Saturday Training 10-03-09 "Peacock Barfs"
2010 Western States Application Goes Live 10/1/09

For the Newbies... and the forgetful.

If you haven't run much at Peacocks and are still intent on doing a double loop I recommend you check out Last year's information post by Mike Muench and Sean Price.  This is a must read for anyone who does not have the course memorized in daylight, and dark and stormy night.  You might also want to check out some of the post race posts from last year's 54.

I would also like to remind everyone that this year's race, like last years, will start at Dillingham and probably later than 4:00 am.  That means Long Road in the late morning sun, and for the slower of us, the second time in the dark.  Please think about this and how the convenient training schedules are working around the harsh reality of a sunny hot endless up. Long Road is quite different under the bright glare of the sun.  And not to be pedantic-- I'd like to point out that going up and down Long Road twice can convince your legs that they are made of warm rubber.  In the next weeks it might be a good idea to end you run with an extra Long Road Repeat just to get a feel for it.   Surviving this 'near death' situation while training can do much to boost confidence, but failure to visit this horror is certain to relegate you to an endless nightmare. 

Finally one point, off topic to Peacocks.  I ran a Manoa-Nu'uanu repeat today.  Off behind were the stash used to be is a pile of clothes and gear from what looks like a camping attempt.  It appears transients are staying back there from time to time.   I am not saying there is a problem,  But I am saying that if you come down that way in the later afternoon or at night you should be aware there may be people around who we don't normally encounter.   Exercise reasonable caution. 

By the way...The Hurt loop is in pretty good shape at this point in time.  Its a good time to get out there and begin real training. 

Aloha,  Mike   



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I looked at the strange items behind the tree farther back from the old stash, and noticed some items of curious potential use. I advise night runners to always be prepared for anything, and remain close to Ed after dark. The items appeared a little old, but still someone partying. Later!


Thanks Mike, I was going to go searching the blog for this and there it was! However; in this case, I am not sure knowledge is power!?


If you care to read my race report of the dark and stormy day it is here... ... see you at Peacock:)


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