Volcano Marathon: Post Race Party Invitation
Saturday Training 7-26-08 "Peacock Flats"

Run with the Pigs a.k.a. Maunawili Out and Back Run and Relay August 2, 2008

We had a good turnout for this past Saturday's training run on the Maunawili Trail. It seems some of thePigrace runners thought this was actually the race and after a nice, slow walking start (and nice drenching rain), the rabbits took off. The trail is in great shape and there are lots of mountain apples and strawberry guava along the way.

We did our best to send the faster runners on a bit of a detour but they still managed to smoke the course.

Don't forget to get your legs (and the legs of your relay partner if you are doing it as a relay) in shape for this fun race on August 2nd. All the race details can be found here.

See you out on the trails!


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the pigs in pink are so much faster!!!


Why go to Spain to run with the Bulls when you can come to Hawaii and run with the Pigs? I can see this being a new marketing and tourist promotion.


Forget Maunawili pig racing is where it's at. I put my money on the blue pig.

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