Peacock 54 Excitement is Building !
Friday (10/3) Night Run

Peacock Basics

Here is a pdf on Peacock.  Update III --with time for each section on 7, 8.9 hour paces, GPS estimates for sectional start points and trail problem points.    Download Peacocks.pdf

                                                            P E A C O C K S

Peacock_loop_2Diagram by Sean Price


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So....two loops at Peacock is actually 56 miles...but we're calling it the Peacock 54.
And the 100K portion of the H.U.R.T 100 is now 67 miles.

I'm just never going to get used to this "new math" stuff. :)

Bob Mc.

I have never seen such detailed information for a H.U.R.T. race. Very well done and very informative. However not sure it is good? I mean after reading and looking at this, I am not sure if this intimidates more or not. Guess I am glad I will be on Maui and not have to worry about 7, 8, or 9 hour paces! Thanks Mike, Sean and others. I am sure this will be put to good use by many.


Great information. I could've sworn the elevation gain was double what you've stated, though. "Ah Shit hill" must be at least 1500 feet, right? Anyway, thanks everyone for putting this all together!

Johnny Landeza

Very imformative and very helpful!!!
Mahalo Mike M and to everyone else who contributed to this write up. Aloha, Johnny

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