trek loop (about 8:00 a.m.) and walking past the parking lot at the Nature Center, we noticed the police were there and at least one car had been vandalized. This is certainly not the first time and in fact, it seems to happen quite regulary. Something needs to be done. I am not sure what. Do you have any ideas?

For now, I would suggest parking elsewhere.  Aloha, Bob

Saturday Training 8-19-06

Aloha Athletes !

Congratulations to Sally Skimin for winning the 22 Mile Maunawili Out and Back trail race last Saturday for the second year in a row and to Harald Ebeling for giving her a run for her money. There were some outstanding performances by a number of runners, under perfect weather conditions. Thanks to Vanessa and Jeff Huff, and to all the volunteers for putting-on a really fun event. Also a big mahalo to Joel Jenkins for rescuing a runner that was injured.

Saturday Training 8-19-06 "Cheryl's Make-up Run @ Maunawili"

Since Cheryl wasn't feeling well and wasn't able to do the race last Saturday, it seemed like the right thing to do to return to Maunawili, just for her. Also, since PJ was out of town, maybe we can talk her into joining us?

Meeting time: 5:50 am

Meeting place: Pali Lookout

Starting time: 6:00 am

Training: Pali Lookout down to Maunawili Trail, over to Waimanalo, and return.

Distance: 22 miles

Duration: 5 hours (ave.)

Stash: There will be water and light snacks stashed at the Waimanalo trailhead.

See ya there !


Car Break-In Monday at Hairpin Turn on the Pali

I am sorry to report that I just received a call that a fairly new van was broken into at the Hairpin Turn this afternoon on the Pali. The window was smashed out and the police were on the scene. This is not good.

Break-ins at this location (the Hair Pin Turn) are why we start up at the Pali Lookout when we want to do Maunawili Trail. Of course, the Pali Lookout has it's share of break-in's as well.

Be careful out there and don't leave any valuables in your vehicle.