Maunawili Hiking - Sunday
Saturday Training: 7-25-09 Maunawili Trail Repeats!

Super Pig Does it Again

Boy, just when you thought it was safe to go outside.........

 As you may remember, Super Pig did an incredible job of foiling the evil plot of Leatherface and Scar.  It seemed as though the Maunawili Out and Back would go off without a hitch.  Well, I guess HURT counted their eggs before they hatched.

 The latest buzz that came from the hood was that the auntie of the cousin of the faddah’s braddah of Leatherface and Scar, Cruella da Pig, was on the warpath. 


Cruella da Pig (Yikes!!!)


Cruella is a grouchy, smelly, and not-particularly-attractive relative of the devious duo who had plans of her own for the innocent runners on the Maunawili trail.  Word on the streets is that her plot included something devious with H1N1 (Cruella’s sister’s cousin says that Cruella is still mad about the name Swine Flu). 

Cruella just about lost it when she saw this sign:

Stop sign_pig 

She became infuriated that pigs have become the scapegoat (or pig, in this case) for a little influenza virus.  She wanted to take out her fury on anyone and everyone, particularly anybody that messed with her family.   So, when Super Pig (aka mild-mannered Don) told me that he wanted to mediate this dispute, I was worried.   

Nonetheless, my faith in Super Pig is strong, and I gave him my blessing and some antibacterial hand sanitizer before he left to search out Cruella da Pig.  Into the Super Pig garage he ran, and next thing I knew, he emerged in the Super Pig mobile, embarking on his mission of peace.


I don’t know the details, nor do I really want to know, but the outcome of their meeting was nothing less than miraculous.  Now there is love and harmony in the hills and valleys of Maunawili.  Once again, Super Pig saved the day and the Maunawili Out and Back will be enjoyed by many.  In honor of this historic treaty, kiss a pig today!


Race Details:

·        Show-up and Sign-up - entry fee is $10 each

·        Starts at the Pali Lookout at 7:00 a.m.

·        Arrive at the start no later than 6:30 (our supreme parking tsar will direct you to park on the road leading up to the parking lot - no bathrooms are available)

·        22-mile trail (out and back) through beautiful forest in and out of valleys

·        Can be done as a 2-person relay (both team members need to check in at the lookout)

·        Relay hand-off point is the Waimanalo end of the trail (recommend handing off car keys at that point)

·        Carrying fluids is mandatory - 40 ounces minimum

·        Please be diligent about leaving no trace out there - absolutely no littering!

·        The race start is staggered, based on gender and age

·        For additional information, call Marian at 221-5171 or email [email protected]


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