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Congratulations to Matt & Lesley

I searched for the photos however it's probably a good thing I couldn't find them. What photos? The ones of Matt's heel after last year's HURT 100. I was looking for some photos of him finishing the race, tired, muddy and pretty much beat up, looking like many of us do after 100 miles. I wanted them as contrast for how he looked today. He cleans up pretty good. Though he looks about 18!

Matt took the big step today and married the love of his life, Lesley. The two of them were radiant and giddy. Both of them could hardly stand still during the ceremony. We all wish them the best in their life together.
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Saturday Training 9-29-07

Aloha Athletes !

It's back to normal HURT 100 training this Saturday with a HURT loop, starting at Manoa at 6:00 am. In case you haven't done this routine, just drive mauka on Manoa Rd. to where the road narrows, just before Paradise Park, and park. Please try to be there by 5:50 am and be quiet as the neighborhood is sleeping. Although there are no guarantees, a stash of water should be available at both aid station locations along the 20 mile route. Be there or be undertrained !

Sibley Night Loop 9/21

Alright, we have a few options with Rob and myself.  I'm leaving earlier than Mr. Rob, around 5:00pm and will pace the loop at 4:30 - 4:45 hours.  Departing from NC with no stash planned, although I may stash some at JG if I can manage with my son in tow tonight. 

Splits for planning:

  • NC - PP: 1:30 or 6:30pm
  • PP - JG: 1:15 or 7:45pm
  • JG - NC: 1:45 or 9:30pm

If interested, my number is 497-3911 or meet at the big tree near the pumping station at 4:45pm for a walk up to NC.  Cheers - Paul

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Yet another night run

Once I saw the planned training run this weekend at Gordon's secret spot I was excited and had planned on being there.  However scheduling conflicts with my wife have made it necessary for me to do another night run on Friday.  I'll be leaving from the water tower near the Nature Center at 8PM.  My plan right now is to start 1 loop going until I hit jackass, then maybe do 1 paradise/jackass repeat and continue on to the nature center finish. 


Rob (392-4815)

2008 Run to the Sun Application

The running of the Maui Marathon this past weekend reminded me of something else on Maui.

However, first congratulations must go out to Julie Doheney of Kailua and FleetFeet Sports. Julie ran a personal best by over 25 minutes and won the women's race with a time of 3:18! All results can be found here.

There were some other H.U.R.T. regulars running on Maui as well including: Kat Tagaca, Paul Hopwood, David Carlsson and Nick Kaiser.

Finally, this other event, The Run to the Sun is scheduled for March 15th, 2008. The application is on the right side of this site or by clicking here.

Saturday Training 9-22-07

Aloha Athletes !

It's time to "kick it up a notch" and return to Gordon's Secret Training ground, the beautiful Peacock Flats. There are views that will knock your socks off ! It's also a guarantee that your heartrate monitor will reach virgin territory with this challenging route. Unless you are familiar and comfortable with the area, please make it to the start on time...after that, we'll make sure you don't get lost. Come out to Dillingham Airfield by 5:50 am, park around back and we'll head out at 6:00 am. This early in the morning there's almost no traffic, so you get there quicker than you think. Bring extra water (minimum of 100 oz. recommended on the trail) and a few trail snacks, bars, gels and bloks. There will be limited stash on the trail. Be there !  Don

Lost Soul in Prairie Purgatory

The Lost Soul:  Lethbridge Alberta Canada.  Fifty K, Hundred K, Hundred Miler.  Sept 14th and 15th (Friday and Saturday)   Billed as the Toughest Race on the Prairie.

Never let it be said that the ultra runners of Alberta Canada do not give themselves a challenge of the highest degree.   They call the Lost Soul 100 Miler the toughest race on the Prairie, and there is not doubt of that-- I can testify to the truth of this claim, and after enduring the course for over 33 hours feel confident that it that it will ultimately be ranked among the toughest 100 milers of North America.

On paper this race is not impressive.  First of all the measurements are given in meters, and they just don’t relay height to a denizen of the south like feet.  I looked at the total elevation gain and loss and the 3950 number didn’t seem that bad.  Anyway how hard could climbing up and down rolling prairie be I reasoned?   I had just completed the Teton 100 and that had some real mountains to climb.  A prairie run?  I arrived regarding it as a tuner for my next 100 miler.   

