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So, Curious Minds Want to Know--Are you going to Peacock Saturday?

This race-pace training run up on the N. Shore at Peacock has generated some interest and discussion. Who would have thought so many people would be willing to give up shopping at Ala Moana on a Saturday in December to go run 50 miles? Apparently quite a few people. The only other explanation is these people must not have Warrior football tickets?

In all seriousness, the organizers of this training run would like a headcount (approximate) of how many people to expect on Saturday. If you are going, please contact Don or Cheryl or post a comment to this post so they know. Don can be reached via [email protected] or Cheryl at [email protected]

If you are entered in the H.U.R.T. 100 in January, this will be an important day to get in 50 miles.

Be smart and use this run to dial in your nutrition, electrolytes, hydration, and lighting for January. By now, those things should all be pretty set, however this day--given the mileage and time on your feet will be a great test.

Aloha, Bob
P.S. I look forward to shopping and cheering on the Warriors (from in front of my TV) Saturday!

Saturday Training 12-1-07 Peacock 50

Aloha Athletes !

It looks like all the planets are in line and we are going to finally be able to do the long-awaited Peacock 50 training run/race. So you are asking "what is a training run/race?" Well, it's a training run at race-pace...you know, kind of a competitive training run, where everybody starts at the same time and tries to outrun each other. However, unlike a "real" race, there's no entry fees, no race numbers, no awards, just a pat on the back if you finish. If you can do the 50 in the allotted 16 hour time limit, you will deserve a pat on the back. Gordon has put together a very challenging 25 mile loop. Here's the poop:

Meeting time: 5:50 am

Meeting place: Dillingham airfield (park in the parking lot just behind the control tower). We have permission to park there until 10 pm that night.

Starting time: 6:00 am sharp

Finish time: 10:00 pm !! We suggest that you finish the first 25 mile loop by 1:30 pm (7 1/2 hours) if you plan to do the entire 50 miles.

Course: 25 mile loop to be completed 2 times (if you are tough and fast enough). This is an advanced training run with the course marked adequately but sparcely. Course maps will be available.

Bring: Be prepared to carry a minimum of 70 ounces of water/sports drink !!!! This is a very exposed, hot area, with minimum stash locations. Also, carry electrolytes and snacks. Bring lighting, a cap or hat, sunglasses and a sense of humor. This course is not for the weak or the faint of heart. It was put together primarily for training for the entrants of the HURT 100 Mile Endurance Run, but is open to anyone. It should be a hoot !  Don

Attention Trail Workers

Dear trail workers:
THANK YOU so much for the great response to my last blog message! We are going to have a good Aihualama , and Manoa Cliff day in the upcoming weeks. We will have a trail tech from Na Ala Hele with us on the Wednesday Aihualama day, to share his expertise!
The schedule is as follows (hope it meets your schedules- for the Saturday workday, I figured the last LONG training run will be 4 weeks before the race, so any race entrants could probably give up the Saturday before (Dec 15), to rest their legs for the BIG training run) :
Wednesday  December 5,  6am, meet at the top of Manoa Road, just below the Paradise Park entrance. When you park, and select your tools from my car (a white MDX SUV, license plate HURT 2), please keep your voices down so we don't wake up the neighborhood. (Cheryl, honest, I am not targeting YOU). We will hike up the trail to our work stations (TBA) and work until about 11- 11:30.
Saturday  December 15, 5:40 am, meet at the green grassy triangular park above the intersection of Makiki St. and Makiki Hgts St., and right around the Board of Water Supply structure where we started the Mango Madness Trail Series run. Park where you can and look for us. Again, please stay quiet for the sake of the neighbors. We will consolidate and drive to Roundtop, to the Moleka/ Manoa Cliff  road crossing to start our trek.
In both cases, bring plenty of water for yourselves, and a snack. A pair of gloves, and some bug spray is good. Usually we all wear shorts and our running shoes. Bring a windbreaker in case of rain and breezy conditions.
Please call, or e-mail me to confirm your attendance, so I will know how many tools I need to pick up from Nature Center. Please be sure to leave me your email and daytime number. I will be getting tools on Monday
Dec 3, at 7am, and again on Dec 14, 7am).
(235-0577 / [email protected])
Feel free to call me if you have any questions.

Cold Thanksgiving

I received this from Judy Carluccio via e-mail:

I took Cheryl on a trail that was a dirt version of Concrete Road - steep and relentless.......and ended with some snowcover.
We had a blast in Liberty Lake County Park.    Saw a deer, but the pic was dark. 
See you in January.

Here's the photos. I'd say Cheryl looks cold!
Thanksgiving_2007_001 Thanksgiving_2007_007

Thanksgiving_2007_005 Thanksgiving_2007_011

The Toy Windmill

I have taken the windmill and hidden it well.  Where it is, no one can tell. 

If you are the one to find it on the HURT loop then please pick it up and hide it somewhere hard to find (I sure hope Fish doesn't mind). 

