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**Potential Saturday Training Change**

Aloha Athletes !

No, we haven't lost it...at least not yet. Gordon has received reports that the Waianae trail closures are expected to be to be re-opened over the next day or two, so it's a good possibility that we will be able to have the Peacock Preview this Saturday. Please keep a watchful eye on the HURT blog and we'll let you know asap. In the mean time, happy training...we'll get back to you shortly. Don

Carl Gammon's Blog

I received this via e-mail from PJ today. She is describing Carl Gammon, former Hawaii resident and 2008 H.U.R.T. 100 participant.

Carl was one of the original Team Radar (pre-HURT) and was the guy who, with Big John, eventually invented our current name of "HURT". Carl is the word-genius, and always full of pun jokes- he is the pun joke Meister. Ask him tell you the famous (infamous?) HURT Quasimoto joke. But do it in person, and on the trail, for all fully animated effects.
I love his blog! Carl and his blog are the Minnesota extension of HURT.

Click here to visit his blog.

Xterra Results

Maui Xterra World Championships submitted by Paul Sibley


Congrats to a wonderful race by a few local ultra runners. With added support to fellow racers who saw many flats, both Steve and Paul completed the off road course in Makena, Maui this weekend. Thanks to their excellent ultra training, they were prepared with the right equipment to mange what unfolded. For one, it was that mystery moment with nature that requires wet wipes. Not saying who, but not Paul. And then the race continues!


Steve posted a sub 4-hour time with a top 200 overall swim and run time against the best off road triathletes in the world. He placed 37th in his division, and then he ate, showered and changed clothes before seeing Paul who placed 46th in his division cross the finish line about 36 minutes later wearing a chartreuse yellow shirt and sweet looking adventure hat. Kudos to Paul for his excellent taste in style. Paul’s excuse was that he helped a pro triathlete fix three flats; sounds like a likely story. But Steve’s use of the bush topped Paul’s well crafted excuse, and now, on to the preparation for HURT!

Here's a link to all of the results.

I noticed Paul Hopwood finished second overall in the 10K trail race on Saturday. Read about it here.

Saturday Training 11-3-07

Aloha Athletes !

Tick, tick, tick...November is here this Thursday, so it's time to get serious, if your name is on the HURT 100 entrants list. I know...you think you still have plenty of time to goof-off before getting serious, but, trust me, you don't ! So be at the end of Manoa Rd. at 5:50 am this Saturday morning prepared to do a double HURT loop.

Meeting time: 5:50 am

Location: Park on the street at the mauka end of Manoa Rd. (just before it narrows, going back into Paradise Park)

Starting time: 6:00 am

Training: A double HURT Loop (40 miles)

Bring: In addition to the usual, you may want to bring a flashlight and a waterproof shell.

"Celebration of Chase's Life" Announcement

PJ has asked me to post this:

Any of you who knew Chase Morrill, and his family, may want to attend his services at Makapuu Beach Saturday morning at 8:30 am.

Chase was a Pac-5 cross country and track runner, who loved going out on the trails. He helped out at HURT 100 the past few years, and has paced some of our runners home to the Nature Center.
The family has planned a "celebration of Chase's life", and would surely be comforted by anyone who is able to attend.


Aloha Athletes !

Due to trail closures, we are forced to change our Saturday Training tomorrow (10-27-07). Fires in the Peacock Flats area have prompted the action. Instead, we will move our training run to Maunawili, starting at Pali Lookout at 6:00 am and doing an out-and-back from Pali Lookout to Waimanalo...a nice, fast 22 miles.

Meeting time: 5:50 am  Starting time: 6:00 am  Meeting place: Pali Lookout            

We will stash water at the Waimanalo trailhead.

Sorry for the inconvenience. These things happen.  Aloha,  Don

Saturday Training 10-27-07 "Peacock Preview"

Aloha Athletes !

It's always a special occasion when we make it out to Peacock Flats. All the grumbling and whining about the long drive (which is never as long as we thought)seems to disappear after we've made that first big climb up Kalia or certainly by the time we've looked out over the beautiful vistas. But since this is serious training time, you'll need to keep focused on the task at hand and leave sightseeing for another day. After all, we will be returning on Nov. 17 far a race-pace 50 mile training run. But for now, just show up at 6:50 am, at the parking lot behind the control tower at Dillingham airfield, this Saturday Oct. 27 with a MINIMUM of 70 ounces of water (much more if you drink a lot), sunscreen, electrolytes, a hat or cap, bars, bloks, gels, sunglasses and trail food. Please prepare for hotter and dryer conditions than we are used to on the Tantalus trails. Don

Celebrating the 'Worst of HURT'

Mike Minch cordially invites you to a join him in a ‘Worst of HURT’  birthday run on the 9th and 10th of November.  The celebration will start Friday the 9th  just after dark (7:00 PM) and continue on through five plus Pairodice to Jackass repeats (just shy of  60 miles.)

Mike will provide refreshments at the typical aid drops, and what ever else can be arranged at the time.  For vehicle security reasons the run will start at the upper end of Manoa Road, below Paradise Park.   

Mike plans to donate 25 dollars to the Sisters of St. Francis Hospice, Nuuanu in the name of anyone who completes at least one out and back with him (up to $500). Any other donations will be welcomed.

