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For the Newbies... and the forgetful.

If you haven't run much at Peacocks and are still intent on doing a double loop I recommend you check out Last year's information post by Mike Muench and Sean Price.  This is a must read for anyone who does not have the course memorized in daylight, and dark and stormy night.  You might also want to check out some of the post race posts from last year's 54.  


I would also like to remind everyone that this year's race, like last years, will start at Dillingham and probably later than 4:00 am.  That means Long Road in the late morning sun, and for the slower of us, the second time in the dark.  Please think about this and how the convenient training schedules are working around the harsh reality of a sunny hot endless up. Long Road is quite different under the bright glare of the sun.  And not to be pedantic-- I'd like to point out that going up and down Long Road twice can convince your legs that they are made of warm rubber.  In the next weeks it might be a good idea to end you run with an extra Long Road Repeat just to get a feel for it.   Surviving this 'near death' situation while training can do much to boost confidence, but failure to visit this horror is certain to relegate you to an endless nightmare. 

Finally one point, off topic to Peacocks.  I ran a Manoa-Nu'uanu repeat today.  Off behind were the stash used to be is a pile of clothes and gear from what looks like a camping attempt.  It appears transients are staying back there from time to time.   I am not saying there is a problem,  But I am saying that if you come down that way in the later afternoon or at night you should be aware there may be people around who we don't normally encounter.   Exercise reasonable caution. 

By the way...The Hurt loop is in pretty good shape at this point in time.  Its a good time to get out there and begin real training. 

Aloha,  Mike   


Saturday Training 10-03-09 "Peacock Barfs"

Aloha Athletes !

I was so taken by the photo of Matt Stevens barfing on-the-run at the Maui Marathon Half-Marathon that it got me to thinking. Is that the secret ingredient that we have been missing all these years? After all, I've never known anyone personally, other than Matt, who could run a half-marathon that fast and he's also the only one that barfed on the fly. I rest my case. Guys, we need to start working on our barf technique. Anyway, back to this Saturday...same ol'-same 'ol...Peacock Flats...early group: 4 am start at the bottom of Long Road...old, slow guys: 8 am start at Dillingham Airfield.   Peacock 54 race, 5 weeks from this Saturday.  Don

Matt Stevens wins Maui Half Marathon

I expected a post on this subject by Monday morning at the latest (that's Monday, Sep 21) but it now seems as if a landmark event is about to go unnoticed by the HURT community - which is why I feel the need to step in.

While some of us were having a field day (and a nice jog) up at Kualoa Ranch last Sunday, the serious runners under age 15 were racing their hearts out at the Niketown 5K, whereas the serious runners above that age were over on Maui for the Maui Marathon.

Matt apparently felt feeble that day and chickened out, as so often before (remember his many-year absence at Maunawili?). He had last-minute scruples though and made a doomed attempt to prop up his tarnished reputation by at least running the half.

I guess that kind of worked. He won in (you may want to sit down or hold on to something now...) 1:11:05. The runner up was over 6 minutes behind.

I couldn't find a finisher photo or any other evidence that this is actually the same Matt who went home early from the TTT two weeks prior. I suppose he was done before the photographers on Maui had powered up their digicams.

Matt will be running Chicago next - full distance, no excuses this time. If the trend continues, it's going to be the US Olympic Trials after that.

It's kind of sad, really.


(Harald and Mike- mahalos for the words of encouragement!  I will do my best to represent HURT in Chicago in two weeks.  Below are two pictures of the Maui 1/2.  The first was taken 20 meters before the finish line, the second was taken 15 meters before the finish.  I also managed to puke with 2 miles to go in Triple Trek, so I'm on a hot streak right now when it comes to losing my lunch late in the race!)

Normal Puke.closeup

Vi's Adventure Trek and Run Recap

Vi 1

Vi's Adventure Trek & Run came off without a hitch, except for all the cows in one of the pastures- they really weren't supposed to be there, but, what can I say? It actually added a little excitement to the runners' morning. The front runners startled them, and I could actually see the stampede high on the hill from where were standing at the Finish line. Nobody got trampled, but we heard the cows made a bee-line right through their fence. Whoops!

Congratulations Harald for "first to finish", and then completing three laps around the course!

Thank you! I am very grateful my loyal HURT volunteers: Pumkin & Bill, Ed and Carol, Sean, Rex, Steve, Keith, Marian & Neal, Mike M, Cheryl, last but not least, my Big John, all of whom showed up in great costumes.

Thanks Joe, for schlepping our race gear back to Kaneohe! Oh, and contrary to reports, Neal was a spider, not a big tick.

Click here to see the photos Cheryl and I took.

Love you guys.

Saturday Training 9-26-09 "...and more Peacocks"

Aloha Athletes !

Since I'm just the messenger and not the brains behind this Saturday Training stuff, my job is to "do what I'm told" and "don't ask questions or you'll lose your job"...and since I really need the money...here goes: This Saturday we meet at the bottom of Long Road at 4:00 am...that's 0400 to some...and too damn early for some others, including me. Although I've been instructed to "not ask questions", will it soon be 3:30 am?...3:00am?  Oops, I shouldn't have said that ! Okay, 4:00 am it is.  I'll see you guys and gals on Oct.3.  Gotta work this Saturday.  Don

Trash Removed from Maunawili Falls Trail

Below is a photo of over 50 pounds of trash removed from Maunawili Falls Trail.  I led a group from two high schools and a Rotary club up to the falls and removed every piece of trash we could find.  As we always promote during races, never leave trash on our beautiful trails.  If you are out on this trail, please enjoy the clean beauty while it last!  Aloha - Paul


Mahalo Gordon ! "You are the best !"

At the Peacock Flats Saturday Training this Saturday, everyone was very excited to see Gordon Lau's smiling face, there with his hunting dog Malia and a truckload of goodies, including 30 gallons of water for the stash, bottles of cold water, and cold Mountain Dew, orange drink and chips. He was there early and was still there when the last group passed through, waiting to carry out all the mountain of rubbish. What a guy !! Thank you Gordon for all the many runners that continually use the stash. Gordon stashed the water slightly down the hill from his "regular" stash, which is marked by ribbons. Also thanks to the few that humped water up the hill to add additional water to the stash. You are cool too.  Don

Tough as Granite Trail Half-Marathon

Greetings Athletes,

Yesterday I participated in the second annual Tough as Granite Trail Half-Marathon in Granite Bay, California near Auburn, CA.  Since AC 100 was cancelled I wanted to find another trail race on the same weekend and this was the only one.  The info on the website said that it would be scenic and challenging.  Well it was definitely scenic.  I found the only thing really challenging was  starting out at 0830 when it was already 90 degrees:)  The trails were very well maintained and the course was VERY well marked.  The course was two loops and wound around near Fol som Lake. The race had 2000+ feet of elevation change for the entire course.   I came in at 2:52 after running the first loop taking photos and trying my best to make up time on the second loop.  However I still made third place in my age group:)  I hope everyone is well and will see you all at Peacock 54.  Also, and update from the RD for AC 100 said that all runners in the 2009 race will be automatically entered in the burnt out race next year on Aug. 28.  With that being said Gotta Run......





Photos from Superior and Bob Murphy

IMGP1317 Bob sent me some photos to post and said he is working on a race report. He mentioned something about being swamped at work and it might be a week or so until he gets the report done. ???

In any case, we look forward to reading your report Bob. Congratulations on finishing another tough 100 mile race. Looking good in the Don's Team shirt too!!