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Memorial Weekend Adventure Report

Ko'olau Summit Trail Backpack

This past Memorial Day weekend five HURT runners had a three day backpack of a lifetime! The group included Fish (Fishman) Ernest (ET) Larry, Jim M and me, Gordon Lau (Jr). We would be backpacking the Ko'olau Summit Trail (KST) from the Pupukea Boys Scout camp to California Ave via Schofield-Waikane trail. This trail was built in the early 1930s to access the remote areas of the Ko'olau mt range to control the wild pig population. We saw a lot of pig signs but no pigs(bummer!) After months of preparations and getting the permits to cross thru military lands we were dropped off at the Pupukea trailhead by my son Robert. After unloading our gear and taking a farewell pic I told Robert bye and we would see him in a few days. " Yeah maybe" was his reply as he knows from backpacking with me that Hawaii trails can be pretty rough to say the least. After seeing our only means of transportation head down the road we started our three day journey.

I am an ultralight backpacker and have my pack weight with gear, food and water in the sub 30 pound range. Backpacking the KST is all about a light pack. Jim's pack came in a close second with a 30 lb or so load then Larry, Ernest and finally Fishman with a pack that must have weighed 60 lbs! Yikes-too heavy! He was carrying an air mattress, food enough for an army, water enough for everyone to take a bath with and even his precious "blankie"!

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Saturday Training: 5-3-08 Marian's Western States Big Mileage Day

Aloha Athletes,

June 28th is the start of the Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run and two lucky Hawaii runners will be there, Ernest Tay and Marian Yasuda. While Ernest might be running an easy 14 miler as described by Mike M. here as the Eastside Shuffle, Marian has chosen to run 54 miles up on the N. Shore in the Peacock Flats area.

Now I can't speak for the route on the Eastside Shuffle and it's been a long time since I've been to Peacock. From what I remember though, the scenery is so pretty up at Peacock, you hardly notice you have run a 27 mile loop.

Here's the details according to Marian:

5:30 a.m.  Starting from the parking lot behind the control tower at Dillingham Airfield. We are doing two 27 mile loops ("Gordon's Loop").  I anticipate 8 hours per loop, so I should be starting out on loop two at about 1:30 p.m.  We have special permission to leave our vehicles in the parking lot after closing of the airport gate.

People that will be joining in for one or both loops should carry a minimum of 80 ounces of fluids.  On the way out to the start, they can leave a small, discreet stash at the bottom of the long asphalt road.  That will be our refueling station (about 17 miles into the loop).  Those doing two loops can use their vehicle for aid at the halfway point. 

Have fun runners! Don't forget your electrolytes. Remember, you can always choose to do less mileage.
Marian would love to have some friends join her for part or all of the day. If you need more info, call Marian at 221-5171.


Suprise Visitor to the Planet Sun Kiosk

This morning I was working at the Planet Sun kiosk in the lobby of the Navy Exchange when I received a tap on the shoulder. I turned to see a smiling Ben Cavazos. Ben is back for nice R & R from Kuwait to see his son BJ graduate from high school and to enjoy some time with family.


Ben looked great (he's lost about 15lbs) and is keeping himself in great shape while working far from home. Once he returns, he has just 5 months to go before he comes back to Honolulu.

Ben copied a few things over to my laptop that I'll try to get up here for all of you to see as well a bit later.

Aloha, Bob

A review of Mango Madness

Here is a blurb on the upcoming Mango Madness Run which is a part of the Trail Series for 2008.  Pete and I are really excited and hoping for some new PR's and a fast and competitive race.  So get ready for Madness! SEE YOU THERE.

                         Mango Madness


Start Time:        7:00 AM

Date:                June 14th, 2008

Cost:                Ten dollars at race start.

Where:             Triangle Park Makiki Heights Drive


Approximately 10 miles

Two Aid Stations

All racers should carry a water bottle, and perhaps a mango or papaya, or if you are  particularly fast a  watermelon. 


This is a Trail Race over Single Track trails and a mile or so of gentle grade and generally traffic free road.


This race has some difficulty in terms of altitude rise and fall,  trail surface technicals, and the general temperament of the Race directors.


Beginners and those average runners are most welcome and are encouraged to come out. We are hoping to give awards to most all who finish. The Trails are in beautiful condition, the views of Honolulu are spectacular, the wonder of the mountain forests above Honolulu is always incredible. Two aid stations insure you will have an enjoyable run.  This is a race that everyone enjoys year after year.


But Pete and I will be focusing our special attention primarily on the competitive race for the serious, confident, intense type, fast runner. We want to look after the guys and gals who always win or who generally place high in everything they do, and get very upset if they don't meet their own high expectations. Their extraordinary abilities have earned them a special place in our hearts.  Pete and I are hoping to make this a particularly memerable run for this group of clow… clo… cla  .classic achievers.             

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Team Dewald, the Boys

Team Dewald, Stephen, Jr., Lindsey, and Jakob all participated in The Honolulu Kids Triathlon this past Saturday. Congratulations Boys!!!

The Honolulu Kids Triathlon, Saturday, May 17, 2008:
Distance:  Swim:    100 meters
                Bike:      6K
                Run:       800 meters

Age Group:    11-12    Jakob Dewald  Time:  13:47        - 1st place

                     13-14   Stephen Jr.      Time:   17:12         Place: 6

Honolulu Triathlon Youth Elite Triathlon

Distance:   Swim:    375 meters
                 Bike:       10k
                 Run:      2.5K

Age Group:     13-15      Lindsey Dewald - Place:   8 or 9,  no times posted yet.