I do believe, after all, the windmill belongs to him?  Or is it Bozo's?  Either way, I look forward to next week when I can  scream--I've found the winmill once again!


Saturday Training 11-24-07 "do what you want"

Aloha Athletes !

With the Thanksgiving weekend at our doorstep and many things planned with family and friends it seems appropriate to make this a "do what you want" training weekend. There are rumors of Wednesday night HURT loops and even the possibility of a Peacock Flats run on Saturday, but these are only rumors, so just go and do what makes you happy. The main thing is to get out there and have fun. Happy Thanksgiving all !

Edurance Event Becomes a Sprint

My wife Diane, my son Christopher and I would like to announce the birth of our son (and possible future trail ultra-runner):

Ethan Alexander Wilson

November 14, 2007

1642 hours

7 lbs 9.2 oz


Diane was in labor for only (easy for me to say) about 6 hours. The healthcare team did not accurately assess the urgency upon our arrival. This is probably related to my wife's stoacism and the resident's inexperience. They said thing like "Oh, let's wait an hour and then we'll see if we are going to admit you." She was 3.5 to 4cm on arrival. At the "1hour assessment" she was 8+cm and in obvious transition (where it really hurts). My wife had planned on epidural anesthesia, but we did not have time. The team really got cracking and we delivered within 30 minutes. Although, not part of the original plan my wife is now a member of the esteemed "El Naturale Club." Afterall, we wouldn't want it to be easy. We are all happy and healthy and I am planning to use the sleep deprivation as training for Loop #4 in January. Thanks to my aImg_2717wsome and understanding wife I wiImg_2723ll be allowed out of the house to continue my training. Img_2741_2

Help Wanted: H.U.R.T. Work Days

I will be scheduling a couple of trail maintenance days during the first 3 weeks of December. It's hard to get in work days around training and the holidays, but it is the best time to clean up the trail so the training runners can enjoy it a little, and so the trails will settle down from the disruption by January.
Some of you might be available on a Wednesday morning like last year. Others on weekend days. To try and accommodate schedules, I am asking that you let me know which days will be best for you. Then I will set the work days by the middle of next week, and let everyone know.

I'll get a head count for each work day so I can pick up our tools the day before. Work hours will be about dawn to lunchtime. I'm hoping to steal away one of Aaron's people for their expertise. Basically, our goals are to widen and rake parts of Aihualama, above Paradise Park, and the same to the upper Manoa Cliff Trail.
Last year we worked on Aihualama, and we also had a great work day on upper Nuuanu- the result was fabulous, and we felt very satisfied. Trail work with the HURT gang is actually pretty fun, and very rewarding.
Please email me at [email protected] by this weekend so I can make the arrangements.
Thanks everybody.

Saturday Training 11-17-07

Aloha Athletes !

We will be returning to the HURT 100 course for two HURT 20 mile loops, starting at 6:00 am at Paradise Park. Please park in the usual location at the end of Manoa Rd. just before it narrows, heading back to Paradise Park. Please try to be there by 5:50 am, so we can get started by 6:00 am. See you there !

Saturday Training 11-17-07

Aloha Athletes !

We've been planning for several weeks to do the Peacock Preview this Saturday, but are still waiting to get the green light from the powers that be. Gordon is hoping to get approval, but you just never know in these matters. Hopefully we will hear by Thursday afternoon, but if not, we'll post an alternate training route at that time. Keep your fingers crossed for Peacock, as it will be some very good HURT 100 training !

Questions of Old Graves and Fat Waterfalls.

Cheryl and I were just out to do a clean up at one of the drops and make sure it was stocked for the Friday/Saturday training sessions.   It didn’t take us long to clean things up, and restock and we were ready to go back to the cars.  Standing there on the trail, it was hard to just not do anything, so to speak,  the magnet of the trail was pulling at us and despite the need to get on with the rest of the day, we just stood there looking down the trail. 

“Have you ever seen the graves,”  Cheryl finally asked?


“Yeah, a lot of them, and some high rock walls, and another waterfall.” 

“Another waterfall?” 

“Yeah, its not too far up really,  PJ and I went back there once and it was just amazing. 

You want to go take a look?”

I’m standing there in my street/work running shoes and ‘I’m a painter’ work clothes and I look up the trail and figure, well it doesn’t look too muddy.  Anyway what am I supposed to say to Cheryl,  ‘No my mommy expects me home at Three.”   “Not far ehh?”  I hem.

“Oh no.  Just around that bend up there on the trail and off on a side trail.  Not far at all”  lied Cheryl.

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Birthday Breakfast Photos

Here's a couple of pictures from Mike's Birthday Breakfast. The menu: Breakfast burrito's with eggs, turkey bacon, cheese, salsa and sour creme, fruit, and coffee. Hmmm? Could be a sign of things to come for a certain aid station in Nuuanu. Click on each to enlarge them.
Pb100063 Pb100061 Pb100062