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Dirty Girls!

Dirty Girls and I am not talking gaiters (or anything else Murphy!). Some HURT ladies went for a romp in the swamp at the annual Swamp Romp out on the Kaneohe Marine Base this morning.

According to PJ, here's the pictures of the skankiest HURT women ever (sans Barbi- boo hoo). Click here to view.

Pictures by GURU John Salmonson

More 2009 H.U.R.T. 100 Photos

2009 HURT 100 Run-003

I got two new CD's of photos this week from two different photographers. Jack Gibbons volunteered at the Nuuanu/Jackass Aid Station and took some great photos there. You can see Jack's photos here.

Stan Jensen volunteered for the entire weekend and has shots from the pre-race meeting until the end of the dinner. His photos can be seen here.

Thank you both for taking these photos and getting them to me.


Great job, Bob !!

I was just checking the HURT blog and whoa !...what a surprise...a beautiful new front page, with all kinds of great photos. I'm certain that Bob McAllaster is the guy to thank for this and I want to be the first. Thanks Bob !! Great job !! We really appreciate all the work that you do for all of us on the blog. Plus, you're a really great guy and a wonderful friend.  Mahalo !  Don

Saturday Training 2-28-09

Aloha  Athletes !

Run to the Sun training is almost pau, with this Saturday beginning the taper process. If you are not nursing an injury, you still have time to get in one more good workout. This Saturday we will return to our standard training route...Manoa/Tantalus Rd. repeats, starting at 6:30 am at the ol' water pumping station at the corner of Makiki St. and Makiki Heights Rds. As last week, we will try to provide shuttle vehicles to bring us back down the mountain.

For those of you who would prefer to do Peacock Flats, Ernest, Fish and the boyz will be meeting at the parking lot behind Dillingham Airfield at 6:00 am, this Saturday.

Also, Cheryl has a new supply of Clip2 and Succeed! electrolyte caps. Give her a call at 277-4960.

Happy training !  Don

Trail Advisory Council- Na Ala Hele Report from Recent Meeting

I thought you guys would like to know a little bit about the Trail Advisory Council- we meet every other month (just met Tuesday 2/17) to let Aaron, the Na Ala Hele Trail Technician (the main guy up there) bounce ideas off of us regarding current and future handling of NAH trails. There are reps from motorsport, equestrian activities, hunting, biking, hiking, trail running (of course), Nature Center programming, and now we will soon add Roddy Akau as our cultural practitioner. It is a congenial group. Anyone is invited as a guest to attend and observe the meetings.

We start off with Aaron’s staff report. NAH is working on adding a couple new trails to the inventory. The first, “Honouliuli”, is on the Waianae Mountain Range near Makakilo. The second, in Moanalua Valley, at the top of the hill, “Kulana’ahane Trail” and “Kamana Nui Valley Road”.

Aaron indicated that all the NAH trails are scheduled to be “brushed” 4 times a year. Maunawili, now getting overgrown, should be cleared within the next month. I assume the same for Dillingham (Cheryl recently told me it is getting hairy up there now too).

Aaron will be looking into the problem of the recent dirt bike/ ATV usage at the Ditch Trail in Waimanalo- we noticed last week that there were very deep ruts about half way down the trail, and our equestrian rep said the horses can’t even get by it. Worse, the guys on the bikes (motorcycles) were very threatening to the horseback riders! You might want to avoid this area for a while, especially late afternoons.

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Saturday Training 2-21-09

It was touch and go, but the plan to do Peacock Flats flew out the window after Marian changed her schedule (just like a woman !), so we will be returning to our Manoa/Tantalus Run to the Sun training route. It's probably for the best, although I was hoping that Marian, Julie, Ernest and Fish would be dishing out loads of punishment all along the Peacock Flats course. So, let's plan to meet at 6:30 am at the usual spot, at the water pumping station at the corner of Makiki St. and Makiki Heights Road. I hope to talk Cheryl into bringing some of her too-yummy-for-words scones...so we'll keep our taste buds on alert. Just remember that this Saturday is 3 weeks from race day, so plan to do MANY Tantalus Rd./Concrete Hill repeats ! You will be glad you did on race day. See ya Saturday !  Aloha !  Don

Way Cool Maui Event--Run, Bike, Take the Dogs


Saturday April 4th will be the running of the second annual 12 hours of Makawao Forest Reserve. Starting time is 0600 hours untill 1800 hours on the Kahakapau loop trail( approx.6-7 miles) in the forest above Makawao town on the slopes of Haleakala on Maui. See who can do the most loops/mileage. This is an unofficial event with no rules, regulations, fees or whatever. You can run, hike, mnt bike, team it, bring your favorite pet, or just show up for part of it.