Come on out and join Mike as he celebrates the unwinding of his middle ages. Getting old can be hard to do.  Just how so we may learn on the evening of the ninth. So pray for rain, wind and perhaps a little chill.

If you plan to attend let me know so sufficient supplies can be arranged. Use the prefix   mmuench01  and the  gmail.com  suffix. 


M. Minch

Special Upcoming Training

Aloha Athletes !

Mark your calendars for two upcoming special Saturday training dates: October 27 and November 17. The October 27 date is a 25 mile "preview" and the November 17 date is a 50 mile training run at "race pace", which was designed to give us Hawaii runners non-existent 50 mile race conditions during HURT 100 training, but in the Peacock Flats area. Now, before you blow this off as being too easy, since primarily this is on easy, dry jeep roads, compared to the tough, slippery, technical Tantalus trails you normally train on, I'd like to post a challenge: For each of you that do the 50 mile training run in less than the allotted 16 hour time limit, I will personally give you a bottle of Succeed! electrolyte caps. I know you are thinking "what's the catch?"...and there is. The catch is: you have to get your butt out there on Nov. 17 and do the 50 miles in less than 16 hours ! I'll even give you a valuable tip: If you don't make it out to the preview on Oct. 27, you can kiss your chances of finishing on Nov. 17 goodbye. Are you tough enough? I don't think so, but we'll find out. Don

Saturday Training 10-20-07

Aloha Athletes !

This Saturday we will begin ramping up for the HURT 100. Mike Muench has already posted the sobering message "100 Days to 100 Miles" which will soon be 90...then 80...then 70...so set your alarm on Friday night and then meet Cheryl and the gang at the end of Manoa Rd. in time for a 6:00 am start. The route will go from Paradise Park to Jackass and over to the Nature Center, where a 10 mile reverse Trek loop will be inserted, before returning to the cars. A nice 30 miles, total. Please remember to bring plenty of fluids and trail snacks. Happy trails, Don

A Perfect 12 Hours……of Misery

(Mike Minch coughs, gags, and stumbles his way through 11 hours of insanity)

I hate Paul Hopwood.  The guy passed me so many times during Saturday’s Twelve Hour Endurance Run that I could have sworn he was hiding in the bushes and letting me stumble by so he could rocket man by me again and again. I would have responded with brute force but he was so damn fast that I never had time to react. The worst were the few times I was trucking up the Hog Back and all of a sudden he shoots on by like I am standing still. David Carlsson wasn’t much better but at least he timed most of his passes when we were going down hill.   I have problems with Gordon, Harald  and Larry as well, but I’m a bit more used to them putting me to shame. Ed Bugarian was out there and he passed me a few times, but Ed is my age and its always great to see him tearing up the trail. There were a lot of other guys who lapped me at least once. And Earnest beat Conan.  It was quite a blow.   My only real excuse, I have a lot of them if you want to email me for the list, was that I was really sick with a chest cold and only showed up because I had laid down the challenge with Earnest and could not bear a no show.    

If you didn’t make it out to the Twelve Hour Endurance Run you missed a great event.  It was a beautiful day with lots of rain in the morning producing humidity at about 110 percent. Then is got hot and more humid as the sun began to shine into Makiki valley and turn it into a sweltering miasma filled jungle.  Center Trail dressed in all her slick sticky glory for the race, with Cross over, down near the bottom of what I call Rooty Run, below the ironwood tree where you can look out toward harbor, managing to produce some great long and muddy troughs that were filled with rotten guava and pig dung.  It was so thick and deep that there was no way you could make it through without coming out of it looking like you’d rolled in it.  And there was that piggy perfume that clung to everyone who made it through. Needless to say it only got worse as we repeated the process in a cycle that, one by one, we would all swear was endless. ---except of course for Harald who seems to thrive on this race and has for the last few years insisted on running until the final minute regardless of the effect on the rankings.  Harald’s family showed up and for no reason, other than he looked like a tall grinning swamp creature, his children shied away from him, as if they were wondering what this muddy nasty smelling madman had done with their father. 

But the star of the Twelve Hour is the Hog Back.  And this year she adorned herself with a great set of muddy bumps up at the top of Too Steeps and more muddy slippery track starting where you  pass into The Dark Side and all the way up past Fort Tree that marks the final section to the top.  There were times that one had to check the vegetation to determine if all the foot movement was producing any upward motion at all.  It was wonderfully frustrating and enough to break the will of all but the most insane runners—and needless to say—we always had a good dozen and a half of those slogging around that demented circle.

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HURT 12-Hour Hogsback Results

Sorry for the delay in getting these posted. I am having some pdf conversion challenges.

Congratulations to all the runners. Click here to see a few photos.

2007 12-Hour Hogsback Results


Place    Name    Miles

1    Paul Hopwood    45.00
2    David Carlsson    42.50
3    Gordon Lau    40.00
4    Harald Eberling    40.00
5    Larry Inouye    35.00
6    Keith Moon    35.00
7    Earnest Tay    32.50
8    Mike Taratko    32.50
9    Mike Meunch    30.00
10    Ed Bugarin    27.50
11    John Price    27.50
12    Don Fallis    25.00
13    Dan Eldredge    25.00
14    Larry Wolfe    17.50
15    Mauricio Puerto    12.50
16    Greg Cuadra    2.50



1    Elia Valdespino    27.50
2    Michelle Regn    15.00
3    Bozo Vierra    10.00
4    Kat Tagaca    10.00