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2007 Western States Photo's

I received some great photo's of this past weekend's Western States 100. The main photographer was Wendy Minor. Western States finisher, Judy Carluccio also sent me one photo that I incorporated into this album. Thanks for sending these!

I have also learned Cheryl Loomis finished 3rd in her age group. Pretty Awesome!! You can meet her and learn about her race first hand on Saturday at the Kaena Point Firecracker 10 Mile trail race.

I once heard someone say in regards to running 100 miles, "the first 50 miles are physical, the second 50 miles are mental." Based on my own experience and from what I have learned from others, there are times during a 100 mile race where we all face our own demons. Some are physical, some are mental or emotional, others might include the lack of sleep, the inability to eat or drink, or any number of things. What I am most amazed about is our ability to bounce back. We come back out and we run again. It's part of us, it is who we are. In a 100 mile race, there is so much going on and each participant has their own story, their own race. Anyone who puts their foot on the line for a 100 mile race is already a winner. Competition runs through their veins whether they win, lose, or have to stop for some reason.

Running a 100 mile race is a lot like life. There will be highs and lows. Remember that! One of my favorite ultra sayings, "Don't make any decisions going uphill." In other words, when things are going rough or you are having a hard time (like when you are climbing a long, steep hill), don't make any big decisions. Wait until things get better. You will make a better decision.

Like life, it's all good training. Click here to see the Western States photos.

See you on Saturday at Kaena Point. Aloha, Bob

H.U.R.T. Trail Series Shirts--Only $20


At Saturday's Kaena Point Firecracker 10 Mile Race, we will have great looking Patagonia silk-weight Capilene shirts for sale for the H.U.R.T. Trail Series. These are great training shirts and are very cool just to wear around. If you want one, bring $20 to the race on Saturday. Tn_hg4thdwpa7b

Western States 100 Results

The race is over. It sounds like the runners had much cooler weather this year. We'll have to wait until they return to hear the "real" stories.

Steve Dewald was the first Hawaii finisher at 26:35:34
Former Hawaii resident, Judy Carluccio finished at 29:28:53
Cheryl Loomis finished at 29:35:33.
It appears Jeff Huff had a really tough day and pulled out at about the 55 mile mark.

Other runners to note: The race was won overall by Hal Koerner with a time of 16:12:16. Hal is from Ashland Oregon. The women's winner and 8th overall goes to Nikki Kimball of Bozeman Montana with a time of 18:12:38.

Hawaii native and HURT 100 finisher, Rod Bien finished 11th overall with a time of 19:20. David Goggins, also a HURT runner finished at 20:52:49. David is running Badwater in a few weeks and if I was him, I would have left a little in the tank for that upcoming race.

Congratulations to all the runners.

We can't wait to hear more of the details. Hopefully all of the Hawaii runners will be at the Kaena Point Firecracker 10 Mile race this coming Saturday and we can talk with them firsthand.

Kaena Point Firecracker 10 Mile Race


The next race in the H.U.R.T. Trail Series is the Kaena Point Firecracker 10 mile race. This race is a fast, flat out and back course that parallels the ocean along jeep trails and an old sugar cane rail line. The race starts at 7:00 a.m. on June 30th.

We ran the course on Saturday and it was hot on the way out, shady along the Waianae side and a very nice in-your-face breeze along the return. The route is so simple that we will not even be marking the course. Though we may paint some of the rocks bright yellow at the request of Julie.

As with all of our trail races, there is no pre-registration, just show up at least 30 minutes prior to the race start, pay the $10 entry fee and you are all set.

We plan to have a little potluck after the race, so bring a dish to share, a beach chair, and get yourself into the 4th of July Picnic mode.

The route goes from the end of the pavement past Diliingham Airfield and Camp Erdman, to where the pavement begins again on the Waianae coast side of Kaena Point. We will have an aid station set up at the turnaround, however we encourage all runners to carry adequate water (at least one 20 ounce bottle) during the run. It is hot out there and there is not much shade. Don't forget a hat and sunscreen.

Click here to see 2006 results. Click here, here, and here, to see photos from the 2006 race.

If you need driving instructions, click here for general instructions from the Honolulu Airport area. Drive to the end of the paved road. There are no bathrooms at the start/finish. Plan accordingly.

Aloha, Bob

Hurt Course Night Run (June 29)

Hurt Night Loop (and maybe more)

Time: Friday  June 29, 21:00 (9pm)

Place:  Upper end of Manoa Road  (Standard Paradice parking spot)

Pace:   Looking at 6+ Hours per lap

Bare Bones and Bring your own aid stuff.  Carry your water.  Water at the Nature Center, at cars.  I don't know what is at Jack Ass, but will try and stash.

Trails should be quite good as we have had wet weather followed by dry.   

Aloha,    Mikem

Follow Along the Western States 100

There's a few hundred people hoping they get a good nights sleep as I write this late Thursday evening. Why? Because these same people probably won't sleep very well on Friday night, the night before the Western States 100 starts.

For some of our new friends, Western States is like the Indy 500 of auto racing. It started as a horse race and one year a guy by the name of Gary had a lame horse. He decided to run it all by himself. That's an extremely shortened version of the story. For more about Western States, click here.

Hawaii has three runners entered this year, Steve Dewald, Jeff Huff and Cheryl Loomis. Former Hawaii runner, Judy Carluccio is also running. We wish them all cool breezes, strong legs, and no blisters!

If you would like to follow along this weekend, click here. Western States has a pretty high tech webcast of the race. There are several aid stations so it is easy to see how our runners are doing.

Saturday Training: 6/23/07, Kaena Point Preview Run

Aloha Athletes,

The next H.U.R.T. Trail Series race is the Kaena Point Firecracker 10 mile race on June 30. As preparation for the race, we will be doing a preview run this Saturday. This preview run will be a bit different than the race itself in that we will be starting at the Dillingham Airfield instead of the actual race start. We are doing this for parking/car security reasons.

However this will add some additional distance to the training run of maybe two miles or so. It will be hot and there will be no aid station on this training run, so plan accordingly and bring plenty of water--at least two bottles worth.

Meeting time: 6:45 am (Please be on time--allow an hour drive from Honolulu/Windward.)

Starting time: 7:00 am

Meeting place: Dillingham Airfield (drive to the far end or past Dillingham Airfield and turn left into the last gate at the airfield...circle around back and park in the parking lot.)

Training: Run to the race start, approximately one mile, run the Kaena Point race course, and return to cars

Distance: Approximately 12+ miles

Time: Ave-1-1/2 to 2 hrs

IMPORTANT !! Bring plenty of water and carry a minimum of two bottles or 40 ounces. 

Plan ahead and bring all the water/sports drink/food/electrolytes that you will need. This can be a very dry, hot area and you will most-likely consume more fluids than normal. A hat and sunscreen are a must !

It's all good training! Aloha, Bob

Birthday Thanks!

OK you guys- YOU REALLY GOT ME ON THIS ONE.#**!! It was apparently up there for a couple days till Cheryl called and ordered me to look at the blog- saw it just as John was whisking me away for a surprise weekend at the Royal Hawaiian (...there's an understatement).
Thanks for your special comments Bozo, Paul L, Roy, Murph, Gil, Steve et al, and PJ Hopwood. I wonder whose idea this was? hmmmmm. And Bob, beautiful design work on the birthday cake message.

I am flabbergasted again- thanks good buddies.
Love from PJ

Saturday Training: 6-16-07, Kaahele or Run with a View Course

Hi Athletes,

This week we are planning to hit the Run with a View or Kaahele course again.  We are planning an early start to take advantage of the long days of summer.

Meeting time: 5:50 am

Starting time: 6:00 am

Meeting place: The end of Kaahele Street. Parking is in the neighborhood so please be quiet. Click here to read directions. Please note, we will start at the end of the Kaahele Street, not at the race start.

Training: One or more (?) loops

Distance: Approximately 8 miles per loop.

Time: 1.5 - 2 hours per loop

What to bring: Water, gels, sunscreen, electrolytes, whatever you might need.

It's all good training!

Aloha, Bob