Afterward's we'll be licking our wounds and telling battle stories at a nearby establishment or at the trail head with food and your beverage of choice.

For more information and direction contact Bram on Maui at 808-280-4893.

Did someone say SuperFerry??

What a night!!!

NEW ADDITION: Check out photos from the Sweetheart's South Loop here.

The group for the Sweetheart's South Loop on February 14, 2009 was slightly smaller than last year, but no less enthusiastic.  Everyone was excited and raring to go.  In fact, maybe a little too excited. 

We divided into two teams, pink team and red team, each got a camera and instructions, and we were off.  Along the forty-mile course, one pink and one red riddle was posted on sign posts about every two miles.  Once each team solved their riddle, they had to try and find the object of the riddle and photograph it with their teammates.  Well, one team, which shall remain nameless (begins with an "r") was so excited that they missed not one, not two, but three clues along the way.  It seems that these jack rabbits were so gung ho that they kept their heads down and just hammered.  They were cut some slack and able to recover from their deficit to photograph almost all of their items.  The other team was diligent in finding every riddle, and was able to solve and photograph all of them. 

The weather was absolutely perfect all night long, even with the tremendously gusting winds along the way.  We had to put rocks in Heather's pockets to keep her from being blown off of the Pali lookout!  Due to a misfortune of a motorcyclist, the Pali Highway was closed down to all vehicular traffic.  We had the entire Kailua-bound Pali lanes to ourselves and really enjoyed not playing dodge-that-car.  Our crew members had to scramble after they were turned back before entering the tunnels.  They were back crewing us in no time by navigating the back streets to cross the mountains on the Likelike Highway.

These eight brave and hearty souls started and finished the entire forty-mile course. 
IMG_2149 Heather McCafferty, Harald Eberling, Jeff Fong, Laura Kloepper, Marian Yasuda, Freddy Halmes, Gio Aguilera, and Tom Craven

Fish, Bozo, Joel, Steph, and Neal all joined in for parts of the run.  Cheryl, Brenda, and Ryan were tireless support crew for us.  They fed us, gave us fluids, provided light and security in areas that we felt less-than-safe, and were the best all-around cheerleaders.  Huge thank you to everyone that provided support for us!  I think that everyone had a blast and will have great memories from their Valentine's Day excursion.

Poor Mikey's Revival

Photos Added 2/19/09:   CLICK HERE



It was one of those Ultra Travel days that one can not prepare for, no matter how one tries. After nearly twenty-four hours of airplanes, airports, and rental cars, I got to the motel room, beat and banged up, and seeing too many fingers in front of my face.  I got into the room, collapsed on the bed, only to find Gideon’s bible.  Gideon had checked out, he’d left it no doubt..........you’ve heard the tune.. 

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Saturday Training 2-14-09 Manoa/Tantalus

Aloha Athletes !

Julie Takishima and Ernest Tay will be cracking the whip this Saturday, so plan to meet them promptly at 6:30 am at the water pumping station at the corner of Makiki St. and Makiki Heights Rd. They will be leading you on the regular Run to the Sun training route for approx.10 miles through Manoa, followed by several repeats up Tantalus Rd./Concrete Hill, with returns down the trail. If you are doing Run to the Sun, it's crunch time over the next two Saturdays, as we will begin tapering on Feb 28. Aloha !  Don  Happy Valentines Day   ps: if you are doing the sweetheart run with Marian, you may want to back-off a bit this Saturday morning.

Saturday Training 2-7-09

Aloha Athletes !

Run to the Sun training continues this Saturday starting at 6:30 am. This week we will change locations to the always fun "Hoomaluhia Botanical Garden to Pali Lookout" route. Plan on being at the entrance to Hoomaluhia Botanical Garden at the mauka end of Luluku Rd. in Kaneohe for one, two or more if you like, 9.6 mile treks to Pali Lookout and back. Two is the majic number, this week. If you're not training for Run to the Sun, come anyway...we'd love to have you. See ya @ 6:30 am sharp !  Don