Click on the photos to enlarge them.




The Eastside Shuffle

....Here M. Minch recounts the running adventure so named above, having taken place last Saturday and in the company of noted Ultra runners Ernest Tay and Fish.  (Note: a few explitives remain in this highly edited version of reality.  Somethings just can not be said any other way.) 


After the Run with a View race we were talking about ‘next week’ and Fish tells me that he and Ernest are doing the Eastside. “It’s a nice run,” he says. “Not too long, just fourteen miles, and a few good hills. You’ll like it,” he says flashing me a smile. Well I’m not bad at hills, and I figured that fourteen road miles was well within in my bracket so I tell Fish “You can count me in!”


Now I wasn’t drunk, nor had I been smoking da paka, so one has to wonder why I would listen to Fish tell me about this run and not massage the incoming information a bit before committing to ‘count me in’ status. But you know how it goes. Fish says something and smiles and tells you how much fun it is going to be, and Ernest looks you straight in the eye. It’s like the word of the running god coming down. How can you doubt it? You just know it’s got to be the way they are saying it is going to happen. It is, but they are doing the saying and the running god is just sitting back there with a smirk on his face, I think. Unfortunately the off- kilter grin is aimed at you and not the guys describing the fun event.


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Saturday Training 5-24-08

Aloha Athletes !

With the l-o-n-g 3 day Memorial Day weekend just a few days away, and the possibility of having vog-free training, you have 2 options: On Saturday, Marian will be doing her Western States 100 training at Tantalus, and Cheryl is planning reverse-Trek loops for the group, starting at 6:00 am. On Sunday, the plans are for a day at Peacock Flats, also beginning at 6:00 am. Several of the regulars will be doing a 3 day backpacking extravaganza, so all the best to them ! Whether you come out for one or both, be sure to carry enough fluids, as it seems that summer has arrived !

Happy Memorial Day, all ! See you soon !  Don

Run with a View Results

What can I say--the dog ate them! Is that a good reason for the late results?

Those of you who ran the race--you know your results. You were either in better shape than you thought or thinking, darn I gotta get myself in better shape! No more desert and I am running hills tomorrow! (just speaking for myself)

With this thick vog and humid air--for some it's tough just breathing let alone running. Let's hope it clears before the weekend.

Click here to see the results. There were some very good runners out there this past Saturday!
See you out on the trails!

Saturday Training 5-17-08 "Trek Loops"

Aloha Athletes !

First and foremost is a big mahalo to all the wonderful volunteers that made last Saturday's HURT Trail Series race, "Run With a View" a big success. There was mention of the"menehunes" that did all the great trail maintenance and grooming. I happen to know for a fact that these were not menehunes, but were Steve Dewald, Chad (Steve's worker bee), Mike Muench and Cheryl. What a great job they did ! Other volunteers were (and I hope I don't miss anybody) Marian, Kat, Lisa (Dewald), and of course Big John and PJ.     Thanks to all !!  Great race...beautiful day...fun people.   

This Saturday, May 17, we will be meeting at the Nature Center at 5:50 am, leaving at 6:00 am to do one or more Trek Loops. Marian will be doing "several" in preparation for her upcoming Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run, so if you can't get there for the 6 am start, just come out and join in anytime. Each loop is 10 miles and the trails are very dry and fast. See you there !       Don

Run with a View Photos

Aloha Athletes,

We had a fun race with the Run with a View on Saturday. I have not got the official results yet but wanted to thank Race Directors, Cheryl and Don for putting on a great race. I also want to thank the trail menehune's for their excellent work in clearing the trail.

I've posted two albums of photos. Thanks to Marian, Cheryl and PJ for taking these photos. Click here to see album 1 and here to see album 2.

I'll get the results up as soon as I can.

The next race in the H.U.R.T. Trail Series is the Mango Madness on June 14th.

See you out on the trails!

Run with a View is Saturday, 5/10 at 7:00 a.m.

Aloha Athletes!

The next race in the 2008 H.U.R.T. Trail Series is coming up very fast--this Saturday May 10th. The Run with A View race is 8 miles of fun. In typical H.U.R.T. style, the course is 4 miles uphill and the second half, all downhill.

The race starts at the neighborhood park (on the left) at the corner of Kaahele St. and Naalii St., goes 1/2 mile up Kaahele St. to the trailhead and makes a 7 mile clockwise loop on trails before returning back down Kaahele St. to the park. It is 8 miles total. Cheryl will be stationed at the only aid station at the 3.5 mile mark, so plan to bring a water bottle, as you may need it. The race starts at 7:00 am, so please be there to check in by 6:30 am with your $10 entry fee. Awards will be given to the first 10 men and to the first 10 women finishers and there will be soda, water, gatorade and food at the finish. Fun for all ! We also have a limited supply of nice, new Patagonia/HURT Trail Series shirts for $20 each.

Driving directions: If you are coming from Honolulu, take H-1 freeway ewa direction to the Waimalu Exit. After taking the Waimalu Exit, immediately get into the left lane and prepare to stop at the traffic light. Take another left at the stop light, getting onto Moanalua Rd. (heading Diamondhead). Go to the 2nd traffic light, Kaahele St., and take a left (mauka). continue up Kaahele St. for quite a distance up the hill, until you reach the stop sign at Naalii Street. The neighborhood park is on the left and there is plenty of parking on Kaahele St.

If you have any questions, contact Race Directors, Cheryl Loomis 488-0784 [email protected]) or Don Fallis 247-4144 [email protected]

See ya there !

Click here to see the 2007 Run with a View Results