Car Break-ins Again at the Nature Center!!
2007 HURT 100 Participant List as of 8-31-06

Tantalus Triple Trek Runners

The race is this Saturday.

We will be running a slightly different course this year for the 50K. We can no longer start at the bridge by the bathrooms. The Start is right across the street from where we had the picnic in prior years. Once you pass the bathrooms, the course is the same.

The Nature Center is allowing us to use the bathrooms in their new building!
Parking is limited to the lower parking lot near the first gate. You will need to schlep your race things up to the Start. Most runners will bring supplemental drinks and race food to meet their own requirements. We will provide cold drinks, pretzels and cookies.

The race will start PROMPTLY at 5:30 am. Please allow enough time to park, walk to the Start, and register. We will be at the Nature Center at 4:30 am to greet you.

Please be advised that there have been a couple of break-ins in the lower parking lot. We suggest that everyone take precautions- do not leave any valuables in your car.

You must start the third loop by noon, which is the cutoff time. There will be aid stations at the Start, at the Roundtop Road  crossing, and at the bottom of the Concrete Road. Please take your own water bottle/bottles, as we expect hot temperatures.

We are requesting a volunteer to be a gopher at the Start-Finish aid station, not to keep John and me company, but to be available with a car to perform a run up to the aid stations,or make a run for supplies, if necessary.

We would enjoy the runners hanging around after their race to share battle stories, and watch the rest of the runners come in. And, if you want to bring a little potluck to share ( we won't have a big crowd), and maybe a drink of choice, we will have a nice little party.

See you all Saturday!

If anyone has questions, please contact PJ at 235-0577, but not after 7:45 pm.(zzzzzz.......)


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Bob Murphy

Good Luck TT runners! Hope you guys have a great run and party. Lucky you live HURT. I'll be there in spirit. I ran the last 8 and really enjoyed every one.


Marian Yasuda

The Makiki-Tantalus Neighborhood Board #10 might be a good place to start. They typically have a good relationship with HPD and they might be able to get more frequent patrols to the parking lot.
Of course, security cameras would be a good idea, but unlikely that DLNR, or C & C of Honolulu are willing to foot that bill. Maybe it would be a good community project for HURT to work on?

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