Tantalus Triple Trek Results
Saturday 9-06-08 Training: Paradise to Nuuanu Repeats

Triple Trek Post Race

Aloha Runners,

We had a record turn-out (41 I think?) for the Tantalus Triple Trek this past Saturday. Thanks to all the runners who came out and thanks to all the volunteers. Unfortunately I don't have all the names but I know runners were very appreciative (I was) of the two aid stations at each road crossing. Of course we have to thank John and PJ who hosted the start/finish and put out quite a spread for the post race feast.

Conditions for the race were pretty good, however the course was quite a bit wetter and muddier in some spots than it had been even just a week before. The race was won by an inspired Matt Stevens who had recently returned from Africa where he watched the Kenyan Olympic Trials. Matt is also running H.U.R.T. this year and has the mojo to compete with the big boys. Watch out!!

Coming in second on the men's side was Paul Hopwood of Maui. After the race I saw the shoes Paul runs in and was amazed he can run as he does in such a lightweight shoe. The shoe basically consists of some mesh to cover your feet and hold it on and a thin rubber soled bottom. At least that is what they looked like in comparison to my heavy, reinforced, protective Vasque Velocity shoes.

Here's a photo of what I think Paul runs in. Mr790cy_lg I think I might look for a lighter shoe. It might help me pick my feet up and not kick so many rocks and roots!

On the women's side, Julie Takashima came in first and Brenda Yim finished second. I didn't even know Julie was at the race until after she finished. With the start in the dark, it is hard to know who is running.

The next race and final race in the 2008 H.U.R.T. Trail series is the inaugural Peacock 54 on October 25. More details will be coming.


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