The morning after my arrival I wandered over to the Lethbridge Lodge to check out some of the course as the race’s main aid station is in the Lodge’s parking lot.   Well I have to admit it was a bit of a shock when I came out the rear door of the Lodge and wandered toward the river valley that sits at the back of the lot.  The first thing that struck me was the incredibly high rail road trestle that spans the valley—a long thin black ribbon of rail supported by a black web of steel girders; a truly amazing and surprisingly beautiful structure.   But what had me gulping was its height above the Old Man River that flowed under it deep down in the valley.  Looking over the narrow valley I felt a sudden chill and a bit of panic when I realized the length of the valley was not lined with rolling prairie hills but Coulee’s, or as the Spanish would call them Arroyo’s, with deeply weathered sides, up and down which ran some of the steepest looking trails I ever imagined could run through prairie grasses.    I stood there suddenly feeling that I had once again been a bit over confident, and had let a slight HURT arrogance get me into a very difficult venture. 

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HURT Night Loop(s) updated

Well, I guess I missed (and upset) a couple of people by not putting enough info out last Friday for my night loops.  I'm thinking about doing it again tonight, but don't like being the only one on the trails--so if your interested please give me a call at 392-4815.  If I can get others out there I'd like to start at Paradise about 8PM.  I think we've got somewhere around 14 more Friday's to go until it's time to start tapering--don't let it sneak up on you!

UPDATE:  No one has called to start at 8, but I do have a taker for 9PM.  Devin and I will be starting at the nature center (water tower) at that time.

Aloha, Rob Lahoe

Some Fun Light Options

I came across this and it looks pretty cool. It's a hydration vest that includes what looks like a pretty good LED headlight and two taillights. There is a trail, road, and bottle pack option. Check it out here.

The Speedgoats (Karl Meltzer and Scott Mason) were talking up the Petzl e+lite. You can read about it here.

Finally, I received a REI Fall 2007 catalog and there was an Inova Bolt 4.6 Watt LED flashlight that sounds really bright.

Why all this talk about lights? For all you H.U.R.T. 100 runners, now is the time to be testing and trying out your lighting systems to use during the race. You will definitely want to get some practice night runs in. We'll have almost 12 hours of darkness at race time.

Get out and run!
Aloha, Bob

2007 Plain 100 from Jim Masterson

I now have by second 100 miler under my belt.  My last 100 miler was the HURT100 in 2003.  After that run, I was a complete mess.  My hydration was non-existent, I didn't know what to do with electrolytes, and I never grasped the importance of eating.  Even though I finished the HURT100 in 2003, I was mentally and physically drained by the effort; I even had to go to the ER the next morning to receive 5 liters of fluid.  I contemplated never running another 100 miler again.

In May 2007, I was on a training run with Jeff Huff.  He mentions that he is going to do the Plain 100 in September.  (I had heard about this run previously from Don Fallis, but I dismissed it because I didn't want to suffer like I did back in 2003.)  Jeff was looking for someone to join him on the run because he said this run is better when you do it as a team.  I immediately thought to myself this would be a great opportunity to learn from one of the HURT legends and become an ultra-runner again.

The format of the Plain 100, for those who are not familiar, is an unsupported unmarked 110 mile course through the Central Cascade mountains. You get 1 drop bag at 60 miles.  This means everything you need to survive you must carry and you must also be able to read a map and not have any hesitation about drinking water from a mountain stream.  Runners must check in at Search and Rescue stations throughout the course to make sure that a bear or cougar hasn't eaten you along the way.

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Saturday Training 9-15-07

Aloha Athletes !

Ready or not, it's time to get serious about your HURT 100 training, and to get you started out on the right trail shoe, we will be heading to one of the toughest training routes anywhere...Manoa to Jackass Ginger repeats. All you need to do is to grab your hydration pack or bottle packs filled with your favorite fluids, a few bars, gels or bloks and maybe a rain shell and head out to the end of Manoa Rd., just before it narrows, park, and get ready to head out by 6:00 am. You should have plenty of company, as this is a popular HURT training route. Since a round-trip is slightly short of 12 miles, plan on doing at least a couple of repeats. Be there, or be under-trained.